"Content that has forever scarred us" starter pack

  1. The real "Content that has forever fucked us up starterpack" is things we actually don't want to put on the image because they are that fucked up.

  2. What are the two on the left. I recognize the two on the right. The thing that sticks with me most is “well guys, I guess that’s it”

  3. The top left is happy tree friends which starts seeming like a kids show but gets extremely Gorey and bottom left is don't hug me I'm scared which is also like a kids show but gets incredibly creepy

  4. Top left is Happy Tree Friends, an animated web-series who's schtick is that seemingly innocent looking characters get into incredibly violent and gorey situations. Saw its popularity during the early to mid 2010's, if I recall correctly. (correction:) late 2000's to early 2010's.

  5. Man shoves glass jar up his ass. He has done it before but with water. No water this time, glass jar caves in on itself and breaks in his ass. He doesn’t go to hospital and just chills with the glass in his ass.

  6. I wouldn't say it is that disturbing. It's very dark and surreal but with plenty of humour to balance out the weird. I wouldn't consider it to be anywhere remotely the same level as an actual guy blowing his face off with a shotgun. If you like funny and dark, you will enjoy it.

  7. Puppets in music videos doing/facing weird shit that gets worse as the episode progresses. Each episode has its own theme and story to tell, but there’s always the same main cast.

  8. Sesame street but as it goes on it gets weirder and weirder, both on the episode and on the whole story. I couldn't sleep well for a coiple of weeks after.

  9. I remember i watched happy tree friends in the third grade and it really did scar me for life. I could never lose the mental image of a moose cutting his own leg off with a rusty spoon.

  10. Bruh the kids in my class loved that stuff. They all laughed their asses off and I could barely watch. I wonder how they are all doing now…

  11. There was that episode where one of them has their entrails slowly pulled through the plumbing of a toilet.

  12. My art teacher showed us one of the e-cards he received and plays the one where a character licks the envelope but the tongue gets sliced off and bleeds to death. Dude laughed his ass off and we were pretty shocked since he normally shows us harmless cartoons.

  13. I'm really surprised to see people saying this. It was basically just itchy and scratchy. It's nowhere near the level of some of this other stuff.

  14. Okay if I'm being honest I've never seen it, like I've heard of it but idk what it is, like what is it even about? Like is it a music video for that song or some shit? I need awnsers

  15. I've been exposing myself to that type of stuff for as long as I can remember. My friend and I jumped into the gore footage rabbithole when we were kids and it just spiraled from there. I think we were 11 or 12 when we started. I've become so desensitized to that type of stuff by now that none of the shock or gore videos do anything to me anymore. Just bounces right off me. Probably not a good thing but it is what it is I guess.

  16. Ronnie Mcnutt, he shot himself on a Facebook Livestream with the rifle you can kinda see on the bottom left, it's infamous for his last words being "hey guys, I guess that's it" it's pretty fucked

  17. Bongcheon-Dong Ghost webtoon. And apparently it was based on a real story from reported witnesses of said ghost in that area.

  18. Or the one where there are person-shaped holes in the rock and people start going into them and they just keep going and squeezing thinner and thinner

  19. Don’t hug me i’m scared is unironically pretty cool albeit a little creepy, you should check it out. Certainly nowhere nearly as bad as the guy who killed himself

  20. Yes they were the serial killers the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs. Those guys killed 21 people. That’s the only type of gore video I’ve ever watched. It fucked me up, even though it was low quality video, I can’t imagine some of the new shit I hear about from cartels and such. I’d never watch anything like it again.

  21. Fuck that video. I was 13 when I watched that at a friends house and I remember I had to walk outside while they were still watching it. I felt so sick and couldn’t eat that night. Fucked up the rest of my week. That was the only gore video I ever watched and the last.

  22. Still so weird seeing Ronnie. Didn’t know him well but played Magic the Gathering with him a couple of times in Tupelo, MS. Fucking crazy he’s now internet folklore.

  23. No 2 girls 1 cup? It was all the rage to share that back in the day. The only video that ive noticed consistently makes people gag or even vomit

  24. I laughed like hell when I saw it then, and I probably still would today. I'll take that trauma over any of the others.

  25. people probably scarred from the many isis execution videos out there, that shit is fucked up, they get hella creative with the executions and have an insane production quality

  26. From what I heard from the video, the dude actually survived the whole thing and didn't gone to the hospital for the longest time because they felt embarrassed about the whole glass arse thing. The human body just can do that for some reason.

  27. I used to be so fucking scared of Happy Tree Friends when I was little lol I would get nightmares and just hearing the theme music made me feel sick. Great times.

  28. Are you talking about the image of a guy's legs? It's from a shock video called "one man one jar" which basically shows this dude squatting down and inserting the jar up his ass. The jar then breaks inside him and blood just pours out of his ass as he tries to pull the glass shards out. It's quite traumatising to watch.

  29. Conkers games were so fucking good and obscene lmao Bad Fur Day was the best but the ending really fucking got me :( you do everything, kill everyone, unlock everything, become king of all and you're fucking miserable.

  30. You forgot the russian picture of the famine where the parents were selling body parts of their children for food. Yeah, ole 11 year old me came across that one at a little too young of an age.

  31. Idk what the bottom left one is but happy tree friends honestly doesn’t compare to the other two and the bottom right doesn’t compare to the top right by a longshot. I still think about that when my mind is completely blank sometimes.

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