Daily Ask Anything: 2022-10-09

  1. For my next blast i want to add an injectable to my test base. Im hooked on the aesthetic look but also wanna put on more size. Have been thinkin about EQ but im a bit worried about anxiety. What else could be an option? Im a bit acne prone, nothing major, same goes for hairloss. Am takin finasteride.

  2. Want to go 750 test e, deca 300 every week and 100mg of oxy ED (2 weeks in, 2 weeks out). Going for 12-16 weeks. Feeling awesome on 750mg test e solo. Should I stick to that plan or bump/low test or deca dosages?

  3. If wiki suggest 500mg test for first cycle. Then why do some users go to 400mg or 300mg? Been researching and talking to people about best way to start 1st cycle. Just trying to not question everything. I assume lower dosage lower risk of side effects? Or is it simplicity sake like some test is 200mg/ml so do they just stick with 200 x2 a week because it's easier to measure?

  4. Steroid dosages aren’t a one size fits all approach. Some are hyper responders, some are hypo responders. The reason 500mgs is suggested is because it has become the standard for most people. To use a lesser dose without understanding how you react could mean you shut yourself down, risk the same damages as a 500mg dose, and get a fraction of the gains/benefits. Therefore it would be foolish. There are YouTube business shills pushing this low dose bs so they can prop up their trt clinic sales, no other reason.

  5. Hi guys, need advice on pinning. The first two times I pinned in delt and quad I had zero blood after. I did the check to see if there was blood before putting the contents in and nothing however when I removed the pin there was blood. Sorry very long winded, my question is which spot doesn't bleed after pinning or does it depends on how much blood is in the muscles at any given time?

  6. You touched a vein or large blood vessel. Try to see the veins on the surface before pinning. Ideally there shouldn't be any blood besides a very small prick drop at most.

  7. Hi all. I'm a first time user 35m 5'6 180lbs, overweight. So what happened is that I bought some Susta 300, raloxifene (for my pubertal gyno and nolvadex for pct) and dbol on hand in to stack on my susta. So I pin myself susta 300, 2 ampules every week and I throw in raloxifene 60mg with it ED (10days). Now 2 weeks in, thinking dbol would be great to stacked with susta and so I did pop dbol 10mg 3x ED that would be 30mg ED morning, afternoon and evening. I'm still waiting for the euphoric feeling and it didn't come. Now, 8 days in with Dbol, I'm feeling unmotivated, just tired all the time, wanting to sleep and couldn't eat, literally couldn't eat, I just can't swallow feeling like vomiting. I'm pretty sure that raloxifene and made my joint hurt and feeling like I have a fever all the time so I quit that thing. So here's my question, did I pop too many dbol on my first try that's why I loss my appetite and how do I make dbol work for me, should I stop for a certain time and get back on it? I read that liver is too stressed that is why I loss my appetite with dbol. You can bash me all you want but pls give me a good advice in the end :D (PS: I changed my susta pinning into 3 ampules/week)

  8. Just following up on this, are you still on your cruise of 125mg of test and 50mg of dhb. I want to add 70mg of dhb to my 100mg of test for 6 months or so. How long have you stayed on for?

  9. Mate, do bloodwork, AIs are like poison most people just don't need them. And in case you have low e2 always have dbol on hand.

  10. 400mg primo will add just as much as 400mg primo would on any test dose. The only thing you should worry about is what this ratio is going to make your E2 look like. Either way 800/400 is very unlikely to crash your E2 and 400 primo is enough to see an improvement.

  11. Just injected half a ml of UGL Test E in MCT for the first time after using Bayer for my TRT and straight after my skin is getting red on my shoulders (not at injection site) I’m assuming it’s unrelated as allergic reaction from MCT would be extremely rare?

  12. I would not say allergic reaction is extremely rare but it’s not uncommon to get a skin reaction to UGL in general. There could be a lot of solvent in there who knows. I brew with MCT and I don’t notice any problems but I also know what’s in my stuff.

  13. On my first cycle 300mg Test C, 300mg Masteron and Clen. After this cycle I'm thinking on Test E and Tren. Many friends say that would be rough on me I need some opinions here too. Thank you all in advance.

  14. Buddy your shit is all fucked up. If i were you i would just switch to a trt dose of test and keep cutting till your at a reasonable bf% then do a proper 500 test blast and go from there. Throw the tren idea out the window and focus on diet and training.

