Russian official says civilian satellites may be “legitimate” military target

  1. Probably costs SpaceX less to deploy 60 Starlink satellites (one F9 launch) than it'd cost Russia to shoot down one.

  2. Little Vladdy Putin's got you there! They don't have any missiles left. So they are going to throw ROCKS at the satellites! And rocks are cheap, comrades...

  3. Russia is a failing state. If it continues down this path, it'll collapse completely. It could rebuild from this, but it'd take a long time. While it rebuilds, every other nation on the planet is getting an extreme leg-up over it, mastering space. Causing a few decades of Kessler syndrome may actually be in their favour, if it gives them time to rebuild and catch up.

  4. Given the condition of their military hardware, I very seriously doubt the Russians could successfully intercept a satellite.

  5. They can, they have before BUT it’s utterly a stupid waste of resources. SpaceX would not give a single flying fuck (or orbiting fuck) if they knocked out a single Starlink.

  6. They always reach for absurd statements to put fear in “the west”. Like bruh, this isn’t the red scare anymore. This is just watching a bully get its ass kicked by the small quiet kid in school.

  7. Just like the civilian power plants? Or the civilian primary schools? Or the civilian hospitals? Or the civilian train stations? Or the civilian shopping malls? Or the civilian apartment buildings? Or the civilian civilians they’ve been dumping in mass graves?

  8. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

  9. Oh sure they could…not with a missile but with a BIO-missile…Putin would force a cosmonaut to float out of the ISS with a hammer

  10. Russia has a missile it hangs of a Mig 31 that is claimed to be an ASAT. (Burevestnik). The problem is that there is a limit to altitude on something like that. There are also huge problems with tracking. The US maintains a system of tracking stations around the world that give fixes on objects every day or so (lower altitude satellites will only pass over a location every couple of days so the 3 or 4 stations will likely get a ping every day on a satellite). Other than may some real old stuff at Sari Shagan (decades since I had to know about this so decades since I knew how to spell it, Russia lacks that kind of deep space tracking. So while a US kintetic hit can be planned to use recent data, the Russians will have big limits other than pulling in public datasbases on object. You also have the issue the US maintains an IR system for detecting missile launches, so once something is detected anything in the potential path can make a small adjustment to their flight paths and be kms out of where the Russians expect them to be during the flight time on all the coordinate axes.

  11. Yes Russia, you get your ass kicked by Ukrainians using less thank 0.01% of USA armament from the 90s - do you really want to attack "military targets" belonging to an USA company and give USA a reason to deploy 1-5% of their military assets against whatever army you have left in Ukraine?

  12. I'd love to see them try to keep pace shooting down Elon's satellites. He can easily outmatch Russia, and that dude will honestly do it so he can simply joke about it at a single dinner party.

  13. Hell, loft a tungsten penetrator around the Moon with a Falcon Heavy and drop a kinetic strike on Moscow for all those sweet, sweet gigajoules of radiation-free energy.

  14. SpaceX doesn't even have to. SpaceX is an American company, and this would be a clear historical level of weaponization of space, so they could legitimately draw a war declaration in response. It is very possible that several Russian satellites could become so much space glitter the same week.

  15. Saying they're legit targets is one thing, actually doing anything about it is another. Besides wouldn't the Kessler Syndrome kinda thing that this would make ruin Russia's plans for their own new space station too?

  16. That's not really a surprise, it'd be pretty irresponsible for any nation capable to disregard them just because they claim to be civilian owned.

  17. I'm not gonna say this isn't gonna happen 100% but I WILL say I'm 90% sure. As much as Putin talks smack, Russia will NOT be the first to launch missiles if there is ever a nuclear war... Ya know why? Cuz no leader of any nation wants to be the first nation to murder 6 billion innocent people in 2 hours...

  18. An unmanned satellite is kind of a step down from a packed maternity hospital wing, not really much surprise here

  19. Do they really want to open the can of worms of saying a corporation can then retaliate… the corporation of one of the richest men in the world….

  20. This kind of statement makes me so angry. Following through on threats like this is what will leave us all locked out of space for decades or centuries, due to the growing layer of trash it generates above the planet which we can't fly through.

  21. Another empty threat. Russia is the biggest paper tiger on earth, they probably don’t have the equipment, money or man power to do this regardless if serious or not

  22. Someone please explain to me how Russia plans on firing enough missiles to make a dent on *thousands upon thousand of satellites*.

  23. Tbh all they need to do it shoot down a couple and the amount of debris would take care of the rest. A bit of a hyperbole but space debis is a really big problem. China shot down one of their satellites with a missile a couple of years ago and it was a big thing because they just intentionally added a fuck ton of debris into orbit.

  24. I mean he's probably not wrong. Ukrainian military had been routing c&c for their drones through starlink, would be pretty hard to argue that taking out some of the constellation in order to degrade their ability to operate drones isn't a legitimate operation, especially given zero risk of civilian injury.

  25. Does Russia really want to expend an expensive antisatellite missile on a single starlink satellite One of thousands. That will make absolutely no functional difference?

  26. Russia thinks it's a good idea to threat the head of a commercial space company... Russian satellites suddenly start deorbiting due to technical malfunction, very unfortunate.

