Anyone Miss when the animals in the show looked Cartoony?

  1. Definitely. What I miss more is how they used to use celebrities real heads instead of animating them I.e. sadam, Ben affleck, Christina Aguilera etc. that shit was hilarious

  2. Omg I haven't watched South Park in a while and this just unlocked all those memories of their real heads. That shit is hilarious to look back on, these days those celebs would be filing defamation law suits left and right.

  3. Ben Affleck is a funny case because he's been portrayed both ways, with the real head in the episode with the Thompsons and later a regular drawn animation.

  4. "hey. you cows cant get on this train. this is a people train. you cows have no business on a people train, alright. 'cause your cows."

  5. I liked the absurdities you wouldn’t see usually. The conjoined fetus nurse, Mecha Streisand and an animated turd based off Rankin/Bass holiday specials. Give me more of that.

  6. I hate how the town looks now too, the gentrified new buildings look so out of place next to the old post office or Tom's Rhinoplasty which look exactly the same as in Season 1. Originally the show looking bad was part of the joke but now it's like they are embarassed about that and are trying to make the show look as 'good' as possible and it just doesn't fit.

  7. It's honestly fucking lame the way they are embarrassed about the past show and are trying to act like they are evolved. Especially the recent "Tolkien" episode. I don't just no longer enjoy South Park, I hate it now

  8. I find the realistic animals way more funny. In contrast with the outrageous unrealstic world of South Park, it adds a level of hilarity. I also really find it hilarious when they play trap music for some reason.

  9. I miss when the show in general was more cartoony, the animation style has definitely changed a lot. And I look back on the old style often and find myself missing it a lot

  10. I miss when the show in general looked cartoony. They made a joke updated version of the first episode in Free Hat, and said, "watch as the quaint animation melts before your very eyes!" Now that has actually happened. The animation has become so overdone it's ridiculous.

  11. I missed everything about the older south park. Everything that came out later like a few years back had been so boring and less humorous and amusing to me. I still like South park yeah, I still watch it and enjoy it, but I find it sad how it kinda turned into this whole other show at some point. It felt way more controlled today than it was back then, obviously. But yeah definitely preferred the older seasons when it comes to the styles and such.

  12. For the more realistic animals, the animators probably took a pre existing stock image of the respective animal, put it through a filter in either photoshop or PowerPoint, and recreate it in the software and therefore, build the character model for the animal.

  13. They always meant for there to be tons of CGI and other special effects but back then they couldn't afford it. Look for the new re-re-RE-release this holiday. Buy it soon because there will be a new edition again next year!

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