Daily Ask Anything: 2022-10-02

  1. What would be the additional risks of using expired orals-brewed-into-injectables, specifically expired injectable anadrol? I can get vials of expired anadrol for pretty damn cheap, which has made me curious.

  2. Tren on a bulk ? Was gonna use it at 80mg a week to slow down muscle protein break down my occupying the glucocorticoid receptor

  3. Definitely understand that everyone's bodies reacts differently to different stacks and also the dosing regimen etc. matters, but in general: is it possible to sustain competing in physique + being successful only on high Var (15-20mg ED); without going on any of the "harder" stuff long-term?

  4. This is definitely possible. The competition may be more fierce but if your diet and training are on point, absolutely. Genetics is another huge factor here so depending on how you’re looking now, you’d be able to gauge that a bit.

  5. How much did you Inject in 1 go? I've noticed in the last if I inject more than 0.3ml in my stomach area I get the same. I did 0.5 once before and I felt like I had hernia

  6. Can either go with 500 test 500 nand or 500 test 400 Primo for next bulk. 15 weeks intention is to gain as much size as possible while staying somewhat lean (currently 12% 90kg looking to make to to 100 kg by the end). The low sides of Primo sound appealing and it sounds like it'll make a more aesthetic look, but I can't ignore that deca just seems to be the king for bulking

  7. Have you ran primo or nand before ? Alot of the long time gear users have said test/mast/primo/var is all they will use anymore for longevity sake and not having to battle sides. I know nand adds more bloat and water weight but i truly doubt its adding more lean tissue when the cycle is said and done than primo.

  8. From what I’ve experienced, 300NPP blows 420 Primo out of the water. Like zero comparison. But then you just run the risk of sides.

  9. why would it matter if ur gyno was gearinduced ? Nolvadex is a estrogen blocker so it should respond. have u looked into raloxifene?

  10. How much more can i starve myself when exogenously controlling my hormones? I like shorter more aggressive diets since i can handle them better, long diets (15weeks+) seem to tax my psyche a lot more

  11. You can basically go to 0 calories with enough drugs you will lose next to no muscle. It's not the best way though.

  12. Hcg is easy to find, and it will shorten the length of recovery significantly, but it's not necessary. I also prefer only enclomiphene to Nolvadex or Nolva and clomid.

  13. Hey guys just a small question, i did my first cycle 3 years ago, i started with 500mg of Test E per week and that’s pretty much it. I ran it for 14 weeks and got some solid gains out of it (10-15lbs of muscle). I made some mistakes the first time though and wasn’t properly ready to tackle it the way I wanted to. I’m ready now and in the mindset to go through with a second one and i was wondering what some of you think would be good for a second cycle? I’m not a beginner when it comes to the gym, i’ve been training 7-8 years but i am fairly new to steroids and wanted to see what you all might consider. I responded pretty well to the steroids on my first go around, didn’t get too many side effects if any. My goal is to compete next year, in the summer. I wanted to do essentially 2 cycles, a 16 week bulk aiming to pack on as much as lean size as possible, at least 15-20lbs followed by a 12-16 week cutting cycle to shred into a show. Not sure if I should take a break in between both cycles, if i can taper off and cruise for a month and then resume or just stay on the duration? Just wanted to know what you guys think. Thank you

  14. Hey guys just a small question, i did my first cycle 3 years ago, i started with 500mg of Test E per week and that’s pretty much it. I ran it for 14 weeks and got some solid gains out of it (10-15lbs of muscle). I made some mistakes the first time though and wasn’t properly ready to tackle it the way I wanted to. I’m ready now and in the mindset to go through with a second one and i was wondering what some of you think would be good for a second cycle? I’m not a beginner when it comes to the gym, i’ve been training 7 years but i am fairly new to steroids and wanted to see what you all might consider. Thank you guys in advance.

  15. End of Tren A 100mg/week, 500 test, 100 Deca. Bloods are perfect (or to be expected) minus “high sensitivity CRP”

  16. crp is probably one of the more dangerous things to be out of range long term im pretty sure, so I wouldn't say your bloods are perfect lol crp is a huge indicator of heart disease

  17. Hey guys. So I have some npp that hasn’t been opened yet ready for my next cycle. It’s been in a box in a cool dry environment but I just looked at it and it has become cloudy. Reasons for this? Is it still ok to use? Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.

