Belgium is knocked out of the world cup

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  2. How many times has it happened in the second half that I thought "surely this is going in" and nope it just bounces off somehow, it was insane. It was like watching Lewa hit 5 but the exact opposite

  3. Guy created 4 xgoals by himself and scored none. Being completely invisible would have been better for his image lmao

  4. Imagine if Martinez had chosen to play from the beginning as he did in the second half today. Doku probably made more sprints in 20 mins than everyone else in the WC combined.

  5. That happens when the manager doesn't want to play the newer generation. Doku was so good for the 20 mins he played in the WC. Can't believe he was benched for Mertens, Hazard or Batshuayi

  6. We would have peaked so much higher if this generation had managers besides Wilmots and Martinez. Our FA should be criminally charged or something.

  7. Yeah that was it for them. The entire squad right now has maybe 7 or 8 players that'll be under 30 by the time the next WC rolls around. It's going to be a rough transition period for them.

  8. It's what everyone except martinez said. Drop hazard, Mertens, carrasco, Meunier, bats, and play youngsters like trossard, openda, Doku and onