December 01, 2022 Daily Sports Betting Thread

  1. Ever since a $900 hit was wiped out a couple of months ago on that infamous last play of game lateral debacle by the Steelers, I have not won a significant parlay. Win small parlays and singles here and there but just incredible bad luck. Tonight again. Josh Allen 30 yards short and another $765 hit down the drain. Totally unreal how bad my luck is.

  2. wow. i don't watch soccer, but assumed spain would win. Good thing I didn't bet on it. I saw when they were up 1-0 too and thought wow that would be nice payout if picking japan, but I assumed spain would win. lol.

  3. im fucking done with soccer man. i just don't know what im doing and it's too chaotic. meanwhile i can spot a comeback in colllege basketball live before it's even begun just by seeing play on the court. i'm just too disconnected from soccer, i've played and watched basketball my entire life. Basketball is the American soccer for sure, many of us know how to play and all you need is a ball, we are surrounded by courts everywhere and can have outdoor pickup games well into adulthood lol. imo basketball is the most all american sport. I could walk outside now to the courts with lights on, and find a game even in this weather in a city.

  4. Not me... I can't find any courts except a place I joined and then they keep lowering number of goals down and everyone getting out of school take them all up so only way I can even get one to practice on is if I go when people are all at school!

  5. Love Bills -3.5 tonight. Bills are still a great football team and i'm just not sold on mac jones and the patriots offense at all.

  6. Anybody know what the odds were for betting both Japan and Costa Rica would make it past the group?

  7. I dunno, but I never watch soccer and I always assumed that soccer was one of the more rpedictable sports on who would win, but now i see upset after upset.

  8. I personally would let it ride. But that is definitely a you decision and whatever you're comfortable with. Good luck!

  9. I intend to post more as the event approaches, but does anyone have a good 2-3 leg sgp for the Portland Trailblazers vs. Indiana Pacers on Sunday 12/4? I am going to it live and it's my first opportunity where I am going to a live sporting event and can watch my parlay unfold in real time.

  10. Just do some bets on Simons like over on points and 3s. That probably gets you like +250 or something. Pacers perimeter D isn't great. Like the other guy said enjoy the game and then cheer for Simons at same time.

  11. I would say just bet on the money line or spread, and maybe one player prop. Try and enjoy the event as much as you are there, it takes away from the game when you have a bunch of different legs to keep track of.

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  13. Hey what's up mf!! We're in the best time to bet, Christmas has arrived and it's better to spend it with money. So... good luck for y'all!!💸🤑🎅🏽

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