  18. What’s your favorite test ester to run and why? I’m looking at starting my 3rd cycle soon. I’ve ran Test Cyp and Test Sust. I really like Cyp but I’m open to new ideas. I plan on running Annavar with it

  19. If you want to pin more frequently and want something that's in and out of your system faster then run Test P. If you want something you don't have to inject as frequently then run Test E or C. If you want neither then run Sust. I personally like C over E because it's less pippy, but they are interchangeable.

  20. Ment 5mg/day (plus low dose others listed below) was all it took for people to ask if I'm on steroids, because my shoulders got much bigger and more defined. I gained 10kg in two months and hardly gained any fat.

  21. 5 a day?? I ran 100mg a week and felt like I was doing a lower dose. Still incredible results, but I wouldn't run under 100.

  22. Looked fuller and thicker overall, little strength increase but nothing to write home about. Libido went from 10/10 to 15/10 and it was a total distraction. Serious appetite increase that dissipated after maybe 10-14 days.

  23. Not speaking from experience here, but in theory EoD is superior to MWF or else you'd have a small dip on Sunday. The dip is probably neglegable w longer esters but if you don't mind an extra pin every two weeks then do that

  24. Your actual question is kind of silly and can't really be answered. However, that's basically a trt/cruise dose, so it's expected that you would still get sore. If you want to blast (and likely not get sore) , you should do more like 70mg/day.

  25. I’m new here but would really appreciate some help. I’m 23 and ever since taking hair loss medications and supplements 5 years ago I’ve never been the same. I haven’t taken any in 3 years and still feeling terrible.

  26. I’m gonna have to stop my TRT soon as the expense is just to much at the moment. I’m going to continue using an UGL so I still want to get my bloods done regularly, any recommendations for where/how to get bloods done as cheap as possible?

  27. need some help planning my next cycle bros... I'm 6'3 245 12-14%BF, playing with the ideas of 1250mg test and 20mg superdrol or 250 test, 800 primo, 100 anadrol. Not interested in using tren but would love to hear suggestions.

  28. About to turn 38 in a couple of days. I want to run a 200 deca/200 test e cycle for about 8 weeks. This will be my 2nd cycle. I’ve been cruising at 125mg since my first cycle (500 test e, 1 year ago). Does anyone have any experience with running this cycle (or a cycle very similar to this)?

  29. Im in the “older group” here too. A few months ago I finished a test/nand/primo run and I generally felt f’n awesome. I would suggest npp instead of deca for a short run.

  30. Got pretty bad edema from too much GH. Ran 12iu for a few days and it hit way too hard. Any advice to safely drop the water?

  31. Workout with as much intensity and volume as time and energy levels allow for. Progressively overload when you can. Doesn’t matter if you’re cutting or bulking, always push yourself hard.

  32. You can do whatever you want as long as you’re in a caloric deficit. You don’t have to do anything at all as long as you’re in a caloric deficit.

  33. Looks fine but your LDL is high so you should probably eat a bit cleaner and be sure to stay up on cardio. Roughly 30 mins 5x a week low/moderate intensity would help for sure. Also adding more vegetables to your diet for fiber and/or adding a tablespoon of psyllium husk to your diet would help bring down that LDL as well. E2 is a little high but if you feel good that's totally fine, actually it's a good thing. Not sure why you had estrone tested but I'm guessing that was not specifically requested by you.

  34. Never really had estrogen issues and I’m only on 350 test right now for my powerlifting meet. My dick is basically dead. Will not stay hard at all. In the past at a similar dose (higher, actually) I didn’t have any ED. I started taking Cialis again yesterday and haven’t seen much improvement. Kinda stressing me out a bit.

  35. I mean everything looks alright. You’re really really small and quite overweight for your height though. I would seriously reconsider this.

  36. Looks fine. I would just start the hcg at the same time though. It's not likely you'd get gyno from either or both in 2-3 weeks anyway. Also, keep in mind that gyno isn't the only reason why you might need an AI. BP (caused by excessive bloat) and ED/libido issues are other common reasons.

  37. Crashed my estrogen with primo. Going to adjust my dose, but in the mean time I’d like to feel better asap. Obvi can use HCG or dbol to try and fix this short term, but I’m having trouble finding standard recommendations for how much to use and for how many days. Anyone got advice? I also have MENT, but I feel like hcg/dbol would be a little less wonky longer term.

  38. 250-500iu HCG for a few days, depending on your response to it. For me 250 wouldn’t do enough, for others it’s plenty. Dbol same thing. Low dose for a few days and assess how you feel.