  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/RoastMe/comments/tbsull/2_ugly_mfs_wanna_get_roasted_show_no_mercy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  16. What’s with the masteron and only 300mg test? Just do 500 test. Your friends think it would be rough on you? Are they on tren? Did they suggest you do baby dose of test and masteron for idk what you’re even using masteron for?

  17. Nolvadex starting 2 weeks after last shot (if youre using test e or c), 30mg for the first 2 weeks, then 20mg for 2 weeks. Also a healthy diet, 25mg zinc per day. Optionally you can use hcg for the duration between last shot and pct at 250iu eod

  18. Generally speaking, if you were allergic to a certain injectable how long after injection would you technically be hit with sides ?

  19. Literally the second you inject it you would go into shock and probably die if someone wasn’t standing right next to you ready with an epi or with the car on ready to transport you to the nearest hospital.

  20. Does chronic, supraphysiological levels of testosterone increase atherosclerosis independently from cholesterol increase?

  21. I used 210 test, 560 mast, 350 deca sucessfully. Lower test seems to lower the sides and enable me to run this without an ai. Masteron higher to free up more test and negate negative 19-nor sides.

  22. I ran those doses before, put on great size just couldn't tolerate the sides from the Deca. If I was one of those people that tolerate 19 nors really well I think it would have been a fantastic cycle.

  23. Should I donate blood before or after getting bloodwork? Mind you, I won't get the bloodwork results in a week, privatemd labs is kinda slow it seems.

  24. If your ferritin and iron are low and your RBC count is middle of the scale, why are you donating blood? I'd say do it after, so you have an accurate test of what's "normal", but I don't think you need to be draining blood off in the first place.

  25. Is 12.5mg aromasin a day a lot? I’m taking 6.25mg a day on 500mg test but I’m still getting annoying sides. I’m planning on upping it to 12.5mg.

  26. Yea, that's a lot. You sure those annoying sides aren't low e2... because that's what I am suspecting. I don't even need much, if any, AI on 500mg a week. The very vast majority people won't need anywhere near what you are taking.

  27. My source told me he got a batch of expired gear (6-8 months) with a discount. He is THE source in my town, I already bought a bunch of stuff from him in the past, only good stuff. Should I avoid this gear or it's not a big deal?

  28. Gear will last so long it would probably not go bad until 10 years after the “exp date” whatever that made up date is on the UGL gear you’re buying. Sounds like he’s just trying to make you feel like you’re getting some kind of deal. Idk.

  29. 300 test and 300primo isn’t a blast. My advice is do steroids for 4 years straight and then see if you can keep anything when you lower your dose. Chances are you will lose it. Sorry.

  30. Get as close as you can to a physique natty. Get past the goal physique goal on cycle. Then take the lowest possible dose to maintain it.

  31. Depends on the person, achieve the physique, then cruise at a level that allows you to nicely maintain the size.

  32. Those aren’t going to keep you lean in a growth phase. Nothing should be “keeping you lean in a growth phase.” You either bulk or cut. Why are you going to use expensive ass peptides instead of watching what you eat?

  33. Hey boys, will I have any trouble staying dry on 400 test/ 400 mast and 60mg tbol considering everything else is in check, are these doses unbalanced enough to spill over?

  34. Tbol is an awesome compound. But why do you need to be dry? If youre competing I don't use it the last week or so because it's not winstrol or superdrol. Turinabol is cosmetically closer to dianabol without the estrogen.

  35. I’ve been cruising on 100-120mg test e. EOD ( every 3 days or sometimes twice a week ) 500 mg HCG ( I stagger the HCG so I pin the HCG prior to to the test e )

  36. How stupid is starting a cycle with 100mg/week tren for the first 3 weeks to kickstart 500mg/week Deca as the Deca takes a few weeks to work?

  37. What does tren have to do with deca and why are you kickstarting anything with it? Just be patient and use more test btw.

  38. From your experience is var dose dependent? Will there really be a huge difference between 50mgs a day to 100?

  39. Been running primo at 200mg / week for about two weeks now along with test at 250mg / week. My e2 was pretty high (though no real sides) before starting primo.

