Just a piece of the collection I’m letting go, hmu if interested

  1. I know haha, was hard to remove it from my PC but I have others. Only going to let it go if the offer is right

  2. I’m getting a lot of great feedback on Waddle, I also have a buyer on the Patty Frenchfries FOTL RPA Orange Pulsar. Shoot me a DM with your offer, cards will go to highest bidder

  3. Lemme get the jaylen waddle and the Micah parsons also kind of interested in the downtowns and the Adam’s Auto and low interest in the Amon Ra

  4. I’m getting lots of interest on Parsons, he’s very sought after right now. Feel free to shoot me and offer on the 4 cards

  5. Last ones on eBay have been going anywhere from $150 -175 raw. However Ive seen as low as $115 and as high as $225

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