[Compounds] Multiple 19nor Cycles

  1. My coach is putting me on NPP with my tren for 6 weeks out from my pro debut, will let you guys know how it goes I’m 8 weeks out right now

  2. I've run deca and tren. Started Tren first and ran it twice as high as deca the fullness and shape was crazy but definitely more bloat then just Tren. Got alot of new stretch marks in the few weeks running it.

  3. I feel like this is just a gamble on the person and how strong you are mentally. My good friend did deca and tren and he’s been on a 10 year long blast and cruise and it shook him at his core and couldn’t control his thoughts. Then my good powerlifting buddy ends his test and deca blast with 6 weeks of tren before a meet and half the time he gets into a fight with someone. I personally won’t risk it because I have invasive thoughts as is.

  4. Tried NPP with tren once. I was 8 weeks into 500 test 500 tren, felt ok, sleep was shit, mentally I was a little snappier but gains were great. I had ran test NPP before that and it was a good cycle. Test tren good, test NPP good, why not mix?

  5. Run test tren and deca, 800mg of test, 600 tren, 600 deca, fuck up my prolactin, got ed for 3 weeks, proviron and cialis for the rest of the cycle, the gainz were mad brah, ask anything:)

  6. I personally can’t contribute but I’m pretty sure Jordan Peters runs nandrolone and tren at the same time. I guess it’s just another example of how individual bodybuilding can be.

  7. I've done trest/tren together and didn't have any more side rhan tren alone except maybe more susceptible to sensitive nips and gyno. Never mixed nand with another nor because I can't handle nand on its own as the mental sides are so extreme for me

  8. Tren + MENT sounds like the sort of thing you’d run if you lived in one of those ice hotels in Sweden as a prophylactic a way to control your night sweats. I had to change my sheets just reading your write up.

  9. One time I was buying a product labeled Tren Ace but I knew something strange was going on. I had it tested and it was actually Deca 200. Which meant I was inadvertently running Deca 1400/week. Imagine the sides... but still something was weird so I tested another vial and it came back as Tren 50. So, nor roulette. Hahaha... It was screwy and not something I would repeat. The main issue was running Deca at 1400/week and weird sides.

  10. I’ve done tren e and deca on a few occasions. Sleeping gets really difficult. Paranoia and anxiety is pretty heavy especially around 3-4 week. I don’t think I ever went past 6 weeks on these. Recovery and strength is probably the highest on this out of all the combos i tried. Add 50mg anadrol preworkout and it gets really fun

  11. So last month of my first tren run I thought it'd be the right time to swap most of my test for a low MENT ace dose, as I'm planning to bulk on it this winter so I might as well try it out and see how hard it is to manage.

  12. Sweet post man. Started MENT this week and I really like the idea of an adex solution, gonna try and make one now. Cheers!

  13. I've run both separately at high dosages.. I think together would work well. You're screwed as far as PCT, either way. I wouldn't run then together, unless you've done both before, though.... I may lower my decca and a add some teen near the end of this cycle. 750 test 600 decca 400 primo. I recently dropped the primo to 300... Blood works on Monday to see where I'm at no signs of high E2.... Maybe 650 test 400 decca and couple hundred tren, and primo according to blood work for last ten weeks of cycle. (Those aren't arbitrary numbers, just ones that coincide with the great that I have on hand. I have a 200/200 test decca blend that in not using..) I'm pushing 9 ml of oil right now, so anything to cut that down will be nice.

  14. Fuck man, planning on running deca in 6 weeks. They should nickname this compound Half & Half. Sounds like you either have the time of your life on it, or you wanto to kill yourself every second of the day. Gonna see which outcome I get.

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