Daily Ask Anything: 2022-09-30

  1. Anyone have advice on a fertility protocol I could run to maintain fertility while blasting and cruising? I was thinking about potentially adding HCG in occasionally in hopes that doing so would help protect my fertility so that I will still be able to have kids one day, as I am currently still relatively young (29 years old). Currently I plan on staying on TRT while continuing to blast steroids occasionally. The main things I've been wondering about are if I run HCG, should I run it during my blast or my cruise? And how often should I run it and for how long?

  2. I can crank 1k mg of caffeine and still not get a boost currently, I’ve avoided caffeine for three years now due to gut health. But I’ve recently got my gut back under 100% control and have been drinking a 200mg caffeine Alani drink a day never got anything from it but am looking for a boost, so today I cranked it to 1k mg of caffeine consumption and I’m still rocking at a a 55 resting heart rate and normal range blood pressure? Anyone else get this while on blast? I want a god damn boost, I want to feel myself fucking cracked tf out I miss it!

  3. How bad is UGL ai? I bought arimidex a while ago when i first ventured out into steroids so I didn’t know that it wasn’t recommended to buy them UGL. It comes in capsules that were filled by the source and each cap is 1mg arimidex and the powder inside each cap is 0.40 g so this already threw me off because I don’t know how much of the powder is arimidex or filler. I am having high estrogen sides but I’m kind of scared of taking it.

  4. Boys I’m test tren mast, looking watery, slept 10h yet felt like that was 1h, already did 12.5 asin, should I up that? Or maybe caber? Can’t do bloodwork for another week due to a business trip, but would like to not feel like shit a bit earlier.

  5. In week 5 of my bulk of 500 test and 400 NPP and enjoying the gains. Just realized that when I bought the NPP bottles, my source gave me test E instead of test C and the concentration is different. 250 mg/ml for test e and 200 mg/ml for test c. So my real cycle is actually 625 test/ 400 NPP. Should I just continue on with the doses or adjust my test down to 500? I wanted to be conservative this one so just followed the intermediate cycle in the wiki.

  6. I’d keep it as it is and adjust if things go south. You’ll probably have more issues fluctuating at this stage. Enjoy the gains. And keep that AI and caber on hand just in case.

  7. I’ve trained for 7 years and even when training consistently my size hasn’t grown. I feel like my body is at a plateau where I just can’t put on anymore size. What would you recommend for a first cycle? What is accessible in Australia?

  8. Perhaps try training inconsistently. Not really..,but I just mean, is there a chance you've trained the same way for too long without variety or surprise to the muscles? Change your grip angle, width... Change reps or rest times... Just an idea. Also what they said, eat more.. 6x 3hrs apart.

  9. Sounds like youve reached your genetic limit. Youve come to the right place. Read the wikki up top all the way through a few times and let us know if you have any questions after that

  10. If you’re not growing you’re not eating enough, steroids won’t change that for you. Increase the amount of food you eat and just do the beginner cycle outlined in the wiki.

  11. What was everyone’s diet like when on a test cycle? I’m seeing pretty much seeing that it’s high calories 3-4K

  12. So I know that alcohol can lower test and decrease muscle growth. How do those effects of alcohol compare to being on 500 test?

  13. I believe I know what you’re asking. You’re. saying alcohol in general is not good for a natty building muscle but you’re asking ‘how much of an effect does alcohol have on someone taking 500 test?’ As someone who has been a borderline alcoholic since starting gear I can say I was able to make consistent solid gains while drinking about a half pint a night sometimes more. ….however, since giving up drinking I now incredibly regret all my drinking while on cycle. Cycling without alcohol in my diet has been day and night. My recovery is way faster, gains quicker, and my strength is gaining each week. Really wish I cut out the alcohol much sooner. My advise: don’t drink while running gear. It’s counter productive to the very reason you’re taking gear.

  14. You can't make actual testosterone at home, that would require industrial scale equipment and access to the massive amounts of plant waste that manufacturers derive the testosterone from.

  15. 😂😂😂 dude you should have learned this in middle school or atleast early high-school..so you sound pretty young and not smart enough to come close to doing any type if Chem like this

  16. That would take chemistry. You don't just wave a wand and make a powder, you have to have glass ware, reagents, solvents, etc. Not something most do at home.

  17. I don't think you know how advanced that question actually is. You cannot simply create a testosterone molecule in a bathtub setup.

