With 13 seconds left, no timeouts left and in position for a Hail Mary pass, Cowboys quarterback runs the ball in the middle of the field instead. The Cowboys can't get set in time for another play, the clock runs out and the Cowboys season comes to an end.

  1. Every year I look forward to the Jerry cam showing the moment the Cowboys get knocked out of the playoffs. I really hope they can find it from this one.

  2. It’s really come full circle with Tony Romo going from botching playoff games to calling the botched plays

  3. I think my favorite part was that on the Nickelodeon broadcast the color commentator was in the middle of explaining what a hail Mary was when Dak started running.

  4. That was so funny lmao the lady had just asked “can you explain a Hail Mary for anyone that might not understand” “sure so it’s basically everyone runs as to the endzone and the qb throws it as far as he….it’s not that”

  5. Haha. Mike McCarthy's time management is still notoriously bad. Years of having to watch this type of thing as a Packer fan...

  6. They should have expected this getting Mike McCarthy haha. He has a fcking joke for years in Green Bay and makes poor play calls, especially when the game is on the line, all the time.

  7. My favorite part was seeing all the officiating team hustling off the field RIGHT away like game over, we're outta here...

  8. already video on Twitter of Dallas fans throwing trash and food at the refs as they're running for the tunnel

  9. Can’t possibly blame what was what appeared to be an absolutely moronic play call. I mean that wasn’t improvised. Dak ran immediately upon getting the snap without ever taking even a second to look downfield.

  10. That's normal protocol for any major sport. Doesn't matter what happens, they get off the playing surface right away for there safety.

  11. As soon as I saw the 49ers players waving “bye” to the crowd I thought they were going to lose, thank god I didn’t have to see that on

  12. She paid hundreds of dollars for those tickets only to walk away with nothing but heartbreak and covid. You’d cry too.

  13. No matter how low my expectations are, they always let me down. Just basic football knowledge here, not even accounting for all the blatant penalties they committed. I’ve never seen so much talent squandered year in and year out - it’s honestly impressive.

  14. As a cowboys fan I almost was hoping they jumped offsides on that 4th and inches and ended their season with a penalty. It would have been so fitting. But what actually happened was even more fitting.

  15. Yeah the comments saying the ref "wasted time" by running into them. Imagine how long it would've taken him to nicely scooch right by the players lol

  16. Also, Dak started his slide around the 25.5 yd line so the ball should have been snapped there. The cowboys were trying to snap the ball on the next play ~2 yds further down field so the ref had to push the ball back.

  17. Exactly! This is 100% Dak's fault! HAND THE BALL TO THE REF! Everyone RUNS to get the ball to the ref... Dak didn't bring his best to the playoffs.

  18. Brought to you by the same geniuses who built a stadium with the field facing a wall of windows into the setting sun, and a video screen so huge that it interferes with punts.

  19. Did they just ad-lib the last play of the game? That couldn’t have been the intent — how did they think they’d get set up again in time, regardless of who ran the ball?

  20. No. The idea is to run the ball unexpectedly to pick up 10ish yards, spike it, and have a more manageable “Hail Mary” so it’s not a jump ball at the end. Dak tried for too many yards and took too long on the play.

  21. Niners tried their best to give the game to the Cowboys and they just refused. False start on the sneak, then playing the softest prevent defense in NFL history, only for Dak to run the ball himself up the middle with no timeouts. Just incredible.

  22. Maybe they saw what the niners did in the Superbowl when they threw it 4 times when they shoulda ran and said fuckit we're not making the same mistake they did.

  23. It was also spotted 2-3 yards ahead of where it should have been down. If the ref took the time to properly place it there would also be no time left.

  24. Not even the number but the pre-snap penalties at the worst Shit happens during plays at high speed that are going to happen.

  25. For those wondering if the ref was in the wrong here, the answer is no. After every play where the ball is advanced, it is the ref's job to spot the ball. That's what the ref did here too, and he had to get past the QB to do it. The ref doesn't deserve blame for what happened here. It's on the Cowboys, because they're the ones who called for a run here, when they could've taken a shot to the endzone or sidelines, and then done so again if need be.

  26. Yeah, that ref went above and beyond honestly. He ran in there as fast as he could and didn't really pay attention to carefully spotting the ball. Just ran in (shoving through players) touched it, and ran out.

  27. As a life long cowboys fan, I commend that ref for doing everything in his power to try to give the cowboys a shot at getting that play off. That was not the ref’s fault at all. That was a completely asinine play call that caused that situation.

  28. Hell, in reality, the ref did them a favor, because it should’ve been spotted at about the 25, where he started his slide.

  29. Ya.. This is all on Dak. He hands it to the center. It's always best to give the ball to someone in stripes, preferably the umpire that sets the ball. He does that they have a second left on the clock....

  30. Cowboys fans trying to blame the ref on this when he has to spot the ball and instead of giving the ball to the ref Dak gave it to the center

  31. I fully believe that Jerry Jones sold his soul to the Devil for his championships in the 90's. He will not live to see them win another.

