Daily Ask Anything: 2022-10-12

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  2. I find the way this subreddit is managed to be about as user-unfriendly as you can get. The Daily this and that are ridiculous because your question only gets eyeballs for less than a day. It's also hard to find it and track it. If you have a question that might have broad interest, why can't it have a lifetime longer than one day? Today 10-13 doesn't even have a daily thread yet. This is stupid.

  3. 90% of the questions in the daily ask anything are very basic newbie info probably answered in the wiki already or very specific to a person’s singular case like bloodwork questions. We don’t need every Tom, Dick and Harry starting their own threads. For more in-depth we have the compound discussion threads.

  4. Maybe we should allow question/discussion posts after mod approval. I think the nature of this subreddit really forces people to inform themselves before asking dumb questions. The answer to 80% of questions is read the damn wiki

  5. There is a daily thread up… questions here usually dont last longer than a day, because there has been an ask anything thread for years already, and im 95% sure the questions you have have already been answered.

  6. "We aren't too sure what causes hgh tolerance or physical dependence/ withdrawal. The body keeps secreting GH in normal manners even when someone uses a fuck ton of it. When people stop taking hgh, their body recovers really quick"

  7. There is a chance that the syringe could get infected, personally I don't think its worth the risk but the risk is probably low.

  8. I ve been doing it that way, although I change needle right after the pin. Havent been storing it in the fridge for some time until I got bad bad infection with a lot of apscess and 2 weekks of antiviotic treatment and scalpeled deltoid. Now I again store it in the fridge. Your best bet for extra safe are those sterile hermetic bags.

  9. running 300 test with 150 primo, i want to inject test subq to avoid e2 fluctiations. is it necessary to pin primo subq too or is IM fine?

  10. I’m on week 6 of my first cycle. I started with test e 250/wk + deca 150/wk + dbol 30ed for 4 weeks. I dropped the dbol, double the test e to 500 and kept deca at 150 for the last 2 weeks and was planning to keep that going for 20 weeks. I doubled to 500 once finding this reddit and I know deca isn’t recommended first cycle but I was already on.

  11. I tried trest with a oral I'd run trt test with it things just felt off in my head until I added test. (I think it's the dht that was missing)

  12. I think CallLivesMatter did ment only for a really long time. But I believe his was actual hormone replacement vs a long trest-only blast.

  13. stop taking SARMs you're too old for risks like that. 200mg of test cyp will put you at twice the test levels you had naturally. you're gonna be just fine if you ride that out long term.

  14. If trt isn't benefiting you why continue for 1 to 2 years? I feel like the sooner you get off the less long term down regulation of your hpta. I don't have any studies to back that up but why wait? And 600ng/dl is good on the us. 300-1100 ng/dl scale

  15. Just did my first injection ever and it was sub-q. Did sub-q because my gymbro told me so and I was really scared at first but it was so simple and painless. Now I’m wondering if there’s any downsides to subq. Why would anyone want to do IM?

  16. Because subq can sometimes leak and cause painful lumps. Also, subq cant hold more than an mL. and some people pin up to 3ml of oil daily. IM can hold more volume. Subq is mainly for cruising/low dose cycles IMO. Back on 500/400/500 Test/Deca/Mast and had to start pinning im because im pinning so fucking much

  17. Switched from 1.5inch needle to 1inch needle on glutes. Previously had smooth injections, but now experiencing significant soreness hours after injection and even the next day. Gage is the same as well as injection site. What is happening ?

  18. Recomp past a certain BF% is hard without cutting compounds like Tren or Mast. Either you bulk or you cut or you maintain (slow bulk aka sulk because it sucks) anyways consistency is key, make sure youre weighing out your food and being as accurate as possible

  19. Any deficits you do while cutting, unless you’re prepping for a show make it sustainable. You want to keep the weight off long term so sustainable habits are great to prevent rebounding after you hit your goal weight. It also helps mentally with continuing the cut.

  20. Do subQ injections work for testosterone? Iv seen articles say it doesn’t and articles that say it does, some doctors encourage it for trt actually. What’s the answer?

