I've spent more than a year in space taking tens of thousands of photos, but one of my favorites is still the time I captured a shadow that looked like Godzilla... cast onto the Japanese module!

  1. I didn't check the tag/username until I read your post. For a second I lived in a fantasy world where someone could get a picture this good with a consumer grade telescope.

  2. Shadow from the Canada arm aboard the ISS cast in such a way that it almost looks like Godzilla, and it just so happened to be on the Japanese module! Sometimes the best photos you can capture are those that you do not expect to capture!

  3. Great shot… but what’s the most interesting to me isn’t the subject itself. It’s the deep, deep black in space behind it. The deep blackness of space from the sunlight having nothing to reflect off of, and the lack of stars due to the brightness of the subject, is truly unsettling.

  4. I gotta say, it’s easy to be jaded about all the stuff one sees on the internet. Someone always has something that’s cool, or intriguing.

  5. Such a great move to send photographers to space (not to overlook your other skills/training, OP). This is really cool.

  6. This is both ironically hilarious, awe inspiring, and genuinely terrifying to me because of the sheer blackness of the "void" in the background - a combination of things I never thought I'd feel! Thank you for this Don

  7. Dynamic contrast: it is daytime in space, hence the shadow, as the sun is visible, making it difficult to see background stars.

  8. Just casually 'I've spent more than a year in space. No biggie.' 😂 How does it feel to be probably one of the first people ever to do what you do? As in astrophotography, never mind astronaut. Must be quite the thrilling thought.

  9. The picture is bad ass and all, but all of my attention is being spent wondering who tf told you Godzilla is whatever the hell you think it is, because there’s literally no resemblance of Godzilla anywhere here

  10. As a Canadian I’m proud to see our Canadarm:). As a human being, I’m in awe of what you do, the training it takes to be an astronaut, the knowledge and skills you have developed!! I find a regular commercial airplane flight anxiety inducing, and you lived in outer space in a floating metal box for over a year!

  11. Fantastic photo and commentary on it. Thanks for sharing this here and for sharing your other photos through your other social media accounts. Thanks for being part of the effort to explore and understand our world and the space around it.

  12. Thanks! Most are on my computers, but I do have some on my Instagram and twitter (linked above), and will be gradually posting more to them there and here over time. Portraits of a Planet also has many of my best works up there.

  13. The space suits have great insulation. Much like the space between your body and a blanket fills with your body heat, the space suit operates in a similar manner. Some suits have heating elements made directly into them. Sort of like an electric warming blanket. Most of it is insulation.

  14. What was your favorite thing about being in space? Damn, I’m so jealous. I hope it becomes possible for normies like me to go in my lifetime

  15. When you returned after months in space did every movement in Earth normal gravity feel like a chore for a while? Were you constantly out of breath just by existing? Or do you sort of snap back to normal at some point?

  16. That shadow looks more like it could be one of Joel's early, failed attempts at creating his robot friends. Tem Sorvo and Gro D Rowbot.

  17. What kind of camera equipment do you use? What would you use, if you could use anything? How can using pictures of objects on orbit directly contribute to next generation space flight platforms?

  18. Can I just say how cool it is that in this day and age we have astronauts frequenting the same forums we all find ourselves on to discuss space and share stories/images regarding it? It's so cool knowing our heroes are also part of the community in some small way.

  19. I used to want to go to space until I realized the basic act of pooping and showering and brushing your teeth is just inconvenient and gross. And that space waking usually involves peeing in a diaper.

  20. Oh I so envy the people that get to go to space, in another life that would have been me but I just wasn't smart enough. I hope that will be possible if space tourism catches on and eventually becomes affordable enough.

  21. Do you have like a camera outside your spacesuit? I’m just picturing you with like a Nikon on a strap around your neck. Is it like that?

  22. For everyone wondering where is Godzilla, you have to understand that he’s referring to MechaGodzilla.

  23. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

  24. Probably a dumb question, but how is the shadow of the camera still somewhat lit? Without air there’s no diffraction. Is it light reflected from other parts of the ISS?

  25. Not OP, but there’s plenty of indirect light sources. The ISS is highly reflective, so it scatters light all over the shadowed areas. Plus, the great big beautiful planet underneath it!

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