Jalapeno Popper Sandwich

  1. Reduce the jalapenos and cheese, add an over easy egg, green onions and jalapeno jelly and I would be on board. This just looks like a cheese sandwich.

  2. Oh damn! Now I’m going to have to make some here in a bit but with flour tortillas instead of bread. Looks great!

  3. Second one I've seen on Reddit this week and I hope it becomes a trend. I need to make one ASAP now. Yours looks like

  4. Never even thought about something like this, but now I will need to try and make it within the next 24 hours. Off to the grocery store

  5. If you want a quick, easy budget option for this, on the rare occasion that I go to Arby’s, I get the market fresh Turkey club and I put jalapeño poppers on it. It’s fucking amazing.

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