Daily Ask Anything: 2022-09-20

  1. What is up with my appetite I am so hungry it's making me feel.almost sick. I sit here stuffing my face with pasta and chicken. Eating is making me hungrier wtf have I done?!

  2. Opinions on cardarine, has anyone actually got cancer from that shit or is it really just the perfect oral that makes ur cardiovascular godly for the price of minimal sides, seem very mixed reviews on it

  3. No clue I don’t think anyone knows yet bro. Just eat studies. I ran it once a few years ago. Can vouch for it being crazy for endurance. Didn’t experience any acute sides. Pm me in 30 years we will see about the cancer 😂

  4. My friends uncle is a rat and said he volunteered for cardarine studies. He got cancer but they gave him extreme doses per body weight to cause it.

  5. Anavar will impact lipids but how much and how long this takes depends on many factors. Genetics diet cardio other AAS use alcohol intake Anavar dose and probably a couple things I'm forgetting.

  6. I'm in my first real tidy-up/ cut phase. I have pretty bad body dysmorphia, so looking a bit bigger with some fat on is not that bad for my mental state. Now my coach wants to go even deeper into the cut and my mental state is already declining. I know if I go through this I can get back on the heavier compounds and start with a more clean frame and we can get more out of the off-season, but if it is already this bad in just a cut what would prep feel like? Some tips are highly appreciated!

  7. Ordered the wrong needles do you guys think it will be possible to use orange 16mm for quads? Bf 10/11%. still got grey 16mm for shoulders

  8. Do you mean 16 gauge? I work with needles in my job and I can't imagine pinning with an 18 gauge. It's like a harpoon. I mean technically you can but that is gonna hurt like crazy

  9. Been on 400mg test c and on a cut, my arms and legs are very vascular, but I can loose fat on my chest, abs or love handles. Any suggestions ?

  10. I’d lower the test and up the cardio tbh, the water from the test is probably giving the illusion you are fatter than you are.

  11. Thought this might be the best place to ask. Wife is on the combined birth control pill and would like to come off because of mild sides. Whenever she’s tried to come off side effects worsen and she goes back on.

  12. Gyno isn’t a guarantee, my e2 can be absolutely through the roof and I’ve never had a gyno flair up. Plus 11 days isn’t even long enough to notice much more than water weight and maybe higher libido

  13. Been doing MMA (mostly stand up) for 15 years. The whole time I've lifted 3x/wk PPL, and MMA 2x/wk. 3 days in a row is about all I can do before my CNS is fried and I have to take a day off.

  14. Lifting heavy and doing a combat sport is a bad combination. I did muay thai 3x a week sometimes more if prepping for a tournament, this in combo with lifting 5x a week I had more injury's in one year than in my whole life. Tore ACL, little injuries like wrist pains, etc. Now I reduced the muay Thai to 1x a week more recreative and it's been good ever since.

  15. Do you guys train through the pumps that steroids give? Like when your bicep feels like it’s about to explode? Can you tear/damage a muscle with too much of a pump?

  16. Nope, but I recall taking dbol.my shoulders would get so pumped from just warming up that I couldnt move my arms and would end up going home. This after about 30 minutes of agony trying to stretch or make it thru the workout only to finally give up.

  17. I’ve slipped some primo into my cycle 200 a week with ment 15 a day and have had no issues with bloat since introducing it, 250 a week of test C as well.

  18. Third week cruising. Energy levels back to normal, third week of keto also. Anyone that started blasting sooner than 6 weeks? How do you stay patient?

  19. Anybody run a 200/200mg blend of test-c/nandrolone stacked with 25 mg daily anavar? Curious to how well this would work.

  20. Don’t use blends like that. You can’t control the ratio. They can also be highly concentrated which means more PIP.

  21. 8.5ml? I wouldn't pin that much anywhere. That part is confusing. If you're lean you can pin just about anywhere with the 28g .5 needle.

  22. I don't know that tren sheds water weight, tbh it's not been researched all that much. I don't think anyone knows exactly how it works we just understand that it does and that the more you take the better you look.

  23. Tren doesn't quite work like a dht derivative ime. If I'm running only test/tren my water weight is determined by e2 management. High test gets more water weight. Low test less. Regardless, at low enough body fat tren will still give a dry look. Throwing mast or EQ in top of test/tren at low bf will dry you out and get that grainy skin painted on look.

  24. I dropped from 500mg a week to 150mg a week three weeks ago and I’m getting some face acne .. is this normal from the drop in levels

  25. I have high libido with high estrogen so I wouldn’t necessarily think it’s due to high estrogen requiring AI use. Get bloodwork.

