Best bachelors degree if I want to work in the space industry?

  1. My only quibble is that more places offer degrees in "Aerospace Engineering" rather than "Aeronautical Engineering". And if the program is for the latter, they probably won't include any courses related to space (so it would be less valuable to the OP).

  2. Aerospace Engineering was my route, but honestly the folks who have the greatest employability are the RF engineers who work on the radios for space. It's a challenging field and not many EE's specialize in it. Lots of new tech in software defined radios making it exciting now as well. Solid RF engineers can write their own ticket as far as salary and work terms.

  3. Just about any engineering degree. Materials (mechanical), systems, electrical, programming (computer science), physics, aeronautical. The list goes on and on.

  4. I have not worked in the space industry, but I strongly suspect (and I'm sure others from the industry will confirm or reject) that you will want a graduate degree (probably a PhD) or you probably won't get very interesting work. And the graduate degree you get will have a far greater impact than whatever bachelor's degree you get.

  5. My wife retired after 39 and 1/2 years as a senior designing engineer for NASA and she has nothing more than a bachelor's degree in engineering. I assure you, her career was very interesting.

  6. More important than graduate degree is ambition. That being said having a graduate degree will help with promotions, getting more challenging assignments. It's a +10 to Int and +10 Wis :P

  7. The space industry is massive, I think you'd need to be a little bit more specific. You can get a space related job with just about any STEM bachelors degree. Are you planning on stopping at a Bachelors, or are you looking to get a PhD?

  8. I started with a BS in Physics. It is a solid foundation and you can be flexible with your choice of work as well as future schooling. I figured out what I wanted to do and got my MS in Aerospace Eng, now working on my PhD in Aerospace Eng.

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