  40. Typically adding in a DHT derivative to a TRT protocol such as mast/primo/proviron kicks off a wave of horny that lasts a few weeks at least. I notice better erection quality as well.

  41. I seem to have bigger inner biceps than outer biceps. Any suggestions on what I can do to build my outer bicep? Incline hammer curls?

  42. Do you guys tell your primary doctors you're on steroids? Do they still check your blood work for you or has anyone gotten fired by their doctor?

  43. I wouldn’t tell your doctor In most scenarios. As they’re likely to note it down & you could have implications in the future, with life insurance etc etc if people know you abuse steroids

  44. I told mine, he laughed said he can't help me with any drugs, I have to pay for my own blood tests and that was that, left me to it, kinda pointless telling him to be honest

  45. Just started doing EOD injections (did E3.5D before) and still have only ever injected VG. Everything else seems so scary to inject. Tho I’ve been thinking about trying delts soon.

  46. I alternate by every day with about 1.5 cc and I have been doing so for a long time. If the depots don’t absorb because they take a while for example with EQ, I just do glute. But I have abnormally large glutes.

  47. On 600:400 test EQ and I wake up absolutely starving, like the kind of hunger where you get nausea you’re so hungry. By the time I’ve got breakfast in front of me I have no appetite whatsoever. Im still hungry, but the desire to eat is just gone, even a light sandwich is absolute torture to eat. Anyone know what’s up? Im 6 weeks into cycle and have barely gained any weight. Caught very bad covid week 3(short but super bad) and since then the appetite has been gone, so maybe it’s covid related somehow?

  48. I’m on eq with ment and I get the same thing. I’ve found I need to eat more frequently and just make it smaller meals. If I go to long without eating that’s how I end up feeling too

  49. Anyone have any good apps for training? Or any good write ups for a good workout regimen? Been doing the same shit for a year and think it’s time for a change.

  50. No Unlawful Discussions. This includes traveling with unprescribed drugs, shipping, smuggling, discussion of legality, price, laundering, etc.

  51. Can I run nandrolone with topical finasteride? Or does it have the same impact on hair as with oral fin

  52. Adex you could have to deal with rebound estrogen, asin not so much. Also if buying from a UGL it is way easier to accurately dose 25mg vs 1mg. Some people report not responding to adex as well.

  53. So I did a pec shot maybe a week ago. Have a hard spot now on there and it's a little bit red. What could this be? Is it just scar tissue or something more nefarious? There's no puss or anything like that, just a weird ass hard spot

  54. Probably just pip if that's a new injection spot. Warm compress, massaging and stretching will make it go away

  55. I’ve had this from subq stomach shots. I think it might be needle passes through a vein and creates a small bruise. Just my guess. I’ve had a dozen of them over the years

  56. Recommendations for acne products? It’s solely on my neck and traps/rear delts. Face, chest etc clear. Not any need for accutane, but definitely painful when my clothes rub on some of the trap ones.

  57. I've been using Cetaphil acne body wash daily. I've had mixed success with it but I haven't had any really bad outbreaks either. I've been doing a 1.5 cc injection in the glute every other day im actually gonna drop down to 1.0 cc on the same schedule to see if it helps any further though.

  58. Idk if it'll help your case any, but mine calmed down some when I began doing daily injections. It's a pain in the ass alternating between so many injection spots though

  59. I did my second pin of test e 250 into my right delt on Friday morning. No pain on Friday but yesterday and today it hurts and I noticed there is a hard spot a good 2 inches below the pin spot and that's where the pain is as well. It's a bit warm and I guess you could call it a lump but it's not noticeable to the eye; just if I feel it. Am I going to die or am I being extra hypochondriac because this is new

  60. Since no one else has said it yet… you’re injecting 250mg into delts and not even splitting it between two? How big are your delts, bud? That’s a ton of gear to throw into one delt. I also hope you’re using insulin needles for delt injections.

