SpaceX gets $1.4 billion contract for five more NASA astronaut launches - CNN

  1. You're on point, but NASA is still pushing for dissimilar redundancy. That is to say, having at least two ways to get humans into space that are independent of each other AND designed and built differently from one another in such a way that a problem with one does not mean there is a problem with the other.

  2. Hey memba when Boeing half assed those 737 max rollouts to save a buck and a bunch of people died? I memba

  3. Boeing's award mostly comes from the initial $4.2B contract they got awarded for six flights. SpaceX quoted at $2.6B and was awarded that amount for the first six flights as well.

  4. As someone on ars pointed out, with dragon you're getting more than a seat when you buy the whole ride. You get significant up and maybe more importantly down mass. All you get is a really cramped seat when you buy a russian spot.

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