What type of controller do you use in online Splatoon games?

  1. Same. My joy con’s are so awful that I can’t even override it by holding up. It only can go down! And the best thing is, my actual controller is now lagging for L stick inputs…

  2. It’s still beyond me that they included local co-op with THAT as the only input method, but cut it once all the controllers had sufficient motion tracking on the new console…

  3. The joycons feel way too clicky for me to use it, not to mention because of how tight the button layout is, it won’t be uncommon to fat-finger buttons

  4. Number 2. Honestly kind of surprised at the number of people that use Joy-Cons. Buying a Pro Controller was the first thing I did when I bought the console.

  5. Detached joycon just gives you a lot more mobility compared to when both sides are glued together. You can turn 360 degrees with just your wrist

  6. I use a split pad and will be getting the ‘wired controller’ attachment for it. Those things are comfy af for my monster hands.

  7. I used detached joycons for a long time. Honestly the only reason I changed to a pro controller was I found chargers difficult to use, I kept on twitching at release.

  8. I use 1 out of comfort I don’t know what it is but I think I’m just so used to the Wii U game pad and it feels much more like it then, only way I can get joycons to feel better is to weigh them down by taping a roll of quarters to the crossbar

  9. Same but I prefer 1 because it's less strain on my eyes... For some reason I don't blink enough when playing docked to a big screen? So my partner plays on the tv and I play handheld.

  10. I'll never be as good in Smash Ultimate and Splatoon 2/3 as I was in Smash 4 and Splatoon without my dear Wii U GamePad

  11. used to only be able to play 1 but now enjoying 2. seeing the comments I might try out 3 which I never even considered for this game

  12. I’m so used to 1 that I actually can’t really play it on the TV screen without sucking hardcore. It’s disorienting. My poor neck after this Splatfest, though…

  13. I'm planning on using that controller and learning motion controls after a hiatus of playing Splatoon 1 with sticks at launch. I've been comparing the 8bitdo which I already own vs the PowerA fusion pro. What are your thoughts on the SN30+ for Splatoon motion controls?

  14. 1 or 4. Most of the time i'm too lazy to set up my tv with my switch but if i do it's a better playing experience than handheld

  15. A wired horipad... Playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 killed my joycons and pro controller sticks. I have no idea why or how...

  16. 2 now, but it used to be 1. I have some weird neurological thing that apparently makes it very hard for me to translate my hand movements into things happening on a detached screen. Took me 4 years to get the hang of it and I still have to keep the sensitivity way down or my brain just nopes out.

  17. 1 because I usually play while sitting in front of my PC and I ain't gonna look at the far away TV every time a match starts lol.

  18. I used to do 1 but switched to 4 and I was able to play so much better. I want to switch to 2 but the pro controller I bought broke after a couple of uses so, idk when I will buy another one :/

  19. Back when I had Splatoon 2 I used to use a variety of third party controllers or Power A controllers. Right now I just use my animal crossing controller. But I also bought this cute teddy controller I'm excited to try.

  20. 1 with motion controls for sure. Unfortunately, I love having it docked/on tv but I just can’t move around the same/find a comfortable way to hold the joycons, so handheld it is

  21. Handheld exclusively for 4 years now. Just made a purchase for a pro controller so I'm hoping to switch to that! 🥰

  22. i use 3 and i always wonder why people hate it? it's so much better to be able to move ur hands anywhere you want with the detached joycons instead of having them locked at one position with the pro controller... i really don't understand

  23. I prefer 4 the mostly but sometimes 2. I tried the Pro Controller but I like the flat plane of 4. I think it subconsciously helps me with the angle because I use the Pro for Bows in Monster Hunter just fine. Either way, more people across all consoles need to embrace motion aimming. It really helps bridge the gap between controller and m+k.

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