  26. Any of you guys have good results with tb-500? Yeah i know it’s a peptide but wanted to check here instead of the other subs. I’ve been dealing with crippling tendonitis and it’s just fucking me over every day in the gym. I’m losing motivation to even go these days cuz once i get in there i just can’t get good workouts. I’m cruising now but wanted start blasting in October but then im like what the fuck is the point if i can barely get a good lift in.

  27. I always combine it with Bpc-157 and the two work magic together. Or maybe it's one or the other and I just don't know because I've always combined them.

  28. Great peptide. Works great with BCP. The combo has gotten my rotator cuff injury manageable. Currently 3 weeks in on both and it is drastically improved.

  29. They are very similar and you're already running 3 compounds. Lots of people have a hard enough time running one or the other at high doses let alone both. Unless you're running very low doses or you don't see an AI effect from one or both compounds then you're likely going to crash your e2. If you're wanting more I would just up your doses, but if you're insistent on adding another compound I would add Mast.

  30. What are you going to expect extra from that when you’re already running 3 compounds? I don’t see the need personally.

  31. I believe the idea of cycling for the sake of cycling is pretty much trash. Nowadays we just run what we like until goals are met. Keep in mind health markers need to be monitored and you are going to incur long term damage, that's how steroids work. That's the game. Your lipid markers will change for the worse, the longer they stay that way the worse for long-term health. Your familial genetics play a pivotal role here, before taking anything you need to know your dad's heart history and grandfather's to a t. If family history shows heart disease heart attacks strokes bypasses etc I advise caution. There are other ways to the finish line. If family history says no heart related issues you can be a bit more reckless.

  32. I see results from EQ at 300mgs and I am pretty big 250 right now I have weighed more in the past. Eq gives me awful anxiety and it crushes my e2 and at higher dosages makes me a huge jerk. I would be cautious with it.

  33. Anavar at 50mgs didn't do much at 100mgs it gave me a really unique look, I would say it's a must to get that pro bodybuilder look of cuts and fullness. It's a really unique look to the muscle I'd say primo and anavar achieve the same thing.

  34. DHB: 1.) does it or does it not have AI qualities? Compound experience threads are all over the place. 2.) how is it on hair 3) dosages? Some say it’s strong AF, others say it’s Ho-Hum. Again, the experience threads are all over the place. Can I get some recent personal experiences?

  35. Looks good on paper, anecdotal data says otherwise. Seems to cause insatiable hunger and crushing water retention minus the magic that so far only HGH provides.

  36. How quickly does the Tren Look come back if pinning EoD Enanthate? Steroid plotter says fully peeked at 10 days

  37. Realistically youll see results in a few weeks but the magic takes longer, possibly never as compared to acetate, which acts almost like a different drug in comparison.

  38. I bought a bpc-157 & tb500 blend 5mg each totaling to a 10mg. How much bac water should i use and how should i take my dosage.

  39. Depends on the size of the vial. If it’s a standard 2mL peptide vial, 2mL is a great amount to add. Then 0.10mL will equal 500mcg of each. Hopefully you can do the math on various other dosages.

  40. Looking to add oral into my 2nd cycle. Debating anadrol/anavar right now. Keep getting conflicting information on whether to take orals on rest days or not to. Thoughts on this?

  41. Contemplating hopping on my first cycle end of this year/beginning of next year. Main concern is preventing hair loss (already on topical finasteride + minoxidil due to genetic predisposition to MPB). As such, would 500 mg a week Test E still be the way to go for me? Or would I be better off sticking to 300 mg? Or maybe start with 500 and drop down to 300 if I start seeing signs of hair loss? Also considering adding RU58841 for the blast.

  42. If you’re going to lose your hair it’s not going to be much better on 300 vs 500. Maybe it’s worse with a higher dose, that intuitively makes sense, but if you’re prone to MPB then any amount of steroids is going to be a problem. Adding tbol to the mix also probably amplifies the shedding.

  43. M1t is the better than both having tried all of them. It’s hard to get but that shit is insane. I literally mutated on it. Superdrol is fucking poison lol

  44. Superdrol but as soon as you drop it you'll lose basically all you gained. It's good for attracting a boyfriend by showing off a strong bench though. I find womens don't care about my bench so I switched to men.

  45. Any reason why I'm very fatigued no matter how much sleep I get? On week 14 of 500 mg Test C per week. It's like all my body wants to do is lay down and sleep all day

  46. I don't take days off for t3. 25mcg is a replacement dose. I feel better even running it at 50mcg. I haven't tried the t4/t3 combined tabs. Basically just taper the doseage up weekly until you're getting the results you want. Stop there.

