ProChara AMA: Hey, I used to be a lot more active on this subreddit, and its been a while. I figure id do a q and a to try and offer advice or answer questions about youtube/content creator stuff, ill try to get to as many as I can today.

  1. What weapon that hasn't ever really been meta throughout the series do you think deserves a chance to shine in Splatoon 3?

  2. Out of all the weapons currently in splatoon 3, which do you find to be the most and least fun to play, and most and least fun to play against?

  3. Stamper is most fun to me right now, least fun im unsure, I dont really hate fighting weapons either but most fun to fight to me is Brella, especially if it was good, its like a mini chess match.

  4. Hey Chara! Not really any questions. Just wanted to say that you're doing a great job imo. I think your content among others creates a positive learning environment that's great (and rare, sadly) in these communities. Keep it up!

  5. I dont really have any main weapon I hate fighting honestly, nothing really has a super lame playstyle to me.

  6. To me it depends on how much we get in the update and so far this one seems pretty good, if all of them are like this then I think its better.

  7. I think its very underated. 180p special great mobility very synergistic kit. Its a bit harder on some of the maps since getting behind enemy lines is tricky, but its still very good, i'd call it a top tier.

  8. I kinda jus do diffrent games for variety when I have time, I do not manage it well and have been sitting on LM3 for 3 years now, oops.

  9. Unsure really, weapon concepts take a ton of time for me to make and im not great at them. I would like to see a support splatana though.

  10. Not really a question but I just wanted to say that I love your content and what you've done for the Splatoon community You make competitive Splatoon more approachable and have helped people such as myself and many others become better players. Keep up the great work!

  11. Honestly id just be going with a ton of diffrent buffs, the weapons just super underpowered right now. Currently this is my list.

  12. Smallfry can become a giant kaiju and pearl can blow up a world destroying laser but both require outside help. I'll give it to pearl since she blew up the old reef bridge with just her voice

  13. What is your opinion on the Splatana Stamper (Aka Wh 40k Chain Sword) and what is your favorite non Splatoon series game? Also keep up good work.

  14. Extremely strong main + sub combo that can be very adaptable and especially good vs objects but zipcaster is a bit difficult.

  15. Bluefin could be really intresting since they can't ruin the mid area and are typically good at spawns. Reef unchanged would be amazing for S2. And Saltspray could be a cool salmon run stage.

  16. Oh hey Chara! Nice to see you here. Since you often talk about splatoon i don’t have a lot of splatoon related questions so let’s go for a yt related question. What video are you most/ least proud of? Can be the video as a whole or a certain concept.

  17. I really like my remake of the best and worst weapon in every class and the tips video I did today. But overall the blasters being good in 3 and 2nd kit predictions videos are the ones I like the most, it always changes though. Least proud for Splatoon 3 is my big house video, it was a brand new format and it came out fine from what I saw but after making something new you quickly find out things that you can do better.

  18. Yeah its a nice combo since the shield can help with it and run speed stacks well on Vac and the main weapon. Wouldnt mind another one getting it.

  19. What's your least favorite map from each of the three games? And of those three, which would you crown as the worst map of the series?

  20. Hm I really dont know. The only idea I had was if they do 3 new weapons you could pick a team based off what your favorite is and get to use it early, as long as all are added after. Maybe some in game class fights like charger vs stringer vs dualie could be cool but idk

  21. Limiting how players can play the video game. S3 fixed a lot of it but not all. Want to play salmon? you can only use these weapons at these times (S2) its a big problem

  22. What makes a good map? I hear a lot of discussion about the splatoon 3 maps being bad, and while I agree, I’m unable to put my finger on what makes them hard to play. I really like your content, keep it up!

  23. variety in terrain, multiple routes, encouraging variety in playstyles, objective paths that make sense for both sides, ways around mid, cool background, unique gimmicks

  24. Hi, I'm a new Splatoon player, I started with 3. I came across your 'How to use motion controls' video on YouTube. A lot of high level players will say "you need to use motion controls" but your vid was the first one I found that actually explained with practical excercises how to get comfortable with it. It really helped me get into it, I still suck but at least I'm having a ton of fun with it now lol.

  25. I think you got ProChara confused with Gem, he's the Splatoon coach making those Squid School videos, it's great that you are improving though!

  26. I dont think ive done a motion control guide so you might be confusing me with dude or another creator but im glad your getting used to it.

  27. Rn its Splatanas, the multiple modes of fire are done super well and lead to a lot of depth without being hard to understand, and the 1 shot up close is super satisfying. It just feels good to learn and use.

  28. Splatana Wiper, tetra is very good right now but wiper is basically a better tetra to me especially with the ammount of crab and booyah we see. But QR comps are very rare in west so it makes sense its not seen much, if not a lot of top teams want to learn Tetra despite how good it is, then yeah not gonna be many top level wipers.

