Daily Ask Anything: 2022-09-26

  1. A lot of that thick Boi mass you have is due to water/glycogen retention, which will go away once you cruise/pct, so don't purposely lose any muscle mass.

  2. I’m currently 6 weeks into a test and deca cycle, 600mg test and 300mg deca but started developing some quite painful gyno, i’m coming off the deca and back down to a cruise dose of test and running letro for however long it takes to shrink it back down. Honestly I think I just aromatise like a motherfucker from the test and I’m a bit nervous of running it very high again. Would running EQ instead of the deca in the future be a more sensible idea in terms of managing estrogen ? Or should I just stick to lowish test

  3. Start by just running a higher test dose with eq/primo/mast on hand. If you feel the gyno come back, add one of the above to your routine and see if it reduces your gyno (if it doesn't, you need to up your dose).

  4. According to the wiki, effects from test e are noticeable from 4 weeks or so. My question, is the timeline the same for high E2 sides?

  5. In my experience and I have a tendency to aromatize quite a bit if not running mast, like two weeks in or so is when I noticed some serious bloat on 500mg per week. Took adex and sweated out gallons overnight

  6. what's the minimum effective dose for NPP? currently in week 2 of my second cycle of test e 200/week and wanting to add NPP once the gains plateau

  7. 200/wk is considered a theraputic dose of Deca. I've seen guys run 300 to 600 a week. I'm a fan of low Test high Deca stacks. Was running 250 Test E / 1000 Deca. More info in the compound experience threads.

  8. If I eat at a calorie surplus throughout the work out days and high deficit at rest days would it ruin my blast? Does the body need the constant pro growth environment on gear in order to grow?

  9. The specific numbers would be relevant but it sounds a bit like you’re describing carb cycling, which is certainly a valid way to structure a diet, and many people swear by it for maintaining performance in a broader calorie restricted environment.

  10. How do people deal with back and chest ance? Coming into my 6th week and back and chest flaring up but my face is fine. Other tips/suggestions besides accutane cheers

  11. Check out aklief (trifarotene), benzoyl peroxide producs can work (but will bleach your clothes and bedsheets), salicyic acid can also work.

  12. Use a body brush and an exfoliating body wash. Finish your shower with cold water and it will close the pores in your skin which helps stop the spread.

  13. I'm a low aromatizer as well eq had my e2 crashed at 600 test/300 eq from what iv seen primo is slightly stronger at lowering e2

  14. I mean you can start 1:1 just have some dbol on hand. I m a low aromatizer to and havent ran primo yet but if it were me id start the test a lil higher

  15. Haven't done any lover value testing but I'm pretty sure my weakness, stomach pains, indigestion and feeling like I'm about to puke is because of tren being on top of Being sick. Gonna reduce it by Ace 250mg, wait for illness to subside and reevaluate. Good idea?

  16. It's a tool. Use it as needed, assuming you understand what you're using it for and what to expect from it. There aren't any hard rules, just guidelines.

  17. It's literally just low e2. Run EQ:Test at a ratio between 1:1 and 2:1 to avoid this. Something like 1000mg EQ with 500-1000mg test will work well for most.

  18. Just get it when e2 is low. Also if I am relying on hcg to provide all e2 since eq is crushing test conversion.

  19. Psyllium husk powder is highly recommended around here. Relatively cheap and you can add it to your protein. Neck it as soon as you mix it up though else it basically turns to porridge.

  20. 43 years old. Experienced at training. 6’1” 195 pounds lean. Have only done one cycle 750mg test per week (too high got bad advice) and worked up to 40mg Var daily.

  21. Curious if anyone can give me guidance. I regret taking steroids (to preface I am an idiot 18 year old kid). I started having some really bad body image issues and feeling like I was small constantly so I made the “educated” decision to start gear after eating became hard. I decided on SUST 300 and Anadrol. My dosage was 150 MG SUST E3D and 50mg Anadrol ED for the first 3 weeks, the 4th week I decided to up my Anadrol to 100MG, this is when I really noticed some mass starting to come on, however with that came the side effect of throwing up anything I ate. This sobered me up to the reality that I was not and am not to the level in which AAS should be inserted. I am wondering if anyone has any guidance for PCT to get back to normal state as quickly as possible? I have Nolvadex, Clomid, and Aromasin currently. My main question is do I need to wait until the half life of the test is up? I believe it’s 15 days, or can I get the ball rolling now? I just had blood work done, and other than high estradiol to coincide with my high test, I had a high platelet count if that affects anything. I appreciate the help.

  22. Wait a month after last pin and then 10-20mg nolva with like 20-50mg clomid per day and you'll bounce back quick.

  23. Just drop the anadrol and finish your cycle, your first mistake was adding an oral steroid without doing any research first. Orals are known to cause nausea and loss of appetite, not necessarily relating to hepatotoxicity, you might as well finish the cycle at this point (depending on how far along you are). If you’ve only just started then you should just wait till the ester clears and start pct.