  18. Nah I do it all the time in winter. Pop the kettle on, make a cuppa and pour out a sip for warming the vial.

  19. I mean if I’m ever doing like a 2.5-3cc injection I’ll just run my pin under warm water so that it dumps straight into me? Or if I’m popping my cherry on a new spot. But I don’t see why you would ever heat up the whole bottle 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. Clen shouldn't make a difference to your cal count, start at 300kcals defect and increase by 300kcal whenever you plateau for a week. Utilise LISS sessions by starting at 3 X 45 mins a week and adding those on plateaus too, so you don't cut cals too quickly, it's a balancing act between the two.

  21. Letro is non suicidal, depending on what you're running your estrogen will come back fairly quickly if you don't taper off. Whether or not you want that is going to be up to you and your situation.

  22. Why are you using letro in the first place? And no I don’t believe in “estrogen rebound”. It’s not like all the estrogen from a cycle is just going to hit you just because you didn’t taper off letro.

  23. In absolute contrast to the other comment in here. I believe EQ is a fantastic compound. I am bias as I am an extremely high aromatiser. To keep my e2 in check I blast 500/1000 test/EQ with incredible results and good e2 levels.

  24. Ditch the EQ, only place that belongs is in the bin, and var is weak as piss. Add a dht like primo, mast or winny. They're pretty easy on side effects and will give some nice growth.

  25. Anavar is a fun compound to add for a second cycle, very mild but also has mild side effects. Alternatively if you're looking for a mild oral you can run Tbol, one of my favorite compounds and the extra stamina is really enjoyable.

  26. No concrete answer for that. Run a test base with the rad to avoid feeling like shit. Better yet, run test without the rad

  27. I did a blood test and my E2 is 3,000pg/ml on a range of 10-50. No real sides except slightly high blood pressure, did the lab fuck up my numbers, is this even possible?

  28. Man what kind of lab just straight releases an above measurable range E2 result on a male and calls it a day SMH. We only see results like that with pregnant women.

  29. Actually... are you sure you got the sensitive test? I had a result like yours with a standard Estrogen test when I was taking Tren. Apparently it picks up Tren as estrogen.

  30. My neck is starting to look disgusting. The top of my chest is red and almost looks like it’s developing stretch marks. My neck looks the same but worse. E2 is fine. Is there any way to combat this?

  31. Yes it’s worth it and no nothing can replace GH. Taking some bullshit MK677 or GHRP isn’t going to do what good ole GH does.

  32. Worth it is relative. If you have the disposable cash gh is nice to have and worth running. If you're scraping by and could put the money to better use elsewhere it's not worth it. It's not something you necessarily need as a bodybuilding compound until you're built up to a high level.

  33. Also think of it in terms of resetting your digestive tract and your bodies ability to grow. If you run a 12 week cycle, by the time you've run 4 weeks of maintenance cals post cycle, then a 6 week mini cut then 2 ramping cals again, you're ready to go, and you've given your digestive tract a break from all the food.

  34. Yes. It’s a recommendation made with mild consideration to your health. The time on isn’t good for your health regardless of whether you PCT off or cruise while off.

  35. What’s the best way to get those large veins popping out and grainy look? Obviously low bf but even when I was at my lowest in single digits I never had crazy veins like I see with dudes on tren n shit…. What’s the secret if it’s anything other than diet

  36. I still think diets the most important. Mast and winny defo help, but low BF trump's all drugs. Sufficient sodium is also a big one, 4g a day of pink salt, plus consuming 4 litres of water to stop rentention and you'll notice a good difference in vasucularity

  37. Genetics dude. I’ve never been able to get freaky vascular. I can take all the EQ and mast I want , it won’t ever happen.

  38. Ive done t-400/week for 12 weeks and was taking aromasin 12.5mg/EOD for 6 and everyday for last 6 my pct I’ve done HCG 1000units 2x a week for 2 weeks and now starting 40mg of nolvadex for a week then 30 for a week 20 and 10 is this too big of a pct for the actual cycle I’ve done ?

  39. It's too big of a PCT for any cycle....read the PCT section in the wiki, there are studies there that show over 20mg does absolutely nothing except give more side effects. Also shows 5-10mg is the point of deminishing returns. 10mg for 6-8 weeks is standard protocol and would be more effective than what you have planned there.

  40. Hormone fluctuations can cause acne and other sides. Lots of people get it when going from blast to cruise and visa versa

  41. What should be my ideal macro split during my first cycle of Test E? I’m currently 6 weeks in eating 240P 445C 45F. Wondering if I should be upping my protein?