  21. The good thing about npp is that it's faster than decanoate. So you can adjust the dosage if you feel any adverse effects. My next run will be npp also and I keep that in mind.

  22. I just finished my first test npp cycle. 500 test 250 npp - results were insane. 2:1 worked excellent first cycle. Next cycle I will try 500 test 400npp

  23. Currently trying to dial in E2 on first blast of 400mg Test E/wk, split into EOD dosing. Also have been taking adex at 0.25mg on injection mornings (So 0.25mg EOD), since week 2. I got bloodwork at the 7 week mark, the morning of my scheduled injection/adex dosing (had blood sample taken before pinning or taking or adex). Test free/total have not came back yet, but E2 ultrasensitive came back at a serum level of 158 pg/mL, with the reference range for this lab being <29 pg/mL. Because I have been holding a lot of water (sock lines are like 0.5" deep rn), and have been felling the bitchy/cry during every movie type emotional sides, I upped the adex dose to 0.5mg EOD right after getting blood drawn, so have taken that 3 times now. After getting back the E2 results, should I stick with 0.5mg EOD for 2-3 weeks until E2 stabilizes and see if the sides clear, then recheck E2, or would it be a good idea to start taking 0.5mg ED right now. Due to lack of experience, I'm not familiar with just how much each incremental increase in Adex dosing will bring down E2 levels.

  24. I’d give it a couple of weeks to let it stabilize before changing anything again and see how you react, unless the sides are too bad. You’ll get a good data point on how much the adex is effecting your levels and let you dial in the next step a lot easier.

  25. I'd watch my body and if you start too feel too fat or bloated I'd lower my calories a bit. Just cause if you do gain too much fat on your bulk cutting will take a lot longer. You want to stay within range of your ideal bodyfat but gain enough to grow also.

  26. I ended my first cycle (500 mg/week) on Aug 1. Since ending I’ve been running a cruise dose of 150mg/ week. I had little / no acne on cycle. Since transitioning my acne (chest / shoulders) has continued to get worse. WTF is going on?

  27. Its not that bad, use a chemical exfoliant to get rid of it and stay moisturized to minimize scarring. Accutane works for a lot of people, 20mg/day for 8 months and you'll probably never have to worry about it again.

  28. You’ve gone from massive amounts of test to a low dose. Acne flare ups are very common during transition from bulk to cruise and vice versa. You need to get on accutane and have some handy for a bit when you transition off and on cycles for future. Don’t abuse it though as it’s terrible for your body

  29. Have plenty of EQ. Frontloading in first pin or first week? Plan is to run 1050mg EQ per week(300mg EOD), so frontload 3000mg in one pin or 3000mg spread out on EOD injections first week? Steroidplotter says one pin. What do you guys think?

  30. I'm not a huge fan of front loading. I imagine you're front loading cause your cycle is shorter? I'd just pin normally. It takes a while to kick in like a month.

  31. I'd wait for my results to stagnate. If you are making gains on a gram why add anything. If you love taking orals what not run less test with the oral.

  32. Depending of what oral are you planning, sdrol is not the same as tbol...But it would make a difference.

  33. I am 28 years old and have been lifting since a stint in the jammer for 3 years at 18 , I have always been a bigger guy(chubby 3 pack) but it’s my mission to get a 6 pack once I’ve gotten pretty close, I’m a beast at meal preps the simplicity is awesome , I recently hired a personal trainer for 6 days a week 3 days for a hour of boxing and 3 days for a hour of weightlifting and i go in at nights for about 30 minutes of cardio everyday I am also on my 2nd shot 3.5 days into a 500mg a week 16 week cycle , my calorie count is 2100 calories a day with my daily need being 3000 (according to the first google search result calculator) my main question here is diet I am sitting at 18 percent body fat and I understand that I should’ve waited but I left the old lady 2 months ago life is getting boring and I’ve been staring at all this on my shelf(got it 3 months ago ) and I’m not waiting anymore ,

  34. It’s unlikely you’ll gain muscle at a 1000 cal deficit no matter what you take. Right now your pretty much wasting your gear. You could drop the weight natty.

