Group E standings after matchday 3

  1. Remember how we started the tournament in 2006 winning 4-2 against Costa Rica, now we finish it this way

  2. You guys shouldn’t have beaten us 7-1, now you’ll have seven WCs of sorrow, one for every arrow that pierced the very heart of the Brazilian people! Bwahahahaha!

  3. This is could be one helluva strategic 4D chess move by Luis Enrique to avoid Brazil and Argentina, the two tournament favorites while also ensuring another powerhouse is sent packing.

  4. And that's about the only favourable thing you can say about this German team, compared to its 2006 counterpart. The heart, the passion, the mentality ... there's fucking nothing there.

  5. Japan topping this group and Poland going through after both countries' fans despising their manager throughout the group is absolutely peak World Cup. To lose against Costa Rica and still top Spain and Germany is even funnier

  6. Imagine being a Moroccan. You play your heart to top the group & you get rewarded with Spain in Ro16.

  7. Everyone thought they would get Germany, even when that doesn't happen they still get Spain lmao

  8. With the “rivalry” between the two countries, there might not be a better reward for Morocco (outside of winning it all of course) than having a chance to eliminate Spain.

  9. Didn’t they almost beat Spain last WC? I might be mistaking Spain for Portugal but it was pretty close last time I recall

  10. All the people on here saying Japan did the biggest bottlejob in WC history, not realizing they were just giving Costa Rica a chance smh

  11. These group stages have been among the most intense I’ve ever seen. Games were coming down to literal minutes at the end. The one thing you can absolutely say about every team so far is that not a single team quit, every single team went hard until the end of game 3 and then fell over from exhaustion.

  12. We were toothless even when Costa Rica were ahead or in a situation where they were 1 goal away from knocking us out, it's not like we didn't try. We were simply horrible in the second half.

  13. Germany loves France so much that they decided to take the champion’s curse from France for themselves for the second time in a row

  14. They are going to create a clusterfuck trying to solve a problem they created. It’s such a stupid stupid idea

  15. It's chaotic and unpredictable as hell ,never seen a world Cup like this ,like compared to the previous world this version is much better and exciting

  16. So with this Spain will face Morocco instead of Croatia while eliminate Germany. Is this Enrique playing 5d chess or just coincidence??

  17. The 2 minutes when both Germany and Spain were out of the World cup were the best in the last 4 years of football

  18. Imagine telling someone that Japan would top group E with 6 points and that their one loss would be to Costa Rica…

  19. Spain now with a realistic chance of playing only countries they share land borders with until the final: Morocco, Portugal, France/England

  20. At least we died with our boots on, proud of our boys, very outclassed in terms of quality but with a lot of heart

  21. Honestly after ESP and JPN were done with their game, Germany should've just scored 3 own goals. No way Spain deserves it any more than Germany to advance here.

  22. Too many spots for UEFA in the wc. At least they should compete some of their spots against other confederations.

  23. for about 2 minutes I believed that both Germany and Spain were going to be eliminated in the group stage.

  24. Spain needs to buy Germany a giant gift basket because they saved it from being two WC winners from being eliminated in the same group on the same day.

  25. Those beautiful few minutes where both Spain and Germany were trailing. Thought I was dreaming, but reality hit me again with Havertz goal.

  26. Should FIFA consider reducing the amount of bids UEFA gets to the World Cup? It's only fair to more competitive teams in stronger conferences

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