"America has no culture!" starter pack

  1. So I just went to Vegas for the very first time (I’m 27) and I could not believe how slot machines are legal, that shit is just a Dave and busters for adults. Insane how gambling is such a cornerstone of American culture.

  2. America has a sick obsession with rodents. When you are a kid, they take you to Chuck E. Cheese, then once you’re older, they get you hooked on a different rat.

  3. Oh you don’t have to tell me. I was there, in Los Angeles in 2016, when Canadian heartthrob Ryan Gosling invented jazz as a way to develop his character for La La Land.

  4. If you look far enough back in time every culture is influenced by another, depends on what scale you’re looking at.

  5. This is the big picture “American” culture that just sums up a national identity. The true culture of the country is regional and very nuanced.

  6. I'd argue that both Blues music and Hip-Hop music are a big part of America's music culture. Hip-Hop music was created by African Americans on the streets of New York, while Blues music was created in the southern United States.

  7. Blues and hip hop (and other music styles pioneered by Black Americans) are foundational elements of the majority of western music across the world at this point.

  8. Also Country music and the line dancing which goes with it is very American in my mind. Maybe some of it originated elsewhere but I think of it as American.

  9. America was a melting pot of all sorts of music. No 1 person “invented” rock music many people popularized it but the combination of Country, Delta Blues, and other elements of other traditional music were all brewed to make rock music. many of rocks early pioneers were especially influenced by southern blues musicians especially.

  10. I mean the Hamburg steak was invented in Germany sure, but wasn’t the Hamburger sandwich something that was invented in America?

  11. Hey man, rock & roll is American af. Like I consider the Grateful Dead the best example of American music. Bluegrass, blues all that shit dude.

  12. The Hamburger as we know them are a purely American thing, it is so far removed from its ancestor the Hamburg steak.

  13. The entire history of music in America is black people invent it, white people make it mainstream, and then black people stop doing it, and invent the next genre. Jazz, blues, rock, hip-hop, rap, even things like breakdancing.

  14. Not to mention some of the finest classical music written in the XX cantury, Rhapsody in Blue is absolutely my favorite classical music piece (and I am Italian)

  15. The type of OP to feel the need to post something like this probably doesn't have much appreciation for African American culture

  16. I mean burgers are what most people think of when they hear “American food”. Would you say French, Italian, or Japanese cuisine is not a part of their culture?

  17. The hamburger as we know it is a purely American thing, it is very far removed from its ancestor the Hamburg steak.

  18. Exactly! As a European I like to joke that America has no culture too, but you have to consider the fact that we’re used to age being a factor in whether a cultural element is valid or not.

  19. American culture is so heavily exported, a lot of people mistake it for universal culture and claim America doesn’t have anything else. Others will say, “It’s just cheeseburgers and guns.”

  20. As a European i hate europeans who act like the USA is a third world country and doesn’t have culture. They are one of the most annoying people

  21. A simple Wikipedia search would tell you that the Hamburger is not German. It was inspired by various German meat dishes, but the Hamburger was invented in the United States. The dishes it was based on bear little resemblance to a modern hamburger.

  22. The hamburger also symbolizes American fast food cuisine, which for better or worse, is 100% an American cultural landmark.

  23. Even the German meat dishes (frikadelle) were retitled Belgian meat dishes (fricadelle) which were inspired by the French meat dishes (rissoles/rischew) inside of pies. Neither of which were directly inspired by the ancient roman meat dishes. Also, Mongolia had no impact on the history of the hamburger as Russians who witnessed them putting strips of meat under their saddles (to use as saddle blankets) and assumed they were prepping a food dish and were inspired to male tartar steak, both the tartar steak and the fricadelle came to Germany at about the same time which added to some confusion. It was the German meatball sandwich (rundsteak) which became the basis for the modern hamburger, Belgium's fricadelle that became the basis for Germany's hamburg steak, and France's rissole which became the basis for Belgium's fricadelle. Other European countries have dishes similar to hamburg steak/frikadelle/fricadel known by different names.

  24. In Europe a ton of common food are considered uniquely American and advertised as such. For instance chocolate chip cookies are known as “American style” cookies in allot of places in Europe

  25. I also love how that pic looks like it's from the 1800s because they really destroyed indigenous culture and their independence.

  26. It's absolutely disgusting what we did to indigenous people but they did have a cultural influence on white Americans. They introduced foods like corn, beans, and squashes. Cooking techniques like making jerky, the habit of tobacco smoking, canoeing, lacrosse (Seriously, look that up). They arguably had a huge influence on modern ecology, and even the USA's federal government was inspired partially by the Iroquois Confederacy

  27. Above all else, America’s number one export to the world is its culture. No country has its culture adopted or interacted with as much as America does. American culture has penetrated every corner of the world in a way no other ever has. The American way of life is an iconic brand, largely thanks to Hollywood.

