South of the Border Conspiracy Theories

  1. My dad told me a story about when he was in his 20s he and some friends went on a road trip. They ended up at SOTB drunk and thought they were in Mexico.

  2. I remember my dad telling me that the owner of SOB was well connected with the government and lobbied to have I-95 run alongside his property.

  3. It's a shitty tourist trap located along one of the busiest North South corridors on the east coast and spends a shit load each year on advertising. Frankly, I'd be surprised if it doesn't stay in business on momentum alone for the next twenty years.

  4. Pretty much this. When you have a steady, heavy amount of random traffic you basically have no need for repeat business. Make yourself seem mildly interesting and you'll get bored travellers stopping by and spending money.

  5. It was there long before I-95 came along. The story is that I-95 was rerouted to run past SOTB, thanks to the Old Boy Network,

  6. Yeah we ended up there when I was a kid on our way to myrtle beach. We thought it was really cool. I wouldn’t say it was quiet, not packed but there were around half a dozen families in there with us at the same time

  7. I stop there every time I pass through. It is a terrifying little spot. I love how all the rides are shut down, but they still play eerie music out of the loud speakers in the park- the music comes and goes depending on how windy it is.

  8. I thought I stopped at the wrong place. Literally asked someone at the taco place where the rest of it was at.

  9. I drive by it all the time from where im stationed to home. Might have to vlog it if i stop. Kind of scared it could be a cartel front? 👀

  10. Same for our family trips to FL! SOB was the half way mark! We would always stop and use the bathroom maybe grab some snacks while we were on the road from MD to FL

  11. A drug front? Possibly, but I know of multiple people who would stop there back in the day to transfer large amounts of Marijuana and cocaine.. that's just what I know of.

  12. i have a re-occurring nightmare of someone setting off all the fireworks in that place at one time and having to get my family out alive

  13. I’m here from TIKTOK!!! Every spring and Summer my family and I go to see my grandfather who lives in Dorchester, SC. So we pretty much pass this and ever since I was a kid, I always got some really weird vibes from SOTB. We’ve never stopped there and I have no plans to.


  15. With all their advertisi g ive ment to stop to check it out but havent gotten to it. Pedro must be dissapointed with me :(

  16. I've been to SOB multiple times late night. The music still plays all night. They have a strip club and massage parlor down the road that is for prostitution. And a cop that frequents both so much the girls know him and give lap dances in thier cars and he follows you all the way through the town until you get out of it or hit the south carolina border when you drive through. I have always had my ideas and though it was a cartel Hotspot or something else super funny. It really is a creepy errie place and i never wanted to go back. But I know one thing for sure do not go there after dark you will get harrased by the corrupt local cops almost like you are in Mexico for real.

  17. I've only ever visited once, and that was when I was about four. The place seemed super fun to me when I had first arrived. I don't remember a lot since I was super young, but I do remember eating in a restaurant they had, and the food wasn't pretty bad. I also remember that tall town and the model animals they had that game me mixed feeling about the place. For years I wondered what that place was called, so I could look it up and maybe visit it again one day, just for the hell of it.

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