[NSFW] NFL Wide Receiver Antonio Brown exposes himself to stunned guests in hotel pool

  1. We’re past that. He shoved his ass on some woman’s face, picked her up unasked for and threw her into the pool, pulled off her headscarf in a middle eastern country, and THEN exposed himself. She was visibly upset after and he was kicked out of the hotel. The NY Post article makes it clear this is beyond just exposing himself.

  2. This is one of those timelines that is going to end with him murdering someone and then the typical, “why didn’t anyone take this guy’s behavior seriously” reactions. The dude is a ticking time bomb. He has way too many enablers and this will end badly.

  3. That’s actually a really good point. He is probably doing crazy shit on a weekly basis, we are just seeing the stuff that makes the news. Cte is no joke.

  4. There's no way that he doesn't have CTE. This dude is completely fucked in the head. It's beyond being an asshole. His head isn't right.

  5. I love that the blurred image that’s making the rounds EVERYWHERE still clearly shows a clear silhouette of his dong hahaha.

  6. The video is worse. Doesn’t surprise me now that he hangs around friends that are seeing what is happening and encouraging him to keep harassing a female.

  7. Yikes. That writer took an obvious case of sexual harassment and turned it into as many football puns as he could.

  8. AB, probably: Ok Deshaun, you show me your dick and I’ll show you mine. Then we won’t be so tempted to show others.

  9. Absolutely- I’m surprised the article isn’t “AB sexually assaults female guest” but at the same time not too surprised. Ugh.

  10. A lot of jokes in here about AB assaulting a woman in a pool and exposing himself to her. Despite the video, it's reported she was very upset about the incident after she was able to get away.

  11. Everyone keeps saying CTE, and yes if he doesn't have that with the decisions he keeps making then he must suffer from a serious mental disorder or 2. But to yank your hog out like that at a resort pool though!?!? He's probly doing Coke, meth or crack.

  12. I was working on a radio sports show in the 90's during the OJ Simpson trial. Someone called in, pissed off that we were talking about it and asked "if he was a weather man would your weather guy be talking about the trial instead of the weather?".

  13. Post is severely understating what he did. There is a full video he shoved the woman’s face into his bare ass and assaulted her before exposing his penis

  14. Watch more closely, from what I can tell she's trying to "steal" and run away with his shorts. The video seems to just show they were both having fun. I assume she would let go of his shorts if she thought it was going too far.

  15. Not if you're rich and/or a celebrity. Their whole reputation is being a rich person's playground built on the backs of literal slaves. Their Sharia law is very flexible and depends on your wealth.

  16. I wholeheartedly believe that the Burfict hit is the penny on the tracks that derailed AB. He went from eccentric/quirky to Kanye West levels of mental instability. I feel bad for him at this point. CTE is terrifying.

  17. You know, tbh, everyone is way too fucking lenient on this guy. After every horrific thing he does you all say "aweeee, his poor CTE, this poor man needs help." If this same incident was a homeless dude you'd all be calling for some dude to come along and beat his ass or life in prison, bunch of fucking hypocrites

  18. Dubai is full of contradictions. This will either result in AB being thrown in prison or having a parade thrown in his honor.

  19. Being an athlete or having an injury is no excuse, if you’re pulling your cock out in a public place you should be in prison or an institution.

  20. That’s a police baton, what the fuck lmao. Tom let that man live in his house?! Yeah Gisele left cause AB probably hit her up lol

  21. Stop saying he needs help. He doesn’t care in the least about getting help or even thinking he even has a problem. Stop feeling bad for these sociopaths

  22. They'll never admit it's his own fault. First it was Tomlin's fault cause he was too soft and too much of a "player's coach." Then it was Ben's fault because he was a locker room cancer (and they decided to take the word of a guy who was on the team for like two weeks one preseason and played like 3 preseason snaps as proof of that). Now it's Vontaze Burfict's fault because he hit him dirty and how AB clearly has CTE from it. His defenders just ignore the fact that he has always had problems and they were just kept under wraps, they don't ever want to admit that he is responsible for his own actions.

  23. This dude clearly has CTE. Yet people continue to watch the NFL and pour billions of $$ into their product every year. Why are we shocked when incidents like this happen? Until the NFL and its fans give a shit about the safety of the players, this shit will continue to happen. Look at Tua...the league is barbaric but the fans eat it up.

  24. This bums me out, could someone help this mans instead of create a clown show? He has no support, just a bunch of yes men on payroll. The NFL is an absolute joke when it comes to trauma and women.

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