NFL Daily - 12/1/22 (Thursday)

  1. I don’t care that the win percentage chance is .01%, but the pats should be calling timeouts. Could you imagine if the Jets gave up! They had a less than 1% chance against the Browns and still won. Anything is possible.

  2. Should've been a TD for Meyers, two toes down with the ball in his hands. Robbed of his over yards tonight, and +13 NE.

  3. Not even remotely close to a TD. He was going to the ground when it touched his hands which by the way this exact scenario has been called (including Pats game last week), he needs to control the ball to the ground. Did you not see the Poyer int earlier in the game? He got three feet down in bounds but it didn't matter because he didn't control it to the ground.

  4. Total bullshit Meyers didn't score a TD. He caught the ball, had both toes down before he got lit the fuck up. That's a fucking touchdown. Bullshit.

  5. I want to take Pats +10.5 out of Prime Time Special principal but man the Pats haven’t exactly given me much hope they get back in this game

  6. It NE +3.5 1H hits here (which I spent a long time looking at, but chose to take ML instead) I'm gonna be hot. lol

  7. Is it just me or does Al Michaels sound like he’s calling this game half asleep? Throughout this whole season he’s not calling games with the same excitement like he used to. Think this is affecting Herbstreit, because he’s great with Fowler for college football but not as good with Michaels; they have very little chemistry. Agree?

  8. Hmm I’ve got a bill on Allen over 225 and bills -3.5. For some reason -3.5 seemed like a gimme. So far so good

  9. It's week 13. Who the fuck is still betting this shit and giving up before the fucking half has even happened? Why is this a thing? lol

  10. I hate it when Bovada get's cute with there live TD props and just offers 1st team TD, 2nd team TD or 2nd game TD scorers instead of just anytime.

  11. I'll assume since I was on Stevenson for rec and yards that hid ball control issues probably will have BB bench him

  12. I got a 50% profit boost for a live bet for the bills/pats game on DK just now, only a $10 max for me though

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