Tell me your South Park unpopular opinions!

  1. Trust me, as someone who is trans, most trans people do not like Caitlyn either, and we also loathe that she's probably the most well known trans person. She's not a good person.

  2. It's more of an unpopular opinion to say you liked the Tegridy stuff. I kept getting shit on by people for liking it...

  3. This is such a popular opinion though, I see it on this sub all the time. It seems like everybody hates the Tegridy stuff. I personally think it was hilarious, shows get stale when they do the same shit for too long.

  4. The Imaginationland trilogy episodes are very overrated. Meanwhile, Stan's Cup is the most underrated episode.

  5. Stan’s cup is legit my all time least favorite episode lol. Its just too depressing and while Trey and Matt have had some really solid and powerful depressing episodes I just think Stan’s cup is not that good.

  6. Finding out Stan's Cup is a legit hated episode blew my mind. It's dark as fuck, sure, but that ending is fucking hilarious due to how unnecessarily morbid it is.

  7. Disagree on Imaginationland, completely agree on “Stanley’s Cup”. The twist on the underdog sports movie, “TAKE THE SHAAWWWT”, two Steve Irwin jokes within a few minutes of each other, the kids getting the absolute shit pummeled out of them by the Avalanche, I absolutely love that episode.

  8. Randomly killing Pip was hilarious. 😂 (Actually hoped for the same thing in episode 300 with another useless character but alas)

  9. I remember being super confused where the hell Pip went before learning when playing Stick of Truth that he was deceased and then looking it up to find that he died in a banned episode they only ever showed once.

  10. I love the Token/Tolkien bit. It was a hilarious set-up with an antiracist message: if you thought it was Token, you need to check your biases.

  11. I miss early seasons and non-storylines South Park. I just keep watching the earlier seasons because of the randomness and just kids being kids.

  12. The paintball airsoft episode this past season was the kids being kids. Well, I guess it was the kids being like adults compared to the teenagers. But still it wasn’t trying to make some statement about society which is rare these days.

  13. They never recovered from the whole Trump 2016 election arc debacle. What’s sadder is that the set up and overall story was VERY good for the better half of it, but they played with fire trying to predict a win for Hillary and when that backfired the latter episodes went to shit as they tried to find another ending/message.

  14. I like him now that he’s not just someone named PC Principle. He’s Peter Charles and he really cares about the kids at the school

  15. I think this is a pretty popular opinion. I love Pc principal, but I think it’s more his voice and how goofy he looks than his actual character traits.

  16. Southpark seasons are like Beatles albums, you only really remember a couple songs/episodes but that's ok

  17. I think Beatles is maybe the worse comparison to make this point, because it’s exactly the opposite of what tou described. There’s probably not a band in which more people know all the song and which albums they are from. Unless I’m missing a joke/reference?

  18. It's 1-9 for me and 13, after that I think they were trying to be relevant, like mainstream, get referred to on the news relevant

  19. Huh, my unpopular opinion was that it’s an awful episode. I thought most people found it very funny. I guess it might be because I’m European and the parody aspect of it all is kiiind of lost on me.

  20. Matt and Trey are just as fallible as everyone else. South Park has been on for decades, and the messaging obviously becomes dated. This is not to judge the show, but rather to remind viewers that they don't always get it right.

  21. Technically the truth, but it's not like they had a choice, Issac Hayes quit the show and he died in real life shortly after.

  22. I think the way the killed off Chef was perfect for Hayes as a person. Sucks that he died, but the Trapped in the Closet episode was great.

  23. She's voluptuous and willing to experiment in the bedroom, which is the sexiest quality of all. Recall her pissing in Gerald's face in the TrollTrace season.

  24. I really hate Mr Hankey. I’ve never laughed at any of his episodes. I usually skip them tbh. Towelli was funny an episode or two but he got stale quickly as well.

  25. Add Terrance and Phillip to that list and you basically have the key to the list of episodes I skip on rewatches. To me SP is about the kids or at least the people of the town, those secondary character are so one-note and unfunny that any episode revolving around them bores me to tears... which is kind of crazy considering this might be my favorite comedy ever.

  26. Turd Sandwich vs Giant Dusch pushed the intellectually lazy disinterest in politics as some kind of enlightened thinking.

  27. It seems insane now that the media narrative around the 2000 presidential election was that both candidates were basically the same.

  28. Enlightened Centralism has been their MO for along time now and I agree it's bullshit. The ManBearPig and Turd vs. Douche stuff is pretty egregious.

  29. Kyle is the worst character. Seasons 1 to 7, he’s alright, but whenever they decided to make his only character trait getting mad at Cartman, and then going on about how much better he is, that’s what killed him for me.

  30. The episodes with the Coon are the worst. I can deal with the other characters as superheros/villans, but Cartman in this persona sucks ass.

  31. I just hate all the Marvel shit in general. I guess they have to do it because it's what pop culture is now but that also exemplifies why I've cooled off on South Park. If we had more Jennifer Lopez and Mel Gibson episodes instead of superhero crap I'd be soo happy

  32. The early seasons (1-6/7) are just meh to someone who does not have nostalgia. The later seasons are much better.

  33. I would say the later seasons are better with quality and character development and theres definitely a lot of great episodes but the earlier seasons aren't just good because of nostalgia, I'd say ppl think they're better because its less intense and it's more obvious that they're kids, when in the later seasons they're smarter than most of the adults. idk how else to put it the earlier seasons just have a nice relaxing simplicity to them

  34. Matt and Trey have never made a bad episode, because they stand behind every episode. We as fans may not like every episode, but those two make episodes that make sense to them/make them laugh, and thats all i ever want from South Park. "Fuck everyone, we think this is funny" is the founding principle of South Park and as long as Matt and Trey stick to that, I'm on board, whether i like the episode or not. I appreciate the platforrm they created and the freedom they have to say their opinion raw and unfiltered. I envy thier position. As long as they dont care about anyones opinion, even the most rabid and lifelong fans, i will respect every episode these two produce.