  35. You can only run so many cycles until your body literally begins to shut down, only so many blasts in the tank. Stop taking the gear right now and lose the weight naturally first, and then start a cycle with a calorie surplus if you actually care about gaining muscle. You're just risking your health for no reason.

  36. I’m on week 6 of my first cycle. I started with test e 250/wk + deca 150/wk + dbol 30ed for 4 weeks. I dropped the dbol, double the test e to 500 and kept deca at 150 for the last 2 weeks and was planning to keep that going for 20 weeks. I doubled to 500 once finding this reddit and I know deca isn’t recommended first cycle but I was already on.

  37. You probably would bounce back but you would lose gains as fast as you made them. Just pct and keep what youve cultivated

  38. PCTing is never necessary. It is simply often much preferred over cold Turkey coming off. Your one year outcome with or without PCT is likely the same.

  39. I'll be asking more once I'm actually ordering in a month after labs but quick questions, have exhausted the wiki and numerous threads:

  40. it’s actually funny because mine hang super fucking low too and i wanted to know the same thing. can confirm they raise up and are not dangling so low anymore.

  41. Not really. Gel can help to get you a normal level of testosterone but for supernatural levels you will need to inject testosterone.

  42. The way I explain. HCG keeps the factory moving. All the machines are working, the conveyor belts moving, just no product is being produced.

  43. results comparison of test + deca to test + deca + adrol? How do mast and deca compare in mass gain and wetness? I tend to learn by comparison and magnitude so I'm sorry if those questions seem odd

  44. So I have a competition Saturday, but am flying out tomorrow (Thursday morning) I inject my tren A Mon, wed, and Friday, but I can’t fly w the tren obviously. So I did my injection today (wed) should I do another before my flight or just not worry about the missed Friday

  45. Presuming a person is running injectables at sufficient doses to reach their goals, adding an oral can help to achieve short term results. If you suddenly need to have more muscle fullness for a photoshoot or a physique presentation, or if you suddenly need to add strength and bodyweight to peak strength for an event of some sort, that's where orals come in.

  46. Orals are just tools, they all do different things and have specific uses. Adding a compound that's in your system quickly that you can feel near immedialty can be fun. Not having to pin extra oil is always nice as well. That being said injectables are healthier and should be chosen over orals when possible.

  47. Because they temporarily increase strength, cosmetic effects, helps break through plateaus. I’m not a huge fan of orals during a bulk though since they negatively effect my appetite and I get real gassy. But injectables are definitely the way to go.

  48. Went to my doctor concerned about my very high BP. He told me to stop taking pre-workout and gave me a referral to a specialist. Said he wouldn't prescribe meds until I had given up pre-workout. Wtf? Do I seriously need to get UGL BP meds? Has anyone else dealt with this before? He also told me that fixing the problem is not urgent because I am young. Which seems like poor advice.

  49. find a doctor that gives a shit about your health or go with overseas pharma. bp meds are dirt cheap, and at least in the us customs will not seize personal use amounts. telmisartan is a good place to start, and pairs well with nebivolol if it isn't enough or if heart rate is also elevated. there's no sense debating with a doctor ignorant enough to think bp doesn't matter because you're young.

  50. No. I told my GP I had high BP. Went in. He checked. I asked for telmisartan after I had researched it. Bam. Left with a prescription.

  51. I’ve done 3 cycles so far first was test only 2,3rd had some orals with the test, for my 4th cycle i want only injectables no more orals need recommendations, (bulking cycle)

  52. That’s Gyno. It can go away on its own with sometimes. Don’t touch it, you’ll agitate it and make it worse

  53. UGL would be cheaper most of the time especially if you’re running mostly TRT dosages. Go to a clinic if there’s one around you, they will usually prescribe you Test after you do their PCT.

  54. Use insulin syringes generally, 27g 1". 3/4 or 1-1/4" are fine too and can go all the way in pretty much every site. 1/2" probably fine too really.

  55. Got prescribed “armour thyroid” by my TRT clinic to to thyroid numbers being low. Anyone ever heard of it? Taken it? Any experience with it?