  47. Didn't you read the back label of your aromasin? First you have to ensure the ambient temperature has been stable for at least four hours with no more than a two degree change per hour. Then you have to solve for windspeed, as the strength of a breeze can greatly effect nipple hardness. Then, and only then are your nipples an accurate gauge for aromasin dosing.

  48. Cardio and muscle endurance, from steroids, and you need to keep weight down, you are limited to winstrol anavar and tbol. A three will shut you down, potentially. My body never really shuts down from gear, it's possible yours won't either. But good chance that it will. This is one of those things one must experience themselves.

  49. It all shuts you down. If you use hcg alongside your cycle/BnC at 250iu eod it’s pretty certain you’ll retain whatever fertility you have currently. Test eq tbol and mast are your best options. Epo isn’t worth it for someone not competing in ADCC or similar calibre events

  50. Can I pin the same spot each time or do i need to change it up? For example upper right glute. Is it dangerous to pin at the very same spot?

  51. I only pin glutes, have for years. You are only limited to how much and how often. Glutes can take 5ml plus a day, but you'll develop scar tissue pretty quick doing that. This is why you rotate.

  52. If you mean only pinning one site then yeah you should definitely open up some more sites. If you mean just pinning the same location when you rotate around again to that site then no, that's perfectly fine.

  53. That will lead to the build up of scar tissue over time which will lead to difficulty and pain when pinning in the future. Better to have 4-6 spots at least to use.

  54. Been taking 10mg nolva eod preventatively with ment for gyno for a while now and I think it’s making me feel run down. Looking to switch to Ralox, what would an be an equal minimum dose?

  55. I did a belly fat subQ administration of Test E yesterday. It went in super painlessly and smoothly. But now, the day after, I have a lump (normal) but also intense redness where it was administered... Is the redness ok/normal?

  56. Some subq leaks are like that but I’d do the ol sharpie circle around it and see if the redness expands. If it doesn’t get better and you’re worried about infection do doctor on demand and tell them it’s an infected b12 injection or bug bite if you don’t want to admit to injecting

  57. Edit: the compounds are all mixe in one viall of oil and i have recalculateed the dosages slightly to... Recently started 300 npp, 400 test e and 200 of both primo e and mast e. Weight shot up 7 kg to 98 within a weekish and has now dropped 4.5kg to 93.5.is this because the dht compounds have kicked in and reduced my water weight?

  58. haven't you taken these compounds before to know what they are gonna do to you before mixing 4 compounds?? and honestly why? you are basically on a gram of gear and not running any compound at a decent dose lol this doesn't make sense, 150 mast and 150 primo are barley doing shit, 200 npp is not much more than a therapeutic dose for joint support, 400 test is lower than a beginner cycle..im not saying "run tons of gear" pick 2 compounds and run them at doses you will get good results at..

  59. I use it. Good for me, personally. There is tons of research to prove its efficacy. Don't confuse it with how strongly Ambien and shit works though. This shits just a literal herb, not a drug. It it even helps with sleeping while using Tren, it won't fix all your problems and allow you to get the sleep you would when not using Tren. Honestly though the best way to tell is to try it and see. 0 risk, so why not go for it?

  60. Are hypoglycemia attacks attributed to low estradiol or high estradiol? Can progesterone/prolactin be the cause as well?

  61. I get hypo have my whole life. I can drink a cup of coffee and an hour later be sweating and shaking, freezing cold. I'll stay that way until I eat my way out of it. Don't think it's estrogen related and I think it's actually a good sign. Lower blood sugar is infinitely better than high blood sugar.

  62. Can someone give me advice on how to incorporate primo? Seems like people like it for cutting but it seems like a waste, seeing as test and var should be plenty. For bulking, there seems to be stronger compounds. People who use primo, chime in plz

  63. So I’m running 600/420 test/primo atm on week 6. Probs gonna up my test to 700 (initial plan was 700 but I fucked my maths somehow)

  64. Boldenone is nephrotoxic, correct? Read that it was from a user here way back. Not just like in the wiki saying unusual kidney things were going on, actual confirmed nephrotoxicity.

  65. Yes. EQ (Boldenone), tren/mtren, superdrol, and anavar are all kidney toxic - beyond "just" high BP wrecks kidneys, but these have downstream metabolism impacts that seem to fuck up kidneys. (as with most things, some people see no issues, others think they see no issues b/c you don't necessarily "feel" kidney damage and they aren't looking at their bloods, and some have more issues than others)

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