Game Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapolis Colts

  1. Kenny had a solid/good game especially considering the totally horrific play calls from Canada but I also saw more than just a couple throws from him that were way too low to the ground. Hoping that can just be summed up to being a rookie and not fully developed yet. I see a bright future for our team next year as long as we can fire Canada.

  2. Most of those throws were bad foot work from what I could tell. Bad footwork and pressure getting home will do that but that’s fixable unless you’re Zach Wilson

  3. His progress is very encouraging to see, especially in this environment, with little talent around him and a garbage OC. It's impressive honestly.

  4. Tomlin/Canada managed to hold a lead in the second half against one of the worst teams in the league? Christmas come early boys

  5. That was not a great game lol. Kenny played quite well overall tonight though, so that's encouraging.

  6. setting ourselves up to draft another bust of aDB. I’m convinced Steelers GMs play madden and only scout 1 player per position and if they don’t get them they spin the wheel of draft prospects to find out who to take.

  7. Oof. But really, does this team have more than one more win in 'em? Lots of bad teams this year and depending on how tiebreakers fall even going 5-12 might not get us better than 9th or 10th.

  8. Kenny had a solid game. He was zipping the ball around. Not perfect but pretty encouraging. That 2pt throw in particular was money.

  9. He’s got the swagger of a player who’s “been there” you know? Knows what to say to the media, doesn’t cause distractions, and in game I feel like he’s great at not being overwhelmed when in a pocket that’s collapsing.

  10. Lol got away with a DPI there as Sutton had his back to ball and arm wrapped around receiver’s shoulder but refs have been inconsistent every week so I’ll take the no call 😉

  11. I'll take a soft no call over refball any week. Fans complain about refs no matter what whether they over or under officiate

  12. I’m not so sure. They were at the 30 something with 3 time outs. I think the plan was to score with little time left and go for 2 to end the game. I’m saying it was smart but it was deliberate.

  13. They wanted to score with no time on the clock. I think they overdid it a little, but probably not terribly so.

  14. If you had told me Benny Snell would have provided the winning touchdown, I might not have believed it. Dude actually had a pretty darn good game.

  15. If we could find a way to beat the ravens, we have a realistic shot at 7-7 going into Christmas Eve against the Raiders

  16. Good win but it was still a piss poor second half except for one good drive. Bad calling by the refs didn't help either.

  17. First time I ever thought hey maybe the NFL doesn't try to fix games. Because they could have thrown a flag at the end.

  18. Seriously, fuck all you haters. I hope those who turned this off early because they didn’t think we would win should find another team to cheer for. You stick with your team, fucking cowards.

  19. It’s funny watching people complain about coaching flaws like time management and challenges when some coaches, high pedigree coaches at that, have some of the worst situational awareness you wouldn’t even think is possible

  20. Yea I agree.... I want the Steelers to win, but when they slow that down. Looked very PI ish. Literally had him around the neck. Maybe it looked different in real time.

  21. this easy schedule down the stretch is going to fool a bunch of you that Pickett is the guy. He's not. Let me spare you the suspense. We barely survived against one of the worst teams in the league being coached by a first time coach. Let that sink in

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