  56. While making Armour Treet (a SPAM competitor) and hotdogs the fine folks at Armour-Star Meat-like Products slice off the thyroid of the swines, dry it out and serve it to you in convenient "Armour Thyroid" pills. 7 out of 10 kids prefer it to synthroid.

  57. Has anyone noticed that even a low dose of Semaglutide drops allmost all the water weight/bloat? It takes approximately 48h until I can't stop peeing...

  58. Nothing you can do to directly lower it. Caber doesn’t lower progesterone like ppl believe. It’s pretty common for steroid users to have high progesterone.

  59. What ester of testosterone? What carrier oil? You’d need to ask your source. Something in tea seed oil would be brown but that’s a rare carrier to use. Something in GSO that was heated quite a bit might go brown. Same for certain Sustanon blends in GSO/CSO as one of the shorter esters can be a bit darker (can’t recall which).

  60. I remember seeing someone mention certain steroids give you a double chin even when you're relativity lean. I'm currently experiencing that. Anyone know anything to mitigate it?

  61. So you think certain steroids just specifically target the fat in the neck area resulting in a double chin? No.

  62. I can't find a decent consistent answer for how much one can expect to keep after going off, I want my first and only cycle (I know hurr no such thing as only cycle) to be an easy cut then maintain as close to that conditioning as I can (visible serratus and rear delt separation being the goal). What can I reasonably suspect if I stay on the training horse as I come off? Edit: 350mg test 10wks anavar weeks 5-9 30mg is the running plan

  63. can you please explain the science behind how you are gonna get that cut while adding muscle? that's simply not how the body works, with or without drugs...why do you see every single pro bodybuilder (guys who are literally the best at adding lasting muscle tissue to their frames) gaining tons of weight and getting less cut (bulking) then cutting for shows where you see them look best..even if you don't want to be huge, it's not how this works

  64. If it's only one cycle there's almost zero chance of you not being able to maintain it assuming your natural test levels reverts OK. Also, do not waste gear just to cut unless you are competing.

  65. If you can't achieve a visible serratus and rear delts without gear you have a -10% chance of maintaining anything after coming off.

  66. Why would you waste drugs for a cut? Just eat less. Steroids are for building muscle. Not to mention, after you’re done and your T drops to basically 0, you’re gonna lose all the progress

  67. How screwed is my friend ? He is 17, started gear at 16. He is currently on Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg, dbol 150 mg per week … he hasn’t told us but we also suspect he’s on HGH because this kid grew from 6’1” to 6’4” in 14 months, I’m 6’3.5” and was always taller than him now I’m looking up to him almost. His parents are 5’6” and 5’4”. He also makes $5k per month so we know he can afford it. But back to the question, how messed up are his insides from all this? He’s 205-210 really lean and eats whatever he wants. While he’s in school he will down a 12 pack box of Quaker Oats granola bars then eat pizza for lunch and whatever his mom makes when he gets back home at night. He also trains for 4 hours per day. Everyday.

  68. The problem is kind of the being young and brain/body still developing problem. 2 maybe not staying on top of bloodwork and three if you're training isnt on point you're leaving gains on the table. He could have made gains natural having jj watts frame fr but had he started at 23 his base would likely be better and hopefully he'd be training optimally. Brain more developed. I don't expect a brain developing on tren to be optimal

  69. All. I tried t3 without t4 and felt extremely lethargic from day 1. With t4 literally 25 I'd sweat really bad and most of the hyperthyroidism symptoms. Half of that working my way up was fine.

  70. I'm 22 years old, been on TRT for about a year now along with HCG @ 500ius/week. Been having thoughts about coming off for a while now as my sleep apnea and anxiety have worsened. I've made some great gains but I'm in a much different place than I was a year ago and I'm a little young to have already jumped ship and it's not completely medically necessary.

  71. You’re gonna lose progress man. That’s just how it goes. Either accept that or stay on TRT and figure out why your side effects have crept in

  72. I'm getting random stabbing pains on my nipple when the seat belt rubs it. Am I spicy? I've only been doing TRT for 2 weeks, and then bumped up to 500mg this week. So, been pinning for 18 days thus far.

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