  39. I mean you could use 0.5" unless you're a fat whale. Quads (VL) are like the leanest part of most peoples body's. I also use 0.5" on VG no problem.

  40. I use 1.5 but definitely over .25 left out of the skin so I wouldn't think you'd have a problem unless you had some fat thighs

  41. Aight boys starting cycle tmr . 300 Npp , 600 test, 50 adrol. How should I dose my caber , should I straight up start with like 0.5 mg a week or don’t fuck with hormones too much until all the shit kicks in. Also Ik ai dosing is individual but would a general 12.5 pharma asin e3d be enough.

  42. Brooo you're running 300npp a week. You won't have nearly high enough prolactin to need caber. Have a couple caber pills just in case, and don't use them because you won't need them.

  43. Caber shouldn’t be needed on 300 npp for most people, get some p5p and take 100-200mg per day instead. If that doesn’t work then resort to caber.

  44. Howdy folks, this is a "tell me what drugs to buy pls" post. Considering two main options for this winter. I'm 25, 6'1", 195lb at about 12-13% BF, smol and weak af, I know I know. Doses here are all ballpark figures, probably aiming for like 16 weeks or so?

  45. I'd def go option 2 and money isn't really a problem, primo fd up my e2 and I don't have experience with ment

  46. Hard to beat test/nand/primo/GH. If you get mental sides from the nand you can always drop it and just up the test for the duration. That’s not a bad worst case scenario.

  47. So I stupidly added 300 NPP to my beginners blast. Think I ran it for 10 weeks in total at the end. And it’s amazing. I was concerned of mental sides but had none. I actually would say mood improved.

  48. Has being on gear made it easier to interface with sociopathic shallow people? I am natty and really bad at this, and wondering if high T would change this.

  49. It doesn't change how you perceive anyone or anything. You'll still be your old self, just a slightly hornier version (if you're lucky, many people don't even feel libido changes).

  50. Opposite for me. When I was in my low t days I tolerated a lot of bullshit. Once on trt and beyond my willingness to suffer fools vanished.

  51. I’m more tolerant of people on gear, when I’m Natty people annoy me more weirdly. I do sometimes suffer with anxiety which is probably gear related

  52. If low self esteem is your current issue then AAS can certainly contribute to higher self esteem and therefore higher confidence. But AAS can also contribute to increased anxiety so its far from a panacea to being socially awkward.

  53. Had to skip a week of pinning, now got all these small acne dots on shoulders/ arms. Test dose 500mg primo 200mg weekly, divided in 2 pins.

  54. On my last cycle i developped a bit of gyno in one of my nipples towards the end of the cycle. im on 5th week of PCT rn 20mg nolva ED, it hasnt reduced in size.

  55. You’re in the same boat as me. I’m using pharma ralox and Nolva. It’s clearing up but not fast enough. I’m going to go under the knife as gyno issues will keep arising

  56. Crashed e2 hard, everything hurts so bad that standing makes me want to die. Bones feel like they’ve been demolished. No dbol on hand and just trt test so far. Any way I can make life easier while waiting for this shit to bounce back (also don’t even know how I’m gonna lift tmw)

  57. I completely hopped off and PCT with clomid after 2 year cruise. I’m hoping to get my wife pregnant, do I stick to clomid only? Can I hop back on TRT but just use HCG? Can I use HCG & clomid while off cycle?

  58. Not that unusual, often a bit of a feedback loop with Var, GERD, anxiety. GERD causes the reflux, chest pain/tightness, constricts breathing, anxiety sets in. PPI usually resolves it. How's your BP?

  59. Recent bloods put my total T >1500. Free T >50 and estrogen only at 32.6 (LCMS from labcorp). Was taking 250mg test weekly and 50MG proviron daily. Would the proviron be the reason my estrogen was low? For reference, my bloods before this had my total T at 1368, free T at 25.1 and estrogen at 32.4.

  60. How many ppl have used 5 amino 1mq solo or in conjunction with something else. How were your results. Looking for something to stack with it that’s not extreme and doesn’t cause hair loss. My starting weight was 280 3 weeks ago I’m at 263 right now. I’m currently doing 3 days high volume full body and some form of cardio on off days.

