what do you want for the next haslab?

  1. There was a Plo-Koon one released awhile ago that I have. Wings pop off revealing the canons and missed launchers. Stabilizers pop up too, really cool ship!

  2. Figures. I don't really care for playsets and the only vehicle I'd want is the A-Wing... which should work for the main line. For Haslab I'd rather see them do some exotic figure sets that may or may not sell all that well in the main-line, like a Thrawn-Trilogy offering with Mara Jade, Talon Karrde, Iblis, etc. Same with Games and all.

  3. Along that line of thinking, I’d love to have a Max Rebo set. Start with Rebo, Sy, Droopy and all their instruments/accessories. Add a lighted display for first tier, Yowza for second tier, Bodonawieedo for third tier, Ak-rev for fourth tier. If LFL and Hasbro won’t consider Oola, they’re def not making the dancers.

  4. Doesn't matter to me really, I simply can't bring myself to shell out video game console levels of cash for figures. I usually can't even bring myself to shell out more than retail, and tbh even TBS retail prices are really starting to test my limits.

  5. Give me the cantina scene with a few new alien molds, that they would never release in stores, whatever must include reissue figures they need to put in, and stretch goals with more new aliens.

  6. I still want a RoTJ Rancor (the color scheme between Jabba’s and Boba’s is different). I’d love it if next year (the 40th of RoTJ, which is what the original campaign was targeting for release) they announce a 2.0 campaign for it, but unfortunately I feel like they won’t revisit it, if for no other reason than to show that they will let campaigns fail.

  7. Honestly Battle Packs are the best way to go for haslabs. You dont NEED the haslab to be a $300-$400 thing every time. I think a battle pack with some good never done before army builders or characters and a small vehicle or creature would be PERFECT.

  8. Still say a republic gunship with clone pilot, clone, stand, and Jedi would be cool. Could vote on which battalion and thus determine paint scheme and Jedi. I know before anyone wants to reply; it would cost a ton (more than the rancor). I know this, just think it would be cool 😬

  9. I don't think a BARC speeder would need a Haslab. They're roughly the same size as speeder bikes and Hasbro has sold those in stores just fine.

  10. Black Series 6" scale Anakin's Eta-2 Actis Interceptor from RotS. New tooling for Anakin head to toe, new tooled R2-D2, tiers can add Grey robes Palpatine, Buzz droids (Sphere form and deployed)

  11. I want playsets/environments, and I think they would get a much better response. A modular Death Star playset with part of the detention block, a hallway, and part of the docking bay would be my choice, including an Admiral Motti figure, 2 mouse droids, and some blasters and other accessories. Stretch goals would include Admiral Yularen, a generic black-uniformed Imperial Commander, an additional section of hallway, and a bundle of additional crates, control panels, and accessories. The modular nature would allow for multiple sets to be combined to create big displays, and for potential future sets (trash compactor, etc.) to be connected.

  12. OT tie fighter vs X-wing two pack. I mean it’s army build-able, so that inspires multiple purchases, tiers could be, pilots for both, lights, interchangeable droid heads for the x wing or a button for the tie fighter sound. Maybe decals. Idk.

  13. Tie/D from Dark Empire, Tiers are Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia, Emperor all in Dark Empire style. Or White Witch from Droids, tiers are R2, C-3PO, Boba, BL-17, Jann Tosh, Kea Moll, Jord Dusat, all in Droids style.

  14. A 1/12th scale x wing, set comes with new luke and new r2, tiers are, the alternate heads and healmets of red squadron(probaly excluding wedge) porkins, their call signs as swapable plates, daghoba swamp stuff and a stand

  15. I voted AT-ST, but I’d otherwise be down with any cool diorama (including the Chancellor’s Room). I’m more about the OT so preference would be any of part of the Tantive, Death Star, Cantina, Hoth base etc. Dream diorama would be Emperors throne room from ROTJ.

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