South Carolina has the 2nd highest home ownership rate in the country (75.8%)

  1. A few years back i remember seeing homes around myrtle beach were very affordable but insurance might be high in that area.

  2. I think part of the reason is the significantly higher taxes for rental properties compared to owner-occupied properties. This is from the 2006 Act 388, which did two things:

  3. Yes we have a housing shortage, school shortage & road shortage. They keep building high rises & subdivisions . We need roads!!!

  4. I live in Charleston and it astounds me to think that so many people can afford homes here (although probably a least 30% of them are owned by out-of-towners who either rent out their property or leave it vacant for much of the year). Charleston's home costs are far more expensive than those of most cities in SC...for instance, 25% higher than Georgetown;23% higher than Columbia; 20% more than Greenville, Conway, Aiken or Myrtle Beach; 27% more than Florence; 15% more than Beaufort or, nauseam.

  5. This is the kind of info I tell my skilled labor friends. Property is cheap if you look in the right areas and houses are cheap too. I've been around the world and have friends all over the country, many of which are moving here and bringing skills.

  6. I moved back to SC specifically because I could finally afford a nice home. Our out of state friends love to visit and we managed to convince one to move to SC, but most really feel unwelcome given the state's politics

  7. Friend, I was raised in this state, and I feel very unwelcome myself. It’s hard sometimes to find a space to fit in, but there are people here that understand and think like you, I promise. Part of the attraction is easily affordable homes and land, which (hopefully) will attract better people.

  8. Where are the blue areas of our state? I can’t move currently from the Columbia area, but can start looking. Thx!!

  9. Ya know it really is wild to me how Republicans just DONT use social media for some reason. Deep red states can have their subreddit be still 99 percent left leaning. As a conservative I will say that there's no reason you should feel unwelcome just because of someone's politics, I know I would welcome ya just fine, im sure your a fine person. Unless someone is just blatantly being hateful to you about your views (I know there are people that do that, but most people are generally level headed). This comes from someone that lived in Florida back when it used to be pretty blue, I definitely had a few people calling me racist when they find out I'm a conservative (not racist in the slightest, simply want low taxes and cheap gas). It hurts us a society when we make stereotypes for people, especially given how divided people are now, I genuinely think the civil war 2 talk ain't so out of the water now a days, or at least some states breaking off soon.

  10. It's sad right?? My fiance and I live here in horry.. she's from NY and she feels really unwelcome ,so did her sister when she visited and many others from my home town Fayetteville NC

  11. There are some nice states that may fit your politics better. New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois. The reason we have affordable housing is because we have conservative leaders who don't believe in unaffordable taxes.

  12. I live in CA and will be moving back to SC bc I can’t afford it here anymore. And I could definitely not buy here. I’m a liberal and still feel not welcome here with politics. ESP if you aren’t wealthy enough.

  13. Don’t forget the homes that are in such disrepair, they should be condemned, but that would make more homeless, to address it.

  14. School system sucks, lots of people on disability and unemployment. Economy is bad, there is lots of affordable housing in bad areas.

  15. shocked to see all the comments hating on people owning trailers. that’s not my idea of a dream home, but it’s what a lot of people can afford and it’s better to build some sort of equity instead of renting forever.

  16. I moved here from a blue state in 2021 and would love to go back but it’s never as simple as that. Southerners are like the Amish. both lives suspended in time, set in their ways and nothing will ever change them. At least the Amish aren’t trying to turn America into an Amish nation through evangelical religion and legislation. I respect the Amish for keeping to themselves and respecting the boundaries of others. I’m sure they’re happy too because they get movies about them starring Harrison Ford. Red MAGA America gets Scott Baio, Kevin Sorbo, Kirk, Cameron, and Antonio Sabato Jr. and they mail in their performances.

  17. Lol what? I moved here from a blue state in 2021 and it was the best decision ever. Northerners and Californians love to move to new states (FL, TX, SC etc.) and force their views on people and make the areas unsustainable. It doesn’t make any sense. I knew what I was getting into when I moved to a southern state, and you should too. People move here to escape blue states, not to turn it into another.


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