NFL Daily - 11/21/22 (Monday)

  1. Well this is a new one; lose a 6 leg parlay because Colt McCoy throws for 218 yards instead of 217 yards. And oh leaves the game 2 plays later.

  2. Don’t listen to the noise. 3 things were clear, McCaffery over rushing was a trap, the over was gonna hit elevation = tired players on defense mistakes magnified and 49ers were clearly the better team coming into this easy cover.

  3. I will be a lucky man tonight if garbage time produces another 23 pts for AZ to cover +16. I am not going to hold my breath. lol

  4. I’m just gonna go to South America and buy whores and blow if I want to waste money, because that’s all I’m doing here 😅. Who’s with me??!!…..

  5. Threw down on SF -21.5 live at +140. Hate big spreads like that but this team is broken and their QB is hanging by a thread. Niners running all over them too and defense is exhausted.

  6. Someone posted a POTD today saying Jimmy G has never gone over three games without throwing a pick in his entire career, this is his third game.

  7. Such stupid logic. You should just view this game in isolation, Cardinals D sucks and 49ers were expected to blow the Cardinals out, which means Jimmy wouldn’t throw much in the game, especially 2nd half. One guy posts on the POTD thread, it gains traction, and then everyone parrots the same pick. I knew to stay away from that one.

  8. Figures the Cards decided to put all their effort on Aiyuk with me having over 56.5 rec yards thinking he'd hit it easy

  9. Just take a break. I generally take week 7 through this week off and just bet beer money on player props. It's a long season. Just because you made a bad pick today doesn't mean you will later on. Find what works for you. There is no good reason to be taking action on the NFL every single week. You are going to lose. Try to minimize those loses by taking a break.

  10. Last couple weeks been crazy , i was down ~ $4000 from my peak about a month ago now I'm almost back and if Cmac can just get in the end zone I'll be well into profit , prolly treat myself to a monster PC or something for Black Friday

  11. These threads used to move along so much faster, especially during prime time games. Where did everyone go to talk about betting on the NFL? Discord?

  12. I have the same fucking ticket with Colt McCoy over. Rondale Moore sitting in the back fucking over my boosted SGP. I already know Draft isn’t gonna void his prop.

  13. Bovada is being stingy as fuck with CMC getting a TD. Lowest I've seen (just now) is -110. Give me + odds you fucks! lol

  14. Bummer felt good about Niners 1Q -2.5. They warmed up too late and the missed helmet to helmet and touchback didn’t help

  15. Hopkins is @ 40 yds off 3 catches thus far with just two drives being played. In theory o74.5 rec yds should hit tonight. Would be nice if he can get it before the half to eliminate any half time adjustments covering him.

  16. Not throwing shade at all bro... just curious.. what is the appeal betting 1st Quarter? 1st Half I get because teams want to score before half... but I don't see appeal with 1Q.

  17. I put a couple bucks on Cards -6.5 +750 cause I’m a sick degenerate fuck who has the same weird feeling as you

  18. Can someone plz explain the draftkings promo where it’s +100 if either cards/49ers score a point. If I bet $10 do I get a $20 payout or a $10 payout??

  19. $60 FB on the special --- 49ers win, cards +9.5, total o41.5 for +500 on MGM, yes I know I can get +600 on hardrock but I just wanted to toss the FB

  20. Colt McCoy is a better QB than jimmy G. He was also born in New mexico so this is kind of like a home game for him. Cards by a TD

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