  61. So I’ve been reading todays compound post on NPP, something I plan to run once I finish my first cycle. I’m seeing a lot people use NPP during a blast of high test along with mast or primo. I was planning on using NPP on a TRT 150mg/week dose, once I finish my cycle, and get my labs back to normal values. Would it be worth running NPP along with a TRT dose, should I run mast or primo along side with it? I don’t want to add unnecessary compounds if I don’t have to. I’ve seen someone use NPP as little as 50mg/week. I’m also seeing a ton of mental sides with NPP, something I’m trying to avoid. Just wanting some good advice on how I can avoid the sides while running a decent cycle of NPP while on a TRT dose, and if I need to run anything else with it

  62. bro walk before you run..you haven't finished your first cycle, you will need to spend the amount of time off that you did on yet..so maybe you can look at adding npp in a few months? 50mg a week might not even be enough for joint support, if you wanna run a blast I'd rethink your dosages and why people run test higher than deca..also add 1 compound at a time for a multitude of reasons..honestly I'd scratch npp and choose a dht derivative for a second cycle to get you more accustomed to gear, then you can use test and that dht in a bulking cycle with nand to control e2 or mental sides...dont go adding a bunch of shit and assuming its gonna act as it did for others..steroids don't work like that

  63. How long does it take for the bloat/BP to go down after you finish your cycle? I just finished a cycle and back on Trt doses but I'm still bloated

  64. 2-3 weeks for me. You can get some dandelion root to get rid of excess water. Just be patient, it’ll happen. And you’ll be big sad it’s gone.

  65. I would never use NPP w out Nolvadex. I always get gyno on NPP. Even on Letrozole and Caber. Ralox doesn’t it for me either.

  66. Is creatine worth it ? Used to take it every day for years but kinda dropped it. Shit costs the same as a vial of test so now I'm conflicted lol

  67. I kinda just fazed it out when I started taking gear, it’s beneficial but the price has gone up too much for my liking plus I’m making significantly more progress on gear than creatine lol

  68. Physically I haven't noticed much since adding creatine back in about a month ago. I used creatine as a natty for awhile until my kidney values and creatinine levels were high. I know it was due to the cheap wal mart brand crap I was taking too high of a dose with, not necessarily that it was creatine period.

  69. Personally I've never noticed an increase in my lifts, but I started taking it natty while still getting noob gains, so I probably get something out of it.

  70. My resting heart rate used to stay around 60-80 and rarely went above 130 even during intense exercise. Ever since I started using gear a year ago, my resting is now 70-90 and my heart rate goes up to 130-160 even with light to moderate exercise. Although I am objectively in the best shape and feel the best I ever have in my life, does this indicate damage to my cardiovascular system? BP is always good.

  71. The higher HR during exercise absolutely is related to additional weight and muscle mass. Muscle needs oxygen when you exercise and if you have more, your heart has to pump faster to feed that oxygen. That's why jacked MMA fighters tend to gas out quicker.

  72. Depending on how old you are, the AHA (American Heart Association) states that a normal resting HR is around 60-90bpm. As far as exercising goes, your HR is to increase based on the intensity of the workout, as long as your HR isn’t staying at 160bpm over an extended period of time, personally I’d say anything more than 5 minutes after completing an exercise and you’re at rest, then I wouldn’t be too worried about it. Weight gain can cause an increase in HR and blood pressure. Since you have taken hard drugs in the past and seems like you occasionally still take them based on what you said, there could be some tissue damage to the heart, but you won’t know unless you get a cardiac panel done and see what lab values you have

  73. Cardio will bring it down. Everybody’s goes up during exercise. If it’s concerning you start running for awhile then back off a couple days a week 2-3. It takes me about 2 weeks of running to see a difference. Yours isn’t absurdly out of wack though . An moderately fit man should have a Resting in 60’s but the bigger you get that will prolly change. Cardio will bring it down. As far as damage to your Heart they have tests the doctor has to read for acute chronic markers in the blood an stress tests. You can’t get answers about your heart health in the steroids Reddit man. Ho to regular checkups an blood work with your primary

  74. 750mg test E or 500mg test E with 200mg NPP for winter bulk? (NPP and devs make my BP shoot up and make me anxious)

  75. The best cycle is one you can easily tolerate. Its a marathon not a a sprint. I would tell anybody not competing to never use shit besides test/primo/var/mast.

  76. Fit G model goal? 500 test cycle ain't it. Those guys basically just do TRT doses all year. So say 50mg test-e EOD as a starting point. You can also do it as a cycle. That way you can also inject subq with insulin syringe. Fuck 500 test as first cycle whatever the wiki says can't believe that's still a thing.

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