Daily Ask Anything: 2022-10-14

  1. Is it healthy or unhealthy to have high E2 during cycle/blast, if I dint have any "symptoms". Also can acne in back/shoulders/chest be related to high E2?

  2. Is it reasonably safe to simply do your own research on how to cycle, or it is a much better idea to have a trainer that you can ask questions like “If a hypothetical someone were to supplement, how should they build their cycle?”?

  3. No it could be you got good gear. I had pip on first injection mainly because of virgin muscle and I was shaking so damn bad.

  4. Thinking about my next cycle, anyone think of something good for sex drive and kind on hair? I want to move away from tren to protect my hair from becoming worse, but would like to find something that will keep my sex drive similarly high as dating is becoming a thing again now im single again.

  5. I take 500mg Test,500mg Decca, 10iu HGH a week, along with Ansvar, winstrol and clomid in tablet form, one in the morning one at night. As of last night I've had a slight twinge in my lower left side, I'm assuming kidney. Should I stop taking winny and anavar for a few weeks?

  6. Anavar stressed my kidneys on my last run with it. I could have been a little more diligent on water intake though looking back

  7. If i stack Test-E and Adex, how do i transition into PCT with Tamox. Do i just keep Adex dosage the same and stop after the PCT is done? Or is there a better way to avoid rebound?

  8. Adex should be tapered, so during the couple weeks you’re letting the test clear your system before you start the Nolva, steadily lower your dosing of adex

  9. When you take your last injection of test try dosing the arimidex like this to avoid rebound and crashing your estrogen.

  10. Should i get a pill splitter? I can only break my cialis 20mg in half, sort of. Eod 10mg is as good as 5mg daily i assume. Just took it sublingually, dont know if that makes a difference.

  11. If you want to split your pills with more ease and into more even pieces, by all means invest 5$ in a pill splitter.

  12. Try and so a Pct first.. I also was afraid to lose everything I worked for, was even more afraid to feel like shit, but I felt pretty normal and didn't lose that much gains from my first cycle

  13. I purposely crashed my test when I was 30 to get a TRT script before I started doing cycles because I knew I didn’t want to PCT. I’m 32 now so that’s something you would have to decide for yourself and what commitments you want to make. I’ve never done a pct and I will say going from a cycle to a cruise dose or even TRT is seamless for me.

  14. It's not up to us to tell you whether you should commit to TRT or recover your natural production, that's your decision. Some people have no issues at all with a PCT, some have hell. We've no idea what yours is going to look like.

  15. Hey, I'm drawing with insulin needles but I ALWAYS get air bubbles. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I'm pretty sure the needle is in the oil all the time

  16. I usually maneuver the needle to form one large bubble, flick the syringe needle up and press it out. Often there is a tiny bubble still left, they are no danger.

  17. What you're thinking of is probably vacuum bubbles. Now I've got a magic trick for you to get that deadly air out of the syringe, turn it upside down, flick it once or twice and watch the air travel up to the top, then press the plunger and eject the air.

  18. No one can answer your question regarding muscle size’s relation to strength other than they’re positively correlated, in most cases.

  19. I think you just don't understand how this works..nobody is fucking strong at 10% bf compared to what they are a bit higher..im pretty big and guys much smaller than me can probably move the same weight, why would I care? I don't get paid to lift heavy weights lol

  20. I'm looking at adding DHEA and maybe also pregnenolone onto my TRT regimen, I'm concerned that there may be a downstream effect on LH and FSH levels, I'm quite happy with the fact that I'm infertile (for now) and don't want to risk getting my gf pregnant. Is this something that could potentially happen?

  21. So I'm on the 4th week of 300mgx2 each week and I have noticed hunger and a slightly more vascular look and random energy bursts. However I was expecting more muscle mass. I have done lgd before and experienced a lot more mass gains from it. However strength gains are much better. Should I add something in the mix or wait till the 6-8 weeks mark first?

  22. 4 weeks isn't even long enough to see anything. 8 weeks is when you first start noticing gains imo. Orals work fast and also put on a lot of glycogen and water quickly which can be deceptive.

  23. 8-12lbs of lean muscle is pretty typical for your first 500mg cycle. You will likely gain double that if not more but most of it is going to be water and some fat.

  24. Like 20kgs of mass over 16-20 weeks or something I can't remember exactly without getting up and looking in an old book, but I went from 76-96kg. I probably went from like 12% to 20% BF just judging by old pictures. There's also a ton more anecdotes in the compound experience threads.

  25. Anyone from NY? No doctor will give me blood work for prolactin and estrogen but will for everything else, and it is not legal for sale on your own via quest etc. in NY state, how do I get it???

  26. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, straight to the wiki with you. "Your first cycle" section is where you need to start.

