I envy people with good friends

  1. Yeah, I feel like that very often. I just wish I weren't lonely. I wish that I had someone I could hang out with, that I had someone I could talk to whenever, etc. The envy gets the worst when people talk about having friends that are like family to them. That's something I can't even dream about.

  2. I've missed out on many things in my life. Never went to parties, school dances, prom, or homecoming. Some people say it's overrated, but I still want to at least experience these things for myself. I'm hoping I'm able to find the courage to do these things in college. Maybe it will be different for you too if you go to college?

  3. That is what I'm hoping too...but I'm what I'm missing is having fun like children again. And I'm afraid that people in college are too mature for that.

  4. I hear ya but normal is overrated anyway and one day you might find other weird people who are happy to be friends to the extent that you care to be friends.

  5. Yeah, I lost my friends and my ability to make friends to depression in my early teen years, and now I'm sorta floating through life slowly developping my social skills. It gets lonely.

  6. Yes, I feel the same but at the same time I feel guilty for feeling jealous. Idk how to explain it but yes, for the most part I feel like you

  7. yes im going to be 20 this year and i never got to have the typical teenager experiences. in a way ive kind of just given up and accepted it..

  8. I couldn't relate more... Even though I'm in my mid 20s now, I remember that pain from when I was in my teens. One spring, my favourite band was having concert in my city, and I didn't attend it because I had noone to go together with. I heard the bass coming from the stage, as I was living nearby it, and god how depressing it was! And the very next day, a bully in school asked me "so why didn't you go? You didn't have anyone to go with, huh?" It was a crippling pain..

  9. I used to, until I realised that a large part of that envy wasn’t that I literally wanted those experiences; as you’ve said, we’re constantly told in media that these things are what teenagers do with friends do, and therefore doing those things mean that you have confidence and companionship. I wanted friendship, not the parties or going out, not because I hate those things but because I prefer to do other things. It’s made me feel a lot better and less bitter.

  10. Yeppp you’re so right. I never actually wanted to go to prom or actually go to any parties, I just wanted to go to be like other people. I stopped caring about being like other people a long time ago

  11. Omg yes. Everytime I see a group of kids my age hanging out it just kills me inside that I'm not one of them. Every time I go on my socials I see people posting pictures of them at parties with all their friends and I'm just sitting alone in bed like 😞🔫

  12. The mantra I've lived by for so long is "you do you". Never give up focus on yourself. You're the one that makes you happy. Good, genuine friends will absolutely follow. Trust me I know how you feel, it reminds me of where I was. You just have to continue to grow and recognize things you can work on and things that are just intrinsically you.

  13. While I have some friends, I know they are doing things without me... because you know I'm the quit guy of the group... On social gatherings they talk about the stuff they did together and then I feel bad and unfortunately jealous... They are more like the "friends" I meet with just once a while so I don't become isolated from the world but not close or good friends at all...

  14. Yes you're not the only one. This happens to me so bad that I hate going to crowded places where a lot of people go to have fun and to be young because I always go alone or with my parents.

  15. And don't get me wrong, I love my parents and I feel bad for feeling this way but I just hate the fact they're like the only people to care enough about me to go out with me.

  16. Dude same here I had to deal with bad people and now I can’t trust new friends who are coming in my life it’s honestly heart breaking asf :( I want good friends

  17. I do have friends but they're not half as cool as you're describing and it really sucks not being able to do all those things (and more) because they do not want or just won't. I low key hate them, I wish I had better ones.

  18. This reminded me of last year when I first got a taste of cool Halloween decorations at a store and got sad thinking that I would really love to attend/host a Halloween party with friends, but well, no friends :(

  19. I’m 24 and have 0 friends, literally. Just my boyfriend but no friend groups to hang out with. I know how it feels.

  20. Yup you aren't the only one. I only have one IRL friend and we hang out only every few months but they don't understand my social anxiety at all. I've never been to any party, or gone to prom, or had a boyfriend, or got drunk. I just turned 18 and it already feels like I've ran out of all chances of ever making friends. I've always wanted just one friend who understood what I was going through, but I'm just on a different path than everyone else I guess. I always see other people out with friends and having fun though, I wish it was me too.

  21. Same lol. I don't even want to walk on the streets because I see people who have someone to talk to them. I am scared of seeing them because I feel too jealous. So when I want to walk I just go alone at 3-4 am.

  22. i definitely do feel like that!! i’m turning 20 this year and i have this feeling that i’ve lost so much time just sitting alone at home doing nothing while others had some … you know … actual life. and it’s sometimes really hard seeing my acquaintances (i call them friends usually because i have no one closer than that) having great time with their besties and significant others, forming deep connections, visiting parties or whatever. it’s pretty shameful for me to admit that i’m actually envious but yeah

  23. hi!! same situation here... i'm also turning 20 this year. please dm me if you feel like it. we can chat or maybe share some experiences... whatever suits you :)

  24. I pushed all of my school friends away and the 2 people I would still count as friends barely talk with me, so... I definitely envy people with actual friends. Instead of enjoying my twenties like everyone else, I just spend most of my time being fucking miserable and waiting for some miracle to happen. And even if I somehow found a friend that would actually care about my existence, I'm sure I would loose them as well, sooner or later.

  25. Make the effort to meet different groups of people. Hopefully you can find a niche which you fit into. Common interests is the place to start. It'll be a bit easier when you have something in common but you will still have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 'The second best time to plant a tree is today.'

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  27. First i was too shy and didnt come out of my shell, then i had a drug addiction for awhile. Thought if i straightened that stuff out, a group of freinds would eventually follow. In my fortys and still dont have any freinds, at this age ive accepted its just something ill never have.

  28. I’m turning 20 and I never had experiences like sleepovers in my pre teens or prom in high school. I missed mostly everything.

  29. I’m the exact same! I sometimes get so bitter about the fact that even if I learn amazing social skills in the future I still won’t have the teen experiences others got to have…

  30. Same here, everyday. Its ruining my college life, Its also ruining my career as a lot of things are team oriented here. I miss school, atleast there I had a social life amd also academic reputation.

  31. I used to feel like that but now I just don't understand the fun about it. I hate parties. Sometimes I do wish I did more things with my friends but when we do things it never becomes what I expected it to. Also I get very drained with energy when I actually go out with friends and engage. Is it really what you want? Just live life the way you want to, and stop thinking about what you should be doing that everyone else is doing. But if that's what you wanna do, then maybe learn how to do all that alone or try to find decent people to do it with.

  32. I just see people in groups and think they are the odd ones conforming to social cues while I’m out here doing what ever i like. No friend no norms. I am married and have kids. I just try and show my kids how to have fun and be nice to each other. Life is simple just do what makes you happy.

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