  61. Warm compress, heating pad helps big time, also inject slow. delts are smaller muscles and can only take so much, plus virgin muscle soreness

  62. Either subq leak or reaction to the EO or BA if you are susceptible, i’ve got the same issue so i’ve ordered some GSO to dilute the oil 50/50 and try to reduce the pip

  63. Has anyone noticed delayed tren sides? Ran 270mg tren E with my 150mg test I take for TRT for 10 weeks. First 8 weeks I felt like a god from a mental standpoint as in a as just oozing with confidence, sex drive through the roof and felt amazing with the only side I noticed was insomnia. Then weeks 9-10 (stopped on 10 since that was all I planned on running it for) out of nowhere I started getting real insecure feeling like jealousy over insanely stupid stuff like my girlfriends post getting a bunch of likes and irritable and just in general in a bad headspace. 14 days off now and it’s starting to subside but curious as to if anyone else had a similar experience of going from just feeling amazing on it to like a flip of a coin feeling like trash mentally

  64. 100 test 100 mast cruise & maintain gains better, more aggressive & sex drive higher. I find mast makes a difference even at that dose, so long as it’s not overpowered by high test etc

  65. I’ve done 200mg mast with my 150mg of test cyp I do for TRT and noticed some nice gardening without any changes to my diet. Didn’t notice much in the way of extra strength or size gains however. Maybe a bit more sex drive

  66. Hi guys I on 500mg test and 500mg boldenon, have little lump in right chest/nipple Take tamoxipen for 1 week nothing changes yet, guys have idea? Make me really scared from that shit, when I stretch my chest I see the nipple puffy then normal😭

  67. Continue with the tamoxipen through the pct and then stop after 4 weeks? How will I know when to stop?

  68. Could you? Yes; should you? Probably not. As another comment mentioned it suppresses pretty hard compared as 19-nors do.

  69. What does IGF-1 show? I got my IGF-1 checked and it was at the top of the range (281 ng/ml - Top of range 303).

  70. If you have healthy levels then taking what amounts to a replacement dose doesn’t make any sense to anyone but the pharmacy that gets to collect money from you.

  71. Does test have a cumulative effect on hair loss? I ran a cycle 4 years ago with 500mg test / week and the gains were great and I had zero side effects, that includes shedding. I currently like my physique but am considering a second cycle. If someone were to do cycle after cycle over the years would they eventually have to experience shedding?

  72. No they don’t have to. It’s all your genetics. If you’re prone to hair loss then it’s going to happen, steroids can just speed up the process

  73. Hypothetically speaking..... how long could someone run 1gr test-e per week safely? This question is for the people that did it and got bloods done

  74. No one can answer this. No one has studied long term effects of high doses of test that I know of. What’s a guarantee though is that it isn’t “safe”. Bloodwork doesn’t tell the full story.

  75. Does anyone take arimidex preemptively or wait until side effects kick in. Also if you did have to start taking it mid cycle do you continue taking it until the end or just take it until side effects start to taper off and stop taking it completely.

  76. Do you guys take anything for your joint health? I have several tendon issues (forearm, knees, elbows) even at a cruise dose. Suppose mainly from just slow recovery genetics bc I still gets DOMS from most workouts after ten years. No, I don’t want to run nandrolone. Anyone have experience with things like glucosamine/msm/etc and are they worth it?

  77. I know body fat increases the likelihood of aromatization, but does it also reduce the effectiveness of test? Like, since you aromatize more being a fatass it seems logical your individual response to any give dose could be low.

  78. I’ve discovered that I am one of the people who primo works as a strong ai for. To the guys who have this same effect what ratio test to primo do you run? Looking to find a sweet spot, 1.6 test to 1.0 primo crushed my e2.

  79. Have you guys noticed the higher the Test on blast, the higher your TDEE goes? I think I have to eat more at 800mg than 500mg and its not about the gains either, just TDEE

  80. Yeah I feel the same way, but anytime I start thinking about that, or the TDEE and hunger increase from say, ment, then I start convincing myself that I need more calories to keep up with the drugs and usually it goes to my head and I end up overeating. So I have to be careful when I'm thinking about this topic otherwise I end up needing to do a nice long cut later -_-.

  81. Today is week 4 of my PCT (10mg nolva/day) coming off a 15 week cycle of 400 Test E/week. The first week, everything was pretty good. Weeks 2 and 3 were really rough. This is when I started looking smaller, feeling weaker, zero sex drive. However, I still was hitting the gym everyday forcing myself even when I didn't feel motivated. Now on week 4, I'm feeling a lot better. It was hard coming to terms with losing size, strength, and overall well-being but it had to be done and I already knew what I was getting myself into. Gonna PCT for another week and I should be fine. I didn't use any HCG by the way.

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