  29. Favorite weapon kit from any of the 3 games. Also why do you think nintendo added torpedos to the dapples nouveau when the clears already had it?

  30. Its fine, it suffers from the map design the most with how much curling helps mobility, but its still a good weapon that has a good kit.

  31. Hey, ProChara! First I wanted to say I'm a huge fan and your videos, they even went so far to make me want to join my HS esports team.

  32. Jumping out is when you cant retreat, its basically a last resort option, or to reposition quickly if a safe jump

  33. No that sub was kinda broken and it would also invalidate mist. mist is horrible though so I think they could be merged to find a middle ground.

  34. I'm usually an inkbrush or splattershot pro main, but I've just started trying out Dynamo and having a lot of fun with it. My only issue is rn I'm not that good so I've only been playing it in turf war. How would you recommend I get ranked practice without risking my rank.

  35. Honestly at this point its not, its found a cool slot with fast quick respawn comps, but typically its struggled with charger teams. Those have just gotten less common in Crab meta with all the flingzas.

  36. I do, in Splat 2 I found it a tad limited but in this game its a ton of fun and something I want to get better at. A friend of mine wants me to try going for 999 one time so ill prolly have that as a goal.

  37. I feel so bad at Splatoon and I don’t really feel good at any weapons (i only play turf war) should I choose one and stick or explore? And just in general any advice for turf war, i feel so feeble

  38. Explore to find stuff your good at then narrow it down. Turf war is a lot about survivability and holding space, play around your special a lot and make sure to maintain control in the last 20 seconds.

  39. 1: when you show awesome clips of an instant 180 direct with the range blaster (or something similar), is it entirely skill based or mainly luck?

  40. They are very stationary in a very fast game but they have a perfect kit and insane 2 shot range. Prolly good but its one of those weapons where its like at top level I need to see a team build around it, which hasnt happened

  41. What would your ideal weapon and kit be? (If you could, for instance, take any weapon and give it any sub and special that you want)

  42. Idk if you know Chase but he makes videos and plays tetras. Check him out and analyze his gameplay. See what he does and compare it to how you’d handle a situation

  43. As someone who’s trying to get back into the competitive scene, what do you think makes for a team that you mesh well with?

  44. Having the same goals and ideals so your all on the same page. Have open discussion, how often do you want to play? Do we want to review? How do we want to approach the game, etc

  45. Hi chara. I’m a newer player that started playing with Splat 3. Is it bad that I use stick controls? It’s mainly cause I play other twin stick shooters like COD and titanfall and whatnot. I just don’t want to lose my grip with those other games and start trying to use Gyro in them.

  46. would you rather wield a roller that charges both ground and vertical flicks like a charger for more distance and spread at the cost of no rolling functionality, dual chargers that deal less damage but can dodge-roll like dualies, or a brella that doesn't fire normal shots, but triggers the shield launch instantly and drags you with it, allowing you to semi-glide and ram enemies?

  47. I can actually understand the whole pro player discourse stuff, I used to not do it as much and its not particuarly something I enjoy doing. But I had a talk a year or so back with someone who established how it helps branding and attracting new viewers, with smallant being the main example. It establishes credibility and who you are fast for players not familiar. And while I know a lot of this sub who is familiar with me and Splatoon can be annoyed by it. I also have several comments on twitter and youtube from brand new players who found that information helpful and I have grown a lot during this time. When I don't include it for informative or discussion videos, such as the Tenta Missile one, theres also an abundance of skill issue and get good comments.

  48. Pearl. Focus positioning to constantly pressure important areas and objective as long as possible. Move forward so the specials get better value, they are very positioning based.

  49. Hey man big fan of yours, love your vids they’ve rlly helped me a lot! Do u hope they add another ranked mode or do you think the modes are fine with where they’re at?

  50. Play annoying angles where you can abuse your mobility, jump and flick a lot, take advantage of small cover

  51. If Splatoon fell off for you, what game do you think you'd switch to as your "daily driver" and do you think you'd continue to make content on said game?

  52. In how its commonly used (someone good at the game) yes. I can't list everything but some notable events include.

  53. Ive noticed that Machine isnt as dominant as it used to be and ive been seeing more sloshers out there than machine (S+0). Any idea on why that is??

  54. Its good shot velocity and range are very strong and let it bully a lot of short range, the kit is mediocre though and it can struggle vs aoe weapons like machines and blasters, and even more importantly chargers

  55. I think I’m late to the party but… i’ve been playing since day one of splatoon 1 and just found about you a week ago so I’m happy to read you are here. I’ve put around 2000 hours in each game (splat one and two). I’ve seen many tournaments and i found out that the really good teams put team play over individualities. My question is: as a pro player, what do you think is best to have, fluid communication or understanding of your role in the team?

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