  28. See this is why people think america has no culture. This stuff IS American and other cultures adopted it. It isn’t “universal.” It’s American culture that’s just heavily exported. For example Hollywood, europe watches plenty of American movies. British actors go to work for Hollywood.

  29. It's right on the knife's edge, a picture of a gun or a dozen would firmly put it in the joke category while swapping some of the pictures for actual examples would make it more genuine.

  30. Given the number of highly insecure starterpacks recently feeling the need to be weirdly defensive of the US, my guess is that it isn't.

  31. Went to Tibet region and Pakistan in the 2010s and stayed at a hostel with an Austrian and every local was obsessed with news about the east coast west coast rap rivalries. They also knew way more shit about NBA players than me, and I watch it regularly.

  32. America has no culture yet it influenced every western country with it music, food, clothing styles and many other things after ww2

  33. Duh, you only get to call something your culture if you gate keep it and don’t share it. Culture is only meant to be shared among people of the same race. Therefor America has no culture cause we are not one race. /s

  34. America has culture but it’s so widely used we tend to forget when we occasionally use it. My friend asked me what I want to do when I come over there for vacation and I said the authentic American way. The mud bike racing, animal hunting, gator riding, burger munching, milkshake slurping, big truck racing experience lol

  35. People who say the US has no culture haven’t got the faintest clue what culture even is. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s even possible for a country not to have a culture.

  36. America is arguably one of the most globally influential cultures in the world. People act like it has no culture, when the reality is they just don't realize their culture has been influenced by American culture.

  37. uhh... the native Americans had a huge influence on the incoming settlers and many of these traditions were passed down and still are practiced today.. For example, the harvesting of corn.

  38. They still live here. Plus we have tons of Native American cultural centers, multiple states and cities named after them, and the government has welfare programs just for native Americans.

  39. Come on, OP. Twain, Emerson, Thoreau, Kerouac, Bukowski, Thompson, Melville, King, Bradbury, Ellis, Salinger, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Mccarthy, and dozens of Great American Novelists I can't think of.

  40. Isn’t America’s main export culture? Pop culture and celebrity culture are followed internationally to some extent, or at least more influential than any other country’s pop culture.

  41. American literature in early 20th century is great and underappreciated, from modernist fictions to poetry of T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. People in the post-war U.S. also contributed a lot to our scientific and digital culture today, aerospace discovery, sci-fi arts, video games and of course Internet media like streaming, social media etc.

  42. Does it feel odd that while Europe has plenty of countries, obscure streets mostly look same regardless of country?

  43. That's because America has a very modern culture, whereas Asia and some of Europe have like super old cultures and traditions, so they say that america doesnt have one "like them". A culture is a culture. Be it old or modern.

  44. America has some of the strongest culture on Earth, difference is we are the prime exporter of culture to create a global pop culture.

  45. People who say that America has no culture are just so immersed in American culture that they think it's their own.

  46. European culture- Gave us Nazis and Fascists as well as communism, started two fucking world wars. Colonised half the world for imperialist reasons. Authentic culture to be proud of having.

  47. If people are wondering why Europe has such an inferiority complex to America think of it this way. The US has been around for 250 years and dominates them in pretty much every aspect despite them being around for thousands of years. I get it

  48. America has a culture. And idk how to explain but I never truly how "American" I was until I married my husband who's an immigrant... And his family... Jesus there's just so many thing they think I'm a wierso and it's like... No no... It's just my culture

  49. Bro who is even saying that. America's culture is the dominant culture in the world and has intertwined with the local cultures on every level. Show me a country where they don't sell a pair of jeans. Have a burger anywhere and there's gonna be a variant that has cheddar and bacon on it. Every time you watch a blockbuster movie BAM get cultured.

  50. With such a large country with one of the greatest diversity of people in the world, it’s going to varry depending where you are. The small town I grew up in in the Midwest has its own unique history, foods, customs, ect. These feed into the religion, state, and get lost once you travel so far away.

  51. I like how one of the few parts that isn't steeped in commercialism and corporatism, the entire litany of long standing pre existing native cultures with their own practices, langauges, histories and traditions, is one square at the bottom because the vast majority of it has been wiped out to make room for the people who like burgers and baseball

  52. American culture is undeniably the most dominant and influential culture in our world. From music, movies, clothes, food, entertainment, everything…

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