SA’s industrial output per capita since 1990

  1. South African economy transitioned from a manufacturing & mining to a services-oriented economy and much of the working population was not prepared for this

  2. Zuptas really fucked this country and the worst part is that that faction still has a huge amount of power and they’re fighting for control back. I’m sure its huge part of this power crisis at the moment.

  3. Very likely, but maybe not as much different as you’d expect. Zuma wasn’t the only person in government. He had a team and an entire ideology base propping him up. If it wasn’t Zuma maybe it would have been some milder version but still bad. It’s difficult to know.

  4. I my hometown there's a whole streets of abandoned factories that are just not used at all anymore. Manufacturing sector needs to pick up definitely to save us.

  5. Interesting, but because it only captures manufacturing, mining, etc., it's not really useful as a general indicator of the economy. The economy is not doing well, but this is not the economy.

  6. Indeed, but it points to SA de-industrializing too early. Industrialization usually pulls the majority of people out of poverty first and then a country starts de-industrializing offshoring it. It has been argued in the comments that it is possible to become developed without industrializing but I am skeptical about the proposition for the general case. Yes, in some scenarios the factors may line up, not sure if in SA tho.

  7. Agreed, but keep in mind that economic growth or GDP growth can be unequal, jobless and unsustainable. Which is definitely the case here, if you consider the record high unemployment rates, and SA being the worlds most unequal country according to the world bank.

  8. I don’t understand why South Africans are doing nothing to stop the ANC. They should take after Sri Lanka and overthrow this shit government already

  9. probably because there are still a lot of people who believe in the ANC, so trying to overthrow them, you would be faced with all those who like them. Although I could be wrong

  10. I would argue because there’s a fundamentally different worldview that most south africans have to you and me. Which isn’t necessarily wrong just different.

  11. Why does this graph use "per capita"? Like, if the population grows, but the output of the various manufacturing and mining industries stays the same, then the graph will trend downwards, or am I confused?

  12. Yes this is true, but it means that everyone gets poorer (or inequality increases), since the pie has grown smaller relative to the amount of people.

  13. Wow, do we as a country just not make enough stuff to export, or is our stuff's standards too low for the rest of the planet and they simply don't want it ?

  14. Well not a straight answer, but if you look at the economic complexity of South Africa our economy is becoming less complex over time. Our economy is increasingly relying on simple metal exports instead of more complex products. In 1995 we were ±47th most complex economy now around 70th. Source Havard Economic Complexity rankings.

  15. Zuma definitely played a role for sure but I think we generally overstate his influence. See the other comments.

  16. South Africa is more like an Empire than a nation (although we’re governed like a nation state and not an empire). We have multiple nations in it:

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