  32. As a NY Giants fan this was the best ending I could never have imagined - brilliant weekend for me. Cowboys/Eagles/Patriots all lost so I can now watch football for footballs sake

  33. But as banish NFC East team fans, whom do we bandwagon? I dunno, but its looking like the Bills. I absolutely don't wanna see another Brady SB win

  34. I love the ref, “That’s the end of the game.” And got the fuck out of there… like no explanation, no nothing. Straight deuces ✌️ haha

  35. I mean, what's he gonna say "That's the end of the game... because the clock hit zero and there was a lack of time remaining... Also, who runs down the middle with 14 seconds left and no timeouts?"

  36. The ref was flying to try and get the ball back down and he would’ve with one second left if they gave him the slightest bit of room. The ref about took out their QB from how fast he was trying to get there lol

  37. The ref announcing "The game is over" and then sprinting off the field was my favorite NFL playoff moment in a while.

  38. “The official gets in the way…” the fuck you talking about?! You mean by doing his job since they have to set the ball. Is ain’t backyard bullshit. You can’t just hand it to your center and call it good. So stupid by Dak

  39. The red moved it back 1 yard. Which was generous he should have moved it back even further to where Dak started the slide. But this would’ve taken more time. I’d say he was doing his best and bent the rules to give the Cowboys 1 last play.

  40. He didn't need any yards, it was second down. They had an opportunity to do two pass plays. They did one run.

  41. Lifelong Cowboys fan. sad to say- but you are 100% right. That was a stupid decision by Dak. You have to pass if you have no time outs and less than 20 seconds left. Wasn’t the only bad decision he made today, sadly.

  42. I was watching this drive and told my sister that Dak is no Tom Brady. Tom can take that amount of time, get down the field, and ram a win down your throat.

  43. It was a ridiculous end to the game but let's not forget that the Cowboys also had at least 14 penalities during the game. Frankly with that performance they deserved to lose in epic fashion.

  44. I'll defend the play. It's a smart play, but Dak overran the play. He should have ran 10 yards and went down. They have 2 plays from where this play started. Two hail Mary's are extremely easy to defend. If the cowboys get a play from the 25-30 yard line they have a lot more options. It's a good idea, poorly executed by Dak.

  45. I really don’t think Kellen Moore would have made that call. That play had McCarthy written all over it/Dak did it on his own. That being said i don’t know what to believe anymore.

  46. What Jim Nantz says is misleading. The ref didn’t get in the way, the O line got in the unps way preventing him from performing a stupid procedural thing taking precious seconds off the clock and costing them the game.

  47. The problem was that Dek tried to set the ball himself when he needed to hand the ball to the back judge to set it.

  48. This is what the end of Any Given Sunday looks like if Steamin Willie Beamen gets tackled in bounds on the comanche call.

  49. When I saw this live on TV, I honestly thought Dak was trying to blow the game. Out of the plays in your playbook with no timeouts and needing a touchdown, this was the worst play to run. It's giving the defense exactly what it wants. A tackle made on the field as the clock still runs when you only had 11 seconds before the play started.

  50. still don’t know why he ran up the middle….on top of that didn’t hand the ball to the ref…then called out the refs…how bout em cowboys

  51. Romo was correct when he said it was an okay play but Dak made two mistakes, first running too far and then when he handed the ball to his center instead of the ref not knowing the ref has to touch the ball, the ref also ran into a player and wasted like 3 seconds but the cowboys still deserved to lose after how they played all game

  52. The ref didn’t waste 3 seconds. That’s on Dallas. The ref had to fight his way between two guys twice his size lined-up shoulder to shoulder.

  53. The spot was absurd, too. Dak advanced the ball a solid 5+ yards from where he started the slide. If the ref had made any attempt to do anything other than touch the ball (like, for instance, spot it anywhere close to reality) it wouldn't have even been as close as it was.

  54. I’m baffled that the cowboys just self spotted and lined up ready to go. Tony‘s comments about running the ball to the ref seem so obvious. As a Packers fan, who knows from experience, that was a quintessential Mike McCarthy game. Tons of lack of discipline flags, and a few head scratching decisions.

  55. Would love to see some analytics on the difference of 2 end zone shots from 40 yards vs 1 from 25-30. Heck once you hit the 50 burn all your downs throwing it up to the end zone.

  56. Dallas fans keep saying penalties killed them, true, but 9ers tried real hard to give away the game. That roughing the punter penalty was beyond stupid, especially at that point in the game. We often blame the coaches for not prepping their players correctly so they don’t make these dumb ass mistakes, but at the end of the day you can’t fix stupid. Having said that…one of my guilty little pleasures is watching Jerry Jones lose! Cannot stand that man! As a Steeler fan I always respected them until he took over and turned a class organization into a real shit show.

  57. 14 seconds left - could’ve had two shots at the end zone. What is gained from being 10 yards closer and down to 1 shot for TD??? Coaches always seem to screw these situations up.

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