  42. The only thing you ever need to move is carbs and fats, no need to tinker with protein Intake, my protein hasn't changed in two years and Ive go lne between 93kg at my leanest and 108kg peak bulk. Carbs are gonna be your key to growth.

  43. I mean this depends on so many factors? Height, weight, bf%, target goals, age, sex, how much gear you’re on, your activity level, your body’s natural digestion, even body type down to your activity level at your job and normal life.

  44. Have a buddy who gets drunk 1-2 times a week while on 300 test 300 tren 300 winny. I keep telling him to stop but he thinks he’s invincible. Anyone wanna help change his mind?

  45. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it, he’ll learn soon enough… or not 🤷🏽‍♂️

  46. no, time on + pct = time off at a minimum if you like living. if you're just going to hop right back on save yourself the drama of pct next time and just run a trt dose in between.

  47. Hello, I have been on my first Var cycle for about 8 days now, 20mg/ 2 times a day along with my 170mg cyp/t400 trt dosage. Not noticing anything in terms of strength, endurance, vascularity, appetite, weight fluctuations, etc. Only noticing a slight change in my mood towards irritability (but still able to sleep reasonably well).

  48. Haven't done var yet, Greg Doucette says he feels 20 mg of var right away pre work out. I heard there was a study somewhere saying Caffeine upped the bioavilability for var and that you should be taking var on an empty stomach to feel it. (Not sure if true)

  49. Stick with it. First time I used anavar I was also on trt, didn’t start to notice anything until about 2 weeks but after 6 weeks I had added 40 lbs to my bench. Worked crazy good for me.

  50. I'm new here, haven't done anything, and theis is probably a stupid question. Why do you use all these different types of gear like deca and tren instead of just doing testosterone?

  51. Most people could attain their dream physiques with nothing more than test. Plenty of us do only run Test and really enjoy high Test cycles. But there are plenty of reasons why others run compounds other than test.

  52. You could do really well with just testosterone. Adding other compounds can have a synergistic effect to make it more than the sum of their parts. Additionally, test aromatizes pretty heavily. Experienced gear users won’t see the same results from a 500mg test blast that a newbie will, so their options are either to up the test (and have to deal with more side effects) or add other compounds (still has side effects but they’re easier to manage at a reasonable dose).

  53. The problem, beyond the pain, is the scar tissue build up, I experimented it, and it takes forever to fade away. I use 1 inch 27 G and it's a lot better.

  54. I’ve had to take a 22g 1 inch before to the delt had a package of pins get lost in the mail that never made it to me so I stopped at a local farm supply store to not fall a day behind while a new package was overnighted. You will survive.

  55. I’ve never ran either of those compounds, but it sounds like the other responses you’re getting are pretty negative.

  56. What’s your experience with Mk677? What dosage did you run for how long? Considering jumping on for the appetite boosting properties, but learning most about the improved sleep quality, etc is pushing me towards it more and more. So far I believe 25mg Daily is the appropriate dosage.

  57. Increased appetite, better sleep, hair and nails grows out faster. That’s about it ime and I’ve used it more times than I can remember. Never noticed much in terms of bloat or water weight, a bit yeah but some people blow up on this compound. It’s great if you’re struggling to eat, many people do 5 on 2 off to keep their appetite up. I always took it ED so can’t vouch for that but apparently it seems to work. Check your blood glucose while you’re on it and supplement with 200-300mg P5P to keep prolactin in range since it does raise it

  58. I have ran it several times on top of SARMS and AAS as a cheap GH alternative. Last time was for 4 months at 25mg a day. It certainly increased appetite an hour after I dosed it. It did help with sleep. The downsides: I bloated like a water buffalo on it. My hands were constantly tingly and numb. It shot my BP up from water retention. And it messed up my blood glucose readings and insulin sensitivity. My doc came back with my blood panel after that last 4 month run on it and asked me if I was diabetic. I lost 10 pounds of water the first week I dropped it.

  59. Just 2mg made me stupid hungry and tired start at like 5-10 and work up maybe take EOD cuz the hunger affects slowly go away when you take ed

  60. I used to run half of that dose daily ( 12.5 ) and both the sleep & appetite benefits were still there. The bloat was a downside though. I was also running it with a test blast so that's def an added factor, but the bloat was real for me.

  61. Against all the advice given on this sub I would still like to add an oral to my cycle. I am going to cruise and cut after 20 weeks. Would I better off adding anavar to my “cruise” or taking it now? I don’t care about any gains from anavar, I only want it to burn fat

  62. Anavar doesn’t burn fat so you’d be better off adding it now while you’re bulking, it can dry you out and add some strength/cosmetic effects but it most certainly is not a fat burner.

