Russia, planning to go it alone, unveils model of new space station

  1. Well I mean, they have a picture of a model that looks complete. I would bet the back half of the model doesnt exist due to funds going missing.

  2. It will achieve 1000 hectares of altitude using only 300 bushels of kerosene. Yanqui dogs will weep at its enormous girth and apologize to wife for having such inferior cultural magnitude

  3. Gonna have to deconstruct a lot of dishwashers and hairdryers to get enough computer chips together…

  4. No worries, the US has shown the world that all you have to do, is to keep printing more money, and everything will be fine

  5. Why people forget that Russia had it's own space station in the past. Mir was operational for 10 years till 96. They have the money and the brains to do it again. Humankind will have a lot of space stations in the future. Here is a list

  6. "Russia's space agency on Monday unveiled for the first time a physical model of what a planned new Russian-built space station will look like, suggesting Moscow is serious about abandoning the International Space Station (ISS) and going it alone."

  7. This is probably worse propaganda than China puts out only for the fact that China has a chance of actually accomplishing their stated goals. This is orbital assembly level embellishing.

  8. Bold of you to assume they’ll be able to get their hands on a significant supply of… oh I see. You did specify used duct tape.

  9. TBH, you don't need modern semiconductors to put stuff in orbit. The first Vostok rockets used IIRC just basic transistors and analog electronics, all manufactured by Soviet industry.

  10. Odds are pretty good that the Russian space program is done for. All their best scientists who didn't flee the country after 1991 are literally starting to drop dead, OR they fled the country when the invasion kicked off this year. They're not getting any of the components for spacecraft built outside of Russia, and while NASA is still pretending they can get along with the Russians in space, the RD-180 will never be used by a non-Russian company ever again, and the ESA will never risk time and money working with Moscow.

  11. They probably won't do it, just like they didn't paint the moon red, but I do hope they make a go of it. A space race would be both fun and beneficial.

  12. The model will be the farthest they get. They're a joke at this point. Can't feed/train/supply their own troops in a war. Their tanks have rubber where their ERA is supposed to be. No one fears or cares about them anymore.

  13. God help the space aliens if Putin establishes a frontier out there. First on list will be blowing Mars up to liberate it and stop it joining the United federation of planets, which may force Russia out of the 18th century.

  14. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

  15. That looks great. And unlike the ISS version, they'll be able to fly up to it without relying on another state to do it for them.

  16. As reported by the Moscow Comsomolets, last year out of the 47 planned launches only 17 were carried out. Out of the 17 that were carried out 11 were commercial, leaving only 6 to science and development and stuff.

  17. I find it hilarious that Putin has completely undone 3 decades of progress in 3 months. They're being forced to cannibalize parts from washers and TVs for their tanks and jets, but here we are, back to Boris and Natasha selling plans for most glorious eeeevil space laser platform, comrade!

  18. Has the Russian Federation ever actually built a space station module? I was under the impression that so far they've only finished mothballed USSR modules...

  19. Tell me the Russian space station is going to look like an old Lada sedan without telling me what the Russian space station is going to look like.

  20. Lol, Russia only funds like 10% of the ISS. Pretty sure we have a pretty good idea of what they're capable of doing with their shitty old soviet era technology.

  21. That's a mighty expensive hobby for a nation with the GDP of Italy... They don't even have a reusable trampoline to get mass to orbit for competitive prices.

  22. I hope they fail spectacularly at this and at every endeavor moving forward. Until they get their shit together and stop masquerading as a 1st world nation I wish nothing but hard times and struggle upon Russia and all it's people except for the truly innocent (like children).

  23. If the scrap and cannibalize the rest of their commercial aircraft fleet as they are already doing then maybe they can build a space station out of those scraps

  24. They have the economy on par with Australia, I do not see how this would be feasible. They should just partner with the Chinese.

  25. Unrealistic. What there is of their current space program is old tech kept glued together with spit and mud, or it's directly paid for by customers looking for launch capacity.

  26. I always liked the russian mentaly of "never change a running system" if they now revive the buran system?

  27. As far as governmental organizations go, at the moment I even doubt NASA's ability to (in conjunction with the European and Japanese equivalents) build a new space station. They might actually be up to the task if the Chinese ambition warrants it. But Russia? Absolutely ridiculous.

  28. Jokes aside on the cost and capability, this looks like the same MIR/ISS configuration. So my main question is - why?

  29. Oh damn, we might actually see a space station blow up in our lifetime. More likely, funds appropriated for it will be embezzled out.

  30. A model? You would think that it would have large-scale improvements over the first iteration that was internationally led. But this? It's a fluff piece. Lol.

  31. Well, their military is failing after being touted as one of the greatest militaries on the planet, so what could go wrong with their plans for a space station?

  32. Plans and models are cheap. Building a space station with essentially 1960s technology is something else entirely.

  33. I assume Russia is going to go back to their old model of "kill all the cosmonauts, well make more" they had back in the 60's.

  34. The US should put out a model of an Imperial Starship and say it’s what we’re building next. With a straight face.

  35. And they are also going to put a station on Jupiter and on the sun too! It’s going to take a lot of air conditioning but then they can just use solar power! So convenient!

  36. "Good luck us". I wouldn't be surprised if "our" new space station would have "made in china" labeled. Considering budget wont be immediately spend on yachts and mansions in UAE.

  37. For no particular reason I’ll bring up how American astronauts going from the shuttle to Mir noticed how the air smelled and tasted different, some feeling sick later, likely due to the numerous undetectable and unfixable leaks of various pipes and chemical lines throughout the station. And I’ll also point out that the ROS is about as old now as Mir was then.

  38. Let’s pretend they do have the budget for this. How would that make the soldiers they keep sending unsupported to die conquering Ukraine feel? “They hung us out to dry for this??”

  39. Don't the cosmonauts in the ISS spend all of their time helping others with experiments because they have none of their own to do?

  40. Oh, they outsource, but they have the money to pay contractors and large chunks of the world's semiconductor industry aren't legally prohibited from doing business with NASA.

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