Post Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers at Atlanta Falcons

  1. I know I was at that game it was so loud a dude and someone outside before the game was yelling welcome to Pittsburgh Georgia cuz there were 90% steelers fans there best (and only) game I’ve been too

  2. Every week it’s improved little by little which is all you can ask for, today/ last week he was able to consistently get down the field into scoring position/ put together efficient and longgggg drives. I agree we need more TD's but the fact that we're not going 3 and out for over half the drives is extremely encouraging. Take away the kneel downs at half and end of game and they punted 2 times today, that's awesome awesome stuff

  3. Play calling really becomes forced near the redzone in order to appease storylines. Have to give diontae a shot even if he isn’t open because he has no tds. Have to give najee a run because he’s a first rounder and needs tds. Have to have 1 gadget play because Canada.

  4. Mariota remains a not-great QB. He was fine while we were on our heels all day anticipating the run. But as soon--as soon as he had to throw it to win it--we picked it.

  5. Definitely an excellent win. However, these second half collapses are becoming a big problem. Playing only one half of football might be enough against the Falcons and Colts, but other teams not so much.

  6. Good thing we get the panthers and raiders still. But yeah, you are 100% right that this team need to play 4 quarters consistently

  7. Yeah. Things seem less bad, but playoff contenders would still take over. Heck, even the Bengals took over a few weeks ago--the garbage time TD really masked a bad performance.

  8. I agree with redzone offense, but I think we were only actually in the redzone twice. A TD and a field goal. It was super frustrating to feel the momentum of a drive and stall out at the 30-35 5 times (including the final punt). Just a little pedantic note.

  9. I really hope they don’t look at this late season push and say “Matt Canada deserves some credit and should stick around.” This game should not have been this close and he’s holding this team back. If they turn at least one of those field goals into TDs in the first half, then this game is pretty much out of reach for a team like Atlanta.

  10. We didn’t fall apart in the second half, we played it safe and to control the clock. Can’t be mad that the defense held the opponent to under 20, but we do need to start finishing drives in the Red Zone. It will come with experience for Kenny. I remember Ben having the same issue his first couple of seasons.

  11. Pickens has a right to be upset, can’t believe we kept throwing towards DJ and didn’t even look at him, and I’m a DJ defender

  12. We keep falling apart in the second half because we’re making no halftime adjustments. Quite a few games back after getting our asses kicked in the first half, Tomlin told a reporter that there would be no halftime adjustments.

  13. What do you think about Pickett’s deep balls (15 yards and further)? Just seems like his accuracy and ball placement fades the further the ball goes

  14. So when DJ doesn’t get the ball it’s coaching, When Pickens doesn’t get the ball it’s coaching. When it’s a run first conservative offense, someone isn’t going to get the ball - especially if the QB isn’t making the correct read when they’re open.

  15. I'm concerned we're going to be minimally offensively competent for the next two months, somehow stumble our way to the afc championship game, and Canada will get a 5 year extension.

  16. Concerned that we’ll make it to the AFC Championship. I don’t share your concerns, that would be awesome. As for Canada extension, if he turns into calling plays to have us win out and win in playoffs then…why not?

  17. Nobody thinks that Watson played well today. Nerves or not, Browns fans are going to have to spend some time justifying that performance in their heads as they prepare for a good football team next week.

  18. Team looks different now. Pickett is getting more comfortable with each win. Credit to Tomlin yet again. Go Steelers

  19. Jetsweeps on second down and the entire third quarter continue to be our teams biggest issues from what I see. Kenny did a great job driving the ball down the field when given the chance. It's not flashy, but we are putting our rookie quarter back in a position to win games compared to asking him to throw 50 times like the first three games. And hey, we at least eliminated the shovel pass to Gentry on 3rd and 8 this week.

  20. It's like Canada forgets what worked in the first half...and instead reverts to short garbage passes and gimmick plays. Three straight games exactly the same. Other teams adjust and he turtles up.

  21. No no no, you got it all wrong. He changed up the entire thing. Those weren’t jet sweeps. Those were sweat jeeps. It’s a totally different thing man. Come on.

  22. offense did well in the third quarter this time at least, our biggest issue as a team tho is redzone offense, young offense, rookie qb, and it’s tough to score there but we gotta get better and improve on that

  23. Tomlin haters take note: we replaced our HoF QB and retooled our O-line this year. It was never going to be easy. But the team has been consistently improving.

  24. I mean, how much of the improvement this season is going from playing really good teams to playing really mediocre teams? The team looks a bit better since the bye but the quality of competition has fallen off a cliff.

  25. Anyone else think Watt is still hurting from his pec? I know about the ribs issue today but for the past two weeks, he hasn't been transformational in the way we're used to. I have a feeling he's only at 80-90%--enough to justify being on the field, but not enough to gear up to 2021 Watt.

