November 21, 2022 Daily Sports Betting Thread

  1. Have a free bet that's expiring tonight, don't know much about sports betting besides picking winners of MMA. Anyone have a a good "sure thing" or a fun longshot? Want to either take minimal risk or maximum, no in between Thanks!

  2. I am seriously going to be mad if sf doesn't get any tds. I did a promo to lose $2 to get $5 free bets for every td.

  3. they fucked me 😭 i had a 4 leg on the world cup games and usa was the last leg…$10 wouldve been $700

  4. I am always torn whether or not to hedge anything. I keep thinking well my luck is then I'd win my main one and that would suck. I do opposite of what i should usually. lol. technically you're just supposed to bet whatever amount makes thee total payputs the same on both sides, but obviously people sometimes tilt it towards one side or another.

  5. Netherlands vs Senegal (2-0) ✅ USA vs Wales (2-1) ❌ (usa vs refs 😡) I have Argentina vs Saudi at 3-0

  6. hmm not liking the line movements. esp the okc line going down. smells like a vegas trap. okc tanking in effect tonyt(!); gifting a win to awful 8-9 knicks to go .500 on a b2b game no less against a rested explosive offensive okc team?? smh hopefully im wrong.

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