  27. I'd go with 2 drugs for a second cycle, assuming you only used test in your first. If you must do a third, i'd choose an oral for a kickstart or at the end, preferably.

  28. Most likely, start with burning pain in the stomach, massive headache and really high blood pressure, pain in your liver, feel nasty in general, then end up unconscious needing your stomach pumped. If you live.

  29. Hi guys starting my 2nd cycle after a cruise. Need a bit of an advice! Not gonna lie have been researching and here are the stacks I am going to go with 10 Weeks blast of Test P 400Mg 10 Weeks Anadrol 50mg/day What would be the suggested dosage of Aromatisers? Is this a dangerous cycle?

  30. I wouldn’t run the adrol for 10 weeks. 6-8 at most, and probably 6 to save your liver. Also, adrol doesn’t aromatize, but can cause “mystery gyno” which may warrant needing to take a SERM

  31. 50mg of adrol for 10 weeks is alot and id say unsafe. Doubt you could run that if you tryed. Ganna feel real lethargic and crush your appetite. Id save it for the last 4 weeks.

  32. So I’m recovering from a torn pec and I’m 3 months out post surgery. Anyways, I’m on TRT and I have about a 30 day supply of anavar. I’ve finally been given the green light to go to the gym and work out lightly excluding chest. I’m wondering if anavar has any healing effect that would quicken my healing process? Or would the rapid gains do more harm than good?

  33. It increases collagen synthesis, but I have no idea whether it's the correct type of collagen for tendon strength. Just keep sets in the 20 to 30 rep range and focus on exercises where you can achieve a full range of motion with a deep stretch such as flys.

  34. I know I’m late to the party. So I’ve been looking into varicose veins for god knows what reason (I personally don’t have any) but I’m curious how steroids seem to cause them. Obviously not directly, but I’m curious on what your guys’ take on prevention and cause on them

  35. What makes you cramp more during cardio, Deca or masteron. Every session my time required to cramp more than doubles but I’m just curious. I’m guessing the Masteron. Heard EQ is amazing for cardio, but I never hear of anyone running a test, tren, Eq cycle. Only the trinity cycle of test, mast, tren.

  36. For those that brew/have any knowledge on it, is sustanon-400 even possible? Recently purchased a Sust 400 per ml that claims to have 100 of each ester per ml. Is this even possible or it’s underdosed?

  37. Considering PCTing off Test/TrT. 1 year off test my level returned to 381 TT and 18 e2. I did the standard HCG/Nolva PCT for that. Can’t recall if I deployed aromasin at anytime for e2.

  38. So I got a friend who was put on trt. It’s test c but the doctor is telling him to pin once every two weeks. How long does test c last in the body?

  39. steroidplanner.com can graph it out. doctor is a moron. test u is the only suitable choice if he insists on biweekly injections. twice a week at a minimum with e or c.

  40. I am about to start PCT soon. Problem is the nolva capsules I have are 20mg. I want to take 10mg a day. Would it be ok to do an EOD protocol? 20mg EOD?

  41. I’m planning to add dbol to my Test E cycle. Right now, I’m doing 250mg/ twice a week. What would be a good dosage to take and can someone please explain how I’m supposed to time my dbol intake?

  42. Did you check the 10 or so dbol compound experience threads? Might be something worthwhile in the hundreds of dbol cycle experiences there?

  43. Please help me. I’m 23 and have had no libido as well as zero morning or nocturnal erections for the past 4 years after taking finasteride along with many other symptoms. My total T is 450. My free T is 15.7 (5-20). Estradiol is 30, DHT 261 (155-961).

  44. 40 years male, 6' 205lbs. I've been on hrt for about 3 years150mg test cyp per week, lifting consistently for 8. But started lifting in high school.

  45. Thank you everyone, I'm changing to 16 weeks. And I pulled out an old Renaissance periodization template that I've had from years ago that's great for volume.

  46. Older than you with all the typical shoulder, hip, knee issues, etc. Been doing a 5/3/1 with volume reps on accessories for a couple years. One of the best gym decisions I've ever made from a soft tissue health and joint mobility/stability point of view.

  47. volume is great my man, honestly I think it's funny when dudes smaller than me are benching 315 n shit, I mean I could before gear but at this point I never will again..I grow wonderfully with volume, and it's honestly helped with mind muscle connection, that and intensity is what I focus on

  48. That’s the exact training I do. Same age. Same left rotator cuff issue. Hip issues. Elbow issues. Everything I do is 12-18 reps. No need to ego lift. That’s not what builds size anyways. That’s for broccoli heads and “powerlifters”. If you’re trying to look good its: Volume. Volume. Volume.

  49. Okay so I am thinking of running a 14-16 week test, tren, and masteron cycle for a cut into a meet prep not a big cut maybe 10lbs and that’s pushing. What are the best doses in your opinion? I was personally thinking 750 test 500 tren 2-400 mast? Is that to low for masteron. Also may throw in an oral the last 4-6 weeks leading into the meet.

