Tell me the most boring South Park Episode (other than pip)

  1. Jewbilee is classic for no other reason than Moses asking for paper plate tambourines and macaroni pictures.

  2. Jakovasaur is hilarious. Cartman singing the song while camping and pooping. The interior guys "fine just fine". Jakov watches football with the dads and cheers for the 49ers.

  3. That's what cracks me up about the T&P episode. The new season was so anticipated back when it was set to premier. Then you find out it stars Terrance and Phillip and has nothing to do with the main cast.

  4. I hated not without my anus when it first aired, but over the years I've come to appreciate it. Same cannot be said for Pip.

  5. I love that episode. The live action is hilarious to me. Especially when “Kenny” says “I don’t give a shit” with his herpies

  6. That's one of the best ones. What did you not like about it? It's hilarious how they make fun of idiot mouth breathing imbeciles always interrupting everyone else with their "long story short" bullshit and then it perfectly portrays how boring and terrible it is when you have to have a group event with random people. That episode would get a solid 8/10 from me.

  7. That episode was my least favorite the day it came out. I hated it, and it was one of the few times I have not rewatched an episode the next day right away. However after a few more rewatches when going through all the seasons, I actually am ok with it. Its got its moments, and its honestly damn accurate to any of those group outdoor activities.

  8. Disagree tbh. Not a great episode, but definitely some laughs (to make a long story short, diet double dew, etc.)

  9. "And the story ends, Pip, with me suggesting that one should never pull out the wee wee and check it for scabs whilst at the table."

  10. I also thought this was a great episode and was a big fan of Mr. Pocket and Joe the Blacksmith, not to mention the lawyer that comes for Pip and I break off only to tell you that it’s not polite to check ones wee wee for scabs at the dinner table.

  11. Me too. i watched it when i was 9 years old and it was like watching a regular kids show except it was at 10 o'clock at night.

  12. Hahaha go to hell. A million little fibers is one of my favorites and most quoted episodes. My brother and I insult each other by calling each other assholes in mingeys voice all the time.

  13. BLASPHEMY!!! That's one of my favorites. Oprah's minge and Gary, her ass hole? Who throws up shit!??!?! Come on!!!!!!

  14. Not sure if you're aware, but the plot is based on an actual situation where a guy wrote a book called "A Million Little Pieces" about his drug addiction, Oprah promoted it, he got rich, then was outed as a phony, Oprah invited him back on the show and ripped him apart. I absolutely love this episode

  15. I remember watching Funnybot live as it came out, and even as a kid I hated it and it was the first time South Park bored me. That whole season after they made Book of Mormon was really rough besides Crack Baby Athletic Association

  16. I don't ever remember hating any episode beside Funnybot. I started watching SP in like 2nd grade when it came out.. and this ep was the first time I thought about giving up on it.

  17. Thought I was the only, every new season I would find myself hoping that the Marsh family would just go back to where they originally stayed

  18. Thought I was the only one, every new season I would find myself hoping that the Marsh family would just go back to where they originally stayed

  19. None honestly. But i have a hard time enjoying the seasons with PC principal, he is pretty annoying, i liked the old principal more

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  22. The skankhunt arc was like it didn't intent for comedy (except in the president arc) but for serialization. But in the end it was somewhat good

  23. The same 3-4 jokes repeated throughout the episode. It added nothing new to the previous one, which I already thought was mediocre.

  24. Is Pip the one about an English Boy that retakes Dickens "Great Expectations", highly regarded by people with brains as one of the best books written and then introduces laser monkeys? Cause that's one of the best of you're aware of what it's sending up.

  25. PIP is awesome! Robot monkeys! The bunnies! The genesis device! A british person! I wish they had more of the like. Alas…

  26. Whats that episode were the duck like people come from another dimension or something to take jobs. God that episode sucks. Been watching south park for years but only watched that episode once ever

  27. Scrolled too long to see this. I've never seen a more abysmal unfunny episode. I was astonished how hard it leaned into memes like that was in itself a punchline. Ten years since I saw it and I have never rewatched it.

  28. Oh cmon I saw Towlies intervention episode yesterday for the first time in years and I laughed my ass off. Nathan and Mimsy and the rest of the looney toon tards is a hilarious side storyline that I love

  29. I would say the Terrance and Phillip episode, but i kinda love the bigger joke that is the fact that they did a shitty episode on purpouse to fuck with us xD the existance of that episode is the joke, and it is hillarious.

  30. the early transgender episode where mr. Garrison becomes ms. Garrison. I usually can subscribe to the crude humor for this beloved show however this episode is a bit dated and transphobic without actually being funny or touching on any important issues. They have obviously redeemed themselves with more relevant and funny trans episodes since then, however that one I defiantly thought was boring, distasteful and not funny.

  31. Idk, probably something from Seasons 20 or 21, I love South Park except for those 2 seasons. Season 19 was even my favorite, then it went from top to bottom in 2 seasons

  32. Most of the episodes of the 20th season were boring to me, I didn’t like this season except for Heidi and Cartman. Jakovasaur was really, really boring! And that’s it, other episodes are great, awesome or okay.

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