  26. He absolutely isn't 100 percent there. His impact is still big though, he's getting pressure, and getting double teamed enough to help the other guys out.

  27. I think Tomlin described him as pretty banged up even just from this game, let alone lingering stuff from the pec or knee. He’s definitely still not right, unfortunately.

  28. Look, I know I said the Falcons were doing everything they could to lose the game. And I don’t understand why they didn’t just run the ball over and over and over and over and over and over and over again all game, but it doesn’t matter now.

  29. That’s their MO, they would have won their last 4 games if they would just run every down bit they put the ball on Mariotta’s hands and bad things happen.

  30. Yeah, but I’m not signing him up for any anonymous meetings. He can keep this addiction. Hell, I suggest his teammates help him by enabling him.

  31. More production in the RZ and we’re looking pretty darn good. Granted against not so greet teams but I’ll take what we can get!

  32. Record be damned, I can see us cleaning it up every week. Win or lose I’m just happy to see the progress and I think we can have something special in a few years

  33. Man the offense is SO CLOSE to just breaking out and blowing people out. A couple drops and missed throws by Kenny cost us so many points but were really just like 4 or 5 plays.

  34. We’re finally getting extended drives which is great to see. Consistently settling for for 3 instead of 7 though is gonna have to change. This game could’ve been out away in the first half if we get touchdowns instead of field goals. Baby steps but it’s getting better

  35. Canada needs to figure out how to call a complete game...I can't stand the guy but to his credit the last three games they've been really good in the first half (outside of the red zone). Then it just implodes in the second half and he gets really conservative and starts running jet sweeps. I dunno, I also think Pickett is maybe protecting the ball TOO much at this point. He's clearly not taking chances which is probably good overall but he's also not pushing the ball downfield much.

  36. Maybe I’m too optimistic but we have a shot at playoffs or at the very least 9-8. Every team remaining on the schedule except Baltimore has a losing record.

  37. Anyone else disappointed that Lamar misses like half of the Ravens-Steelers games? We play the Ravens next week, but Lamar went down with a knee injury today.... :(

  38. I like how the offense is progressing. Lots of good, sustained drives that resulted in points. It would be nice if at least one of those FGs was a TD, but it was still good. Kenny's making good reads and throws and I feel good with him leading the offense. Najee is running with power and the rest of the RBs are doing great as well. Line is playing good as well.

  39. Every since Claypool was traded our offense is becoming more our defense needs to go into every game looking to get that shutout....playoff dreams float through my head....let me dream

  40. I have been a Najee hater all year. But his performance was impressive. Constantly beating the first guy and getting 2-5+ yac.

  41. Pickens and Pickett has chemistry. That’s obvious. If I had to take a guess, they want to create that develop some chemistry with DJ

  42. I think this sub is too hard on Diontae still. There were some mistakes, but he still had a big game and clutched that second down catch at the end.

  43. He has problems and it’s not the kind of problems a guy at his pay grade should have. That’s the problem.

  44. He isn’t a rookie and he’s a WR1 so we shouldn’t need to make excuses for him not playing at the level he needs to be or is expected to. Yes, he had some snags that were critical, but he also dropped a key one and nearly put us in a position to lose with what looked like a fumble. Would love for his play to change my mind, but I’m not confident in him.

  45. I think this was overall a very good game all around except for the Steelers ability to turn long drives into TDs. Had they gotten 3 TDs and 2 FGs instead of 1 TD and 4 FGs, I don't think anyone would be mad about this game.

  46. He’s competitive. He want the ball cause he wants to help us win. It’s not like he made a huge scene he was just saying what many of us fans were thinking.

  47. He does have a big personality which is a good thing, but a little self-control is also a good thing. He’s been OK so far, I’m not too worried about it, but there is some potential there for a lot of “personality“ at the wrong times. That said, AB is a whole other cat. He’s a genuinely bad or troubled person.

  48. I’ll preface by saying that the game wasn’t aired in my area so I got the recap through Twitter. It seems like there was a lot of Twitter criticism for throwing too much to diontae. Which seemed to piss off pickens. Ironically a week or two ago it was basically the media saying that DJ isn’t putting up good number because he isn’t getting the ball enough. It really seems like the offense is just trying to correct what the media talks about each week.

  49. Why the fuck are we not using Pickens more. Im afraid this dude is gonna be asking for a trade before long. Jesus what a waste.

  50. What's everybody's thoughts on not kicking the field goal at the end? It obviously worked out in the end but I was worried at the time. I guess that's why I'm not an NFL coach lol

  51. Wright is getting pretty damn lucky on some of his field goals and I don’t think he’s built enough trust to see if he can put us in a position where we could still lose in one possession. If he misses they have the ball at their 40 and need only a field goal. If he makes it they have a minute to score a TD.

  52. If we miss it they get it near the 50 only down 3. It was the right decision, and the perfect time for us to have a great punt

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