  24. Definitely not. I "worry" about picking the wrong source from time to time though. Which is why I only use trusted vendors with hplc results and that have been around for a while. In modern times, if you're moderately intelligent, you shouldn't ever get bunk gear outside of some weird accidental mix up

  25. Gear is legal in my country but I do worry about under-dosed vials and orals. For this reason, I've made a point to buy some things from a pharmacy instead of a UGL.

  26. This may be a stupid question, but would dropping down to a TRT dose for a couple weeks, then PCT make the transition easier since it’s not a sudden drop of high testosterone?

  27. I generally have my first cycle guys cruise for a month prior to attempting a pct. Nice way to ease into things and maintain before crashing your test and still trying to maintain.

  28. Anyone know why Anadrol Suppresses appetite so much? Upped it from 50 to 100 and my appetite sucks like I can't even finish my meals I usually would whiff down... Like what is the mechanisms that causes this problem?

  29. Try injecting. Also take tudca 500mg 20-30min after injecting. And then take 500mg again avout 2 hrs before dinner and you should have your normal appetite back.

  30. as someone else already mentioned, over time the liver begins getting damaged by the orals, sending your body into a shock / distress. This makes you feel fatigued & lose appetite

  31. Orals in general just disrupt the GI tract. Not just anadrol. Hence why orals are trash unless you got a show or you’re a power lifter.

  32. i believe it’s the liver falling for help. how’s anadrol treating you? i’m on my first week and it feels great other than anxiety, what’s your cycle ?

  33. I’ve been doing 250iu twice per week for years and that seems to be enough for me. My concern with only doing it 1 time per week would be side effects from the weekly fluctuation since you’d be spending over half the week without it really doing anything and then spiking it again.

  34. I'd be pinning at least 250 twice a week. I pin 250iu eod. I don't think 250 is enough to benefit you. I personally don't think 500iu is enough to cause e2 sides in myself, but I can't speak for you. When I front loaded hcg and was running 500iu eod I felt the best I had in a long time, and could tell e2 was higher, bit nothing crazy. Test aromatizes way more than hcg, in my experience.

  35. HCG has a pretty short halflife. I wouldn't pin once a week. It might be better than nothing, but I don't even know. Nobody takes HCG e7d

  36. It does more than 0iu per week. Whether it’s enough is something you find out by trying it. Otherwise you’re just guessing at dose efficacy.

  37. I took one shot of 375mg of test E and blood came back 636ng/dl, used to be 350ng/dl before, is it bad gear?

  38. You haven't given enough info. When did you pin the test and when did you get blood drawn? How about the bloodwork before this one?

  39. It takes a bit more than one injection for test e to build up in your system, check again after about 4-6 weeks

  40. Currently running 500mg test e, not first cycle, I don’t have E2 symptoms but holding a little bit of water retention due to high E2. Adding tamox or proviron to lower E2 retention? Thanks!

  41. Upper limit is not 330. Yes, on your normie blood work it is. But for years it’s been known that athletes have numbers that double or triple the top end of the range without any issues. If you didn’t work out and were at 750 then yeah, be worried. But if you’re exercising a lot then your number isn’t surprising.

  42. This enzyme is released when your muscles are injured. It means you’re going hard in the gym. Good job. Also 750 is not 3 nor 4x 330

  43. I’m at 6’1 175lb 14% body fat. Looking to train hard and put on 15-20lb muscle in the next few months. Is 300mg deca/wk and 400mg Test/wk going to do it for me? Also how many calories should I be eating?

  44. With these kinds of expectations for growth, lack of knowledge regarding nutrition and the poor choice of a beginner cycle, it doesn’t appear you should be anywhere gear right now. Read the wiki at the top of this thread and come back when you’re ready.

  45. You sure you’re ready for gear? You should know dieting basics like what your TDEE is and how many calories you should be eating to bulk while minimizing fat gains.

  46. It’s more appropriately called crashed E2 rage, and yes, I get irritable when my e2 is low. I don’t exactly hit random people or beat my wife as portrayed on TV, but I have a much shorter fuse than usual. Right before hopping on TRT (crashed e2), I threw I a fit and chucked a knife to the ground in the kitchen …. I can’t even remember why I did it, but it was something stupid and minor.

  47. Orals suck ass. You're not missing out. I tolerate var and dbol pretty well. Still, I never really saw a point to them. Test and primo do the job without involving other organs for no reason.

  48. That’s a mature decision to choose not to do something that fucks you up, just to temporarily look good in the mirror from an oral drug.

  49. Hypothetically What ratios would you use if test/Deca/primo were available and you wanted to do a cycle with only about 6-700mg/week of total drug volume and were looking to minimize side effects while adding some mass. 300 test/ 150 deca/ 150 primo ? Something else ?

