Is this a poisonous one? I want to keep it as a pet really bad. Found in the bathroom.

  1. According to dictionaries, everyday use, and thousands of scientific citations, you can use "poisonous" to mean "venomous." If you are concerned about accuracy, the word that cannot be used to mean "venomous" is "toxic." English is a flexible language and lots of words have multiple valid meanings that don't interfere with comprehension.

  2. He looks like if an orbweaver was a sour gummy. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Where do you live?

  3. These are very messy pets - lots of poop, and tend to run when you open their enclosure. If you're looking for a spider pet, better to choose something that has a relatively confined, sessile habitus - Agelenidae, Theridiidae, and lots of mygalomorphs.

  4. Don't forget, there are tens of thousands of linguistic and scientific citations that agree that toxic and venomous can BOTH be replaced with poisonous at no cost to understanding.

  5. I caught it in to a takeaway container and released to our garden. Hope she won't find her way back in to the house.

  6. If you keep her, be prepared to deal with lots of eggsacks followed by tiny spider offspring. She's definitely gravid.

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