NFL Daily - 11/24/22 (Thursday)

  1. Got drunk and passed out and woke up to all the scores showing that I lost. Someone tell my kids we’re gonna be eating this turkey for longer than just a just a few days.

  2. Damn... Pats mang, could have this a super special Thanksgiving, but I'm still up. See yall Sunday.

  3. Hit on my morning toilet parlay and made 33% of my active bankroll then proceeded to miss. Honestly the roughing the punter was rough and the dumbest thing I think a player actually did today. But honestly, the giving the junk touchdown up to the giants with 40 seconds is worse, had under 45.5 and Cowboys -10 as a system play parlayed with the earlier game for 46550 (despicable I know) but it should have hit nope just a shit touchdown at the end of the game to cause maximum damage.

  4. I accepted the Pats loss when I realized I needed Mac Jones to score a game tying TD... wtf was that kind of time mgmt!?!

  5. Close honestly you should have won that. Recalibrate you’ll be back, I’ll shoot you a juicy one for this Sunday, best case you hit for 230 worst case you lose 5.

  6. Not one to usually self promote, but check our comments. We promised 3/3 on parlays today and delivered!!! Did well on props too with a couple tough losses

  7. Of fucking course every fucking time pats go insane when I bet against them and then Mac shits the fucking bed in the 2nd half when I have $ on him bullshit

  8. I can’t believe I’m gonna lose my over on Meyers lol. Dude gets hurt on the very first Patriots play of the game. He’d have 100+ easily seeing how well the rest of the receivers are playing.

  9. My feed is in a commercial break. I just want to say I'm thankful for all of you who post in here. Some picks hit, some don't. Just the way it goes. BOL on sunday and a special call out to the over/under gang. Y'all keep this place at 100 all the time. Happy Thanksgiving, my fucken ass is going to bed.

  10. Is it just me or do the Vikings go play action almost every play? Like if you’re running game isn’t working it’s super obvious and just gives Kirk less time. Very lucky they’re up in this one.

  11. Adam Thielen you just bought my kids an oculus or a meta quest whatever the fuck it's called. Black friday coming in hot for the unloader family.

  12. Yea idk how nfl players do insanely stupid stuff like that considering how big the penalty is if they do call it, cost them big but let's see what they can do now I guess. Honestly i kind of want it to go to OT just for the ride

  13. I put a bet on Joseph o2.5 PATs. Love that my u50 is likely dead and that likely will die because he couldn't hit a simple fucking PAT. Pathetic.

  14. Will there be any defense being played in the 2nd half? I swear everytime I take an under it goes over and vice versa 👎🏽

  15. Oooo why’d ya wait so long? It’s gonna be tough to get value books aren’t going to payout well for something that’s basically a certain win for them. Also I think the line for team total is probably up at 26.5 wouldn’t be the worst idea to hedge with that.

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