  50. No deca, running 150 deca is pointless and you're going to be suppressed long term for minimal pros, not to mention risking horrible side effects for basically nothing. Really depends on whether primo will crash your e2 or not. I'd probably run 2-300 test and the rest primo for minimal sides and best outcome

  51. 1:1:1, however if you don’t aromatise much you might put yourself in strife with the primo effecting e2. I personally vouch for 300 of all

  52. Personally? I would use 700 mg of test. I don't get sides from test and it gives me the best mass gains. I also like primo for aesthetic reasons. Deca is usless to me. That's the thing though. There is no right answer. Everybody will react differently to different compounds.

  53. Anavar delivered today. Going to another state for a wedding this weekend. Out of town 2 days. Should I start tonight and keep taking while gone or just start when I get back? I want it to kick in quick

  54. Running 600/600 test e and primo and still getting itchy nips should this be possible? Thinking of lower the test to 500 and upping the primo too 800 because of the ai effects, is this a stupid way to see if my primo is legit?

  55. IMO, if you're planning to be on long-term, starting TRT now and cutting makes a lot of sense, letting you get used to the process and your body's response while also having a more effective cut. If you're aiming to PCT, I'd be more reluctant to recommend that, since the main risk factor for permanent reduction to Testosterone production is the length of time you're using steroids, regardless of dose.

  56. Has its place. I cut for the first 2 weeks of my cycle and the last 4 weeks. Allows me to drop fat quickly while maintaining as much muscle as possible.

  57. I’m still in the early process of reading the entire wiki, but I heard something today that I wanted an answer on.

  58. It’s hard to say. Arnold and all the big dudes from his era didn’t even PCT. They just went cold turkey off their cycles and no one heard complaints about low test. I’m sure they felt off for a few weeks, but seemed to bounce right back.

  59. Not enough studies done to give you a definitive answer. From the studies we do have we know that the longer you stay suppressed the harder it is to recover, but I've yet to see a study done where men didn't recover to natural levels given enough time. Take that for what you will, but id say if you're not okay with the risk of TRT for life then you shouldn't touch steroids.

  60. You could have a failed pct. Never fully rebound. Anything could happen. Thats why this sub usually says don't do I unless you're prepared to trt forever.

  61. First cycle: TestE @ 500mg/w for 14 weeks. Started PCT 15 days after last pin 2 days ago w/ 10mg nolva and that's it. I won't take Clomid due to the vision sides. I have 2 vials of HCG but only 6 Aromasin's left. I know, I fucked up, used a lot more AI on cycle than intended. I could likely get more by the end of the week if needed. I also have raloxifene on hand. What would you guys recommend or what would you do? I realize it's covered in the Wiki but looking for personal experiences/advice for my situation.

  62. I’m not clear on why you think you fucked up? You’re in pct, therefore you no longer need ai or HCG. What are you asking?

  63. I wouldn't take the exemestane or caber unless necessary, unless you already know you're going to need them. Even then, I would wait until the levels start to elevate before crushing them.

  64. seems a bit over complicated but hey if you are competing or something go for it, looks like beast cycle

  65. If you're afraid of getting gyno, take 20mg of Nolva/Tamoxifen EOD while on cycle. Only take an AI if you have high e2 sides that you don't like.

  66. My E2 wasn’t 88, it was 159 on my last cycle. I didn’t have any sides so I didn’t take an AI. You treat the symptoms not a number.

  67. You only need to lower it if you’re experiencing undesired sides you want to mitigate. Don’t treat a number if it’s not affecting you negatively.

  68. So I just homebrewed myself some Carnitine for a daily pin after purchasing the raws legally for peanuts. Given I'll be doing daily injections, wondering what other non-PED/anabolics I could possibly experiment with throwing into the same daily shot.

  69. Getting a very, very small amount of gyno but no other high E2 sides. I think I’m just gonna leave it because my nips have always been unusually small and it’s almost making them look normal sized. Good idea?

  70. I’m not a hairy person, yet enclomiphene has made it easier for me to grow a beard and I’m starting to get more hair in new places (think like back of hand and back of arm) without bloods. Considering I’ve seen this, could I have been unknowingly hypogonadal and this is just my expected hair growth with proper hormones? Most of my family are hairy but I am not.

  71. lol if you are not wiling to spend the small amount for an AI, how are you going to shell out money for actual cycles and bloodwork??

  72. So here we go my brother best case scenario, you run your cycle not in need of an AI and you save yourself 50$ . Worst case you run your cycle and you become depressed and your dick turns into a cooked pasta noodle. Spend the 50$, have it on hand.

  73. I take rouvastatin on blast. I haven't had any negative sides of fatigue/muscle weakness on it. It takes a month to see the full effects of a dose on LDL. Rosuvastatin can be run as high as 40mg a day, but that is a last resort regime if 20mg is not sufficient.

  74. I've been looking into peptides to use for a fracture I have in my lower back. I narrowed it down to either BPC-157 or TB-500. I will probably end up using both but I'm curious about which has the best effects on healing bone.

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