  35. Top tier for sure. The entire country burying their heads in the sand while the Family Guy episode airs is so brilliant

  36. Yeah I was kinda angry at the end, Cartman just has to be the butt monkey even when he gets his shit together and becomes a stand up guy.

  37. He had a good run as one of the best characters but that's been over for a decade now. I think Creme Fraiche is the last episode where I genuinely liked Randy

  38. Mysterion is wasted potential and Kenny is the best character by a country mile. He deserves his own special/movie.

  39. I HATE THE IMAGINATION LAND TRILOGY !!! Cartman grosses me out trying to get Kyle to suck his dry balls, the episodes are boring as hell, I just can't find anything positive about it i just hate it !

  40. I actually like the tegridy stuff. I find him being a businessman with towlie funny af and his entire family hating the farm is the icing on the cake

  41. They really shouldn't have banked so hard on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election. There should have been two storyboards prepared--- or at least they should have written some standalone episodes to serve as a buffer so they could have more time to write the rest of the season.

  42. the new continuity is hurting their creativity. Their older format of each episode being standalone allowed them to do more fun stuff.

  43. The first few seasons feel incredibly juvenile, and the switch towards satirical political commentary in the early '00s probably saved the show

  44. The early seasons had commentary on … conservation (rainforests), racism (the South Park flag), hunger in Africa, even the cultural divide between the north and south post-Civil War. It just wasn’t the topic du jour, lol. They were creative and didn’t just reflect the latest story on cable news.

  45. I really hate the trans athlete episode. Not completely for the argument it makes though. (they actually do bring up that Strong Woman had competed, or at least is friends with, trans women. The episode, I know, is more about the strawman of cis men pretending to be trans to easily win women's sports, when in reality "Heather" would not be able to compete due to various factors, such as that "she" did not seem like she was medically transitioning)

  46. While I still love the show and think it's hilarious, some of Matt & Trey's political opinions are pretty dogshit and it takes away from enjoying certain episodes.

  47. He was kind of a pre-Internet meme. Also a lot of people know someone named Timmy and it would always be funny to scream TIMMEH at them

  48. Dude what? The ending when Cartman scoots across the stage naked invisible is a candidate for funniest scene in all of South Park

  49. Ive been showing my GF episodes to get her into the series and most of the ones to impress her are the newer seasons episodes than older seasons (except that weird 2016 season…)

  50. It's not so much funny as culturally significant. Nostalgic, relatable. I get why people who never played og WoW wouldn't like it.

  51. This isn't something I've heard anyone else talk about, but I don't like the way they portray Mormons in the show. I'm not Mormon but I am an ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and friends with a lot of ex-Mormons and there are more similarities than differences (we call each other cult cousins). While a lot of Mormons (and JWs) are very nice people, the way outsiders are treated when they don't want to join is very different from the way current members or family members are treated when they want to leave. Knowing a lot of ex-Mormons who have suffered a lot due to their exit it's hard watching an episode that basically shows only the positives as they appear on the surface level. If Gary had been unhappy in the faith and wanting to leave the episode would have played out very differently (if portrayed accurately).

  52. In the pandemic special when they are in the "future", Carman should have ended up as an angry fat mechanic, tying up the plotline in the goobacks episode, not a homeless alcoholic.

  53. Originally the charm of South Park was that the kids acted and talked like kids. When Matt and Trey were young, they could relate to the youth and told stories through their perspectives. As the show went on the kids stopped acting like kids and became miniature adults with super dramatic story lines, then soon after that they just started focusing on the adults and used the kids as plot devices. As a result, the show lost the charm that made it so good.

  54. It never stopped being funny, it just changed the way it forms narratives and characterization. There's a dip in quality around season 18, but even then when you go back and look at the episodes in every season I can't find a single one that doesn't have a solid majority of ones I think are hilarious. Some of which I forget are in the "bad" seasons. Honestly the early stuff is the worst material they ever did, but people cling to it because of nostalgia. The early stuff was a lot less fleshed out, much simpler, but also willing to turn something small into something ridiculous (mecha streisand/ Rosie O Donnel Trapper Keeper etc). I feel like they really started to chisel out the way they were going to operate later on around the season that has the episode with them trying ot see the terrance and philip trailer. It gets out of hand (chef's tv turning into a killer robot) but the style of the comedy is in it's infancy and the way it would change going forward is shown.

  55. I thought Help! My Teenager Hates Me was one of the better episodes over the past few years, probably since the 2018 season when they brought back Al Gore.

  56. Trey and Matt missed a golden hilarious and satirical opportunity by not having Cartman realize he could get whatever he wanted by going woke. For example, having a whole episode in which he advocated for racial segregation at school to "protect Token" would have been poignant and hilarious, since California was voting on that exact thing somewhat recently.

  57. No, they’re not. Stan’s pretty vulnerable and sensitive about what others think. Kyle’s a self-righteous dick who loves boosting his own ego.

  58. The move to paramount plus sucks. I much prefer watching on a station I actually get. Also that pandemic mini movie was Terrible and not that funny.

  59. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Butters are more deserving of a happy life and future over Cartman in the post- Covid specials. I am not sad about Cartman’s outcome. He can’t miss what never existed for him in the future. Obviously he’s still an asshole. Seeing Stan with a good job and hug Kyle, his mom, and sister was one of the best moments of the entire series.

  60. I think PC Principal is funny, but they should not have just gotten rid of Principal Victoria out of nowhere.

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