  63. Is there any way to focus on fast twitch muscles when working out? Also can any new built muscle, under the influence of anabolics, be guided to be fast or slow twitch, or is it just increase what Is already there? Can you influence which is grown?

  64. Bpc is usually 250mcg twice daily close to the injury, and Tb-500 is usually 500mcg once daily anywhere. Just inject 500mcg of your mix twice daily close to the injury.

  65. Heading into my third week of my first test cycle, no major sides at all and feel great, but was just wondering around what week most of you have experienced sides on your first cycle if any?

  66. Usually, I’ll notice estrogen effects around week 2 of changing dose. They’ll get worse if I don’t do anything (with Cyp and Enanthate esters) cause w the longer esters your still reaching a saturated higher level of test for about 5-6 weeks. Keep tweaking til you notice a pattern where you feel good. Around week 6 I can feel pretty safe knowing my AI dose is dialed in.

  67. Week 5 or so I had some pretty intense nipple sensitivity and popped some AI. Some water retention here and there (evident by scale climbing fast day over day). Pop an AI and drop a lb or two overnight.

  68. Running 600 test and 100 Anadrol. Did 50 for about 1 week and now doing 100. Received my Tudca In the mail, what's the best way/time to take it?

  69. If you have everything dialled and it’s your first cycle, you may have reached the pound of muscle in a week new user gains, which is amazing, that gives you 11 pounds of other, let’s hope it’s not to much fat, careful if that water retention keeps climbing.

  70. Hello Friends - I have ran bigger cycles including tren or trest (ment) for several years. I usually just roll back into TRT (150mg cyp per week) with .5 arimedex when I am not on cycle. Never had an issue with this always feel pretty healthy and motivated. I noticed about a year ago I started shedding my hair from my upper scalp. It started as a little then moved into a lot. I wouldn't say its globs, but there is a noticeable about of hair in my hand if I run my hands through it. On top of that, my scalp is usually tender to the touch. My blood work usually comes back rock solid, though my thyroid was acting up a bit recently so I started 50mg of t3 a day. The only oddity is my last big cycle about a year ago that included ment was instantly interrupted and I had to leave the country. Long story short I didnt get to wing off the way I like. I am sort of thinking the only way to work with this is to fully transition off TRT and see if it all clears up with some good PCT. Anyone know of or got any info. thanks!

  71. Welcome to steroids,what do you think was gonna happen. These drugs age you. Age your skin and face,make your hair fall out,give you more body hair, stress your organs. There's no free lunch my man

  72. Once you've noticeably lost hair, it's gone permanently and those follicles are damaged/miniaturised. You needed to use dht blocking drugs or shampoo at minimum a year ago when it started. More plates more dates has heaps of content about hair preservation

  73. Has anyone ever sprinkled some tren into their blast at around 100 mg or so per week? I know that tren is mostly used for cutting/recomping due to its strong anti catabolic and appetite suppressant properties, but wondering if there would be any utility in adding it to a test primo blast to reap some of its benefits (Strength, aggression, libido, nutrient partitioning). Thanks fellas.

  74. I am doing this right now. Running 900 test/ 500 Mast for 16 weeks. At week 8, I added in 120mg Tren E a week. I noticed a very quick comp change by 2 weeks of the tren. This is my first experience with tren. It has been a really nice addition. Strength went up. Aggression went up. Libido went up. My weight has not gone up, but I look a bit more vascular, fuller, and more muscular. A very nice cosmetic effect. The only negative sides: it has decreased my appetite a bit. And I am sweating more at night in bed. Nothing crazy, very manageable. I like low does tren! I’m going to increase to 200mg tren for the rest of the cycle and see how it goes.

  75. Tren has more negative effects than positive, if anything use for the tail end of a blast for conditioning and to bust through any plateau. I don’t need more than 175 mg per week to get a shitload out of it. It wrecks my appetite and sleep too bad to use more. Not to mention I need to get off 5 times a day.

  76. Give it a try. I've seen some cycles with 50-100mg per week. Actually thinking about doing something like that further in my off season

  77. I mean they used Dbol as HRT in the 60’s. You can try a Dbol only cycle and see how you feel. Wouldn’t recommend doing that tho.

  78. If otherwise healthy, this can be commonly benign in young healthy men. You’re doing what you should in getting it checked out but I woudl t worry.

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