  27. That's actually correct. The Tallinn Manual and the forthcoming Woolmera Manual make clear that mixed-use civilian/military targets, such as satellites, are indeed legitimate targets in many cases.

  28. Pissing off Elon Musk might be a bad idea. He could probably buy a new country, build advanced weapons, and take down Russia himself

  29. Huh... Well by that same logic it's perfectly legitimate for a civilian to wipe out a military asset at will.

  30. Man I said this very thing within minutes of this going live and pissed off some 35yr old INCEL in his mother’s basement and he immediately used his full array of accounts to vote me 5x down within two seconds! Th’fuck is the matter with people these days? To beat all, the article doesn’t come close to saying what the CLICKBAIT title says at all! This response from Russia sounded like they were still 25 steps from actually doing anything at ALL, yet this title grabs them clicks and people just react seat of the pants anymore….it’s ‘ready….fire….aim’ these days online!

  31. Seeing how the best that Russia could muster in Ukraine is antiquated Soviet garbage, I don't think anybody should take any of their bs serious any time soon.

  32. There is so much blustering and fail on the Russian side in this article. The cost of taking out a (relatively) cheap target satellite, the high number of targets ... and the ability of the Russians to be able to do this, all the time in a military and economic war.

  33. Should write a strongly worded fax to the FCC and complains about how unfair the war has become because of technology. That, and for many many years, the world held ruzzia at arms length, believing in the chest pounding and tough talk. Then Ukraine stepped to the bully and the bully pissed it's track suit.

  34. Everyone to the moon these days. In case their mission fails they already have an excuse in place. (Please act surprised)

  35. In the 60s, the US had a couple Jupiters with nukes for knocking down satellites. And the US popped satellites in the 80s with a portable system.. They may have stopped field tests and deployed systems. But, that knowledge never goes away. That and the commies know the US preference for incremental escalation. So, go ahead pop a satellite and watch what happens. How much or length of an advantage do you think you'll get?

  36. Come on, Elon, you gonna take that? What happened, last time when someone disagree with you, you went all out and claiming they are pedophiles…..come on, this is putin, you have humanity’s full permission to do your worst….or best, whatever it is, just do it.

  37. New to human nature in war? Look up Saddam Hussein and what he did with the Kuwaiti oilfields the end of the 1st Gulf War. The ego of dictators is a frail thing indeed.

  38. America is built on corporations. Russia takes out one corporations satellite, USA can retaliate by taking Russia out of space

  39. Im personally terrified of any kind of attack on satellites. Not for the loss of their capabilities, but for the cascade in space junk they could create.

  40. Sat constellations are planned to be in the range of tens of thousands. Each. Good luck and good work. After that, no-one will be able to enter anything in orbit for a generation or more.

  41. Those interconnected constellations are resilient because of their numbers. ASAT attacks does not make any sense these days and this only proves how brainded ruskies actually are

  42. Even if Russia does try to destroy starlink satellites, they have collision avoidance built in so they won’t just sit there and let themselves be hit

  43. My understanding is blowing up satellites would put the entire global communication system at risk for generations. Due to the debris that would cause and the ripple effect that has and how hard it is to clean that up once it's out there (nearly impossible).

  44. Well they are welcome to try. Go ahead, see what happens. I’m honestly curious to see them try and do this and actually make a dent in the system. The law of numbers is not on their side, however, and such a venture would have rapidly diminishing returns, for each successful mission of a destroyed satellite, it could be replaced with dozens more, comparatively more easily and far cheaper.

  45. I love space-x and I support Elon Musk and imagine I always will. This article is a no-brainer even though I don’t like it one bit. I could find zero of those translated statements from the Russians that I (or anyone with intelligence) could argue with. If Russia were to do this to us in America not only would we all be outraged but those satellites would be chaff long before we released any official statement denouncing their activities. It’s war folks and this sets a dangerous precedent because it goes both ways. This being said, if they do blast them out of the sky I’m hoping their replacements will go up with certain ‘enhancements’ built in…that is, if they don’t already have them.

  46. Musk is a US citizen starlink Is a US company, the starlink constellations are US civilian property. Even !n attempt to destroy them would not be well received by the US.

  47. The goal wouldnt be take out to take out a single satellite, it would be to turn that one into a spike strip. They have their own up there already, just crash one into another, all orbits out there are beyond predictable.. make enough high speed trash, and you can take out a dozen if not more without having to launch anything extra. Then there is the fact that different satellites have different distances from the surface. Why not play planetary billiards? Slam some EoL sat into a commercial one, create a shrapnel field moving towards, say a few America based GPS sats. You'd be surprised how many things rely on gps.. you dont want to be in ocean transit if that happens, how many people actually navigate by star these days? Or even by map? How many truckers actually know the road system enough to deliver your food or water. Hell it is even used to help with the syncing of time, non matching timestamps can bring entire networks to a halt..

  48. Seriously am I the only one who read the article(rhetorical question)? The reds never even said they were going to shoot down any satellites in the first place. Some of what was offered after first adding the disclaimer that it’s an ‘unofficial translation’ went like this

  49. Nah.. Just send the KGB.. send pretty women.. He can't resist.. not a single men on earth can resist.. perhaps they running out of capable KGB agents.. it is surprising that from Feb until now there is none assassination happened

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