  50. Trinity runs are usually 1/1/1 - your dosages are gonna depend on how much muscle you are holding currently, individual response, recent cycles, etc. Off the bat that sounds like a long heavy cycle to drop 10lbs of fat.

  51. Has anyone done the p22 taper down method or just gone cold turkey? If so, how long did it take to fully recover? Been on BnC for the past year but I’m kind of burnt out from going ham all year. Really satisfied with my gains and trying to keep my natty test levels as high as possible (525 ng/dl precycle) and not planning on PCTing even though I do have clomid and hcg on hand just in case. I know non-PCT goes against the wiki and not advocating for it but I just a study that

  52. Yep. Carbs are essential especially if you are doing any sort of training, which I assume you are since you're posting in a steroid subreddit.

  53. I’m fuckin 10 weeks into my first cruise and this back acne is so swollen it’s mad, these ain’t even spots anymore they’re like welts.

  54. High e2. Slam some AI. Wash your back and moisturize immediately after a workout. Skip that protein shake and shower first. Don't wear dirty shirts

  55. HCG vs HMG? got a hold of some HMG and was wondering if it could replace the HCG to keep the testicles active while on TRT? having a hard time getting HCG for now.

  56. Mentioning brand names is bannable on this sub btw, so you should probably edit out the name and link. That 5-ester blend looks like trash, and 15mg of anavar is in the range of female doses.

  57. Is there a protocol or guide for men over 40 in relation to health, concerns etc, with AAS and other hormones like HGH.

  58. I read somewhere that you have to take some other drugs for a few months before you do IGF-1 LR3. Is that true? Would it be safe to do IGF-1 LR3 without any preparation?

  59. Why was my sex drive higher before I started test? I’ve made some amazing gains and progress in the gym and don’t necessarily have a hard time getting it up… but my libido seems lower and I don’t crave sex as much as I did before. Have had all high e2 symptoms n ran asin about 12.5mg once a week and haven’t got bloods to determine prolactin or anything else ….I rarely get mornjng wood anymore, it isn’t a problem but I definitely don’t prefer it! any ideas fellas?

  60. In my experience my body needed way my AI than I thought. I’m on 750 test/60mg var and even taking .25mg adex twice a week was not enough to combat e2 as my bloods came back at 88 pg/dl which is very high. I started taking .5mg adex eod and it was night and day difference. I get why ppl are so apprehensive to take more AI but at the end of the day get bloods done and I’d be willing to bet your e2 is still high only taking half a tab of asin

  61. You could be just gassed from your cycle man. If you’re not going so ham you’re not constantly smoked af 24/7 you’re doing this wrong.

  62. It’s not mixed. At all. This sub recommends 500mg of test E/C for 16-20 weeks. No need to titrate your dose up after 2 weeks. Just pin 250mg of test twice a week and call it a day.

  63. Why is creatine mono so expensive now? Used to be the cheapest thing out there. Also maybe stupid question but what the heck, is creatine pointless if you’re on gear? Just trying to figure if it’s even worth it at these prices

  64. The amount it helps is just not worth the price and hastle imo. If I was lifetime natural then yeah I'd probably try and get every advantage I could.

  65. Gyno I'm pretty sure this is going to be my first experience with it. Right nipper it's ever so slightly tender can feel some thicker tissues below it nothing hard and visibly no change its been building all week. I'm taking Aromasin half tab EOD since I noticed it. I'm also taking P5P 200MG ED. Should I lower my Testc until I have the gyno under control or leave it or ?. 250 t c E3.5D I'm going in today at 3 for bloods to have data to work with. Today is my pin day.

  66. Why can’t I get my testosterone up more via bloods ? I was using UGL for a while and always thought it must be underdosed because at 400mg a week it comes back around 1600. I switched to pharmacy test from my trt clinic and have been running 400 test cyp split into 2x a week injections and comes back 1597. Also is there a difference in the numbers between a testosterone IA test vs MS test ? Thanks.

  67. So I had this same problem. While I was on my cruise at 150mg/ week I was at 1100 ng/dl but when I went on blast at 500mg/week I was only at 1850 (for some reason my free t was REALLY high at 850 wtf?!)

  68. 4x response is pretty normal. I'm not sure what you're complaining about, you have a normal response and gotten an identical response from your UGL and pharma.

  69. What dosage of arimidex should I start off with? Running my first cycle of test e 375mg a week. 4 weeks in and did bloodwork which showed my E2 was sligthly elevated. Thinking of doing 0.25mg of arimidex twice a week but dunno if its too little or too much.

  70. You don't provide the most important data point - what sides are you suffering from? High E2, in and of itself, is not a reason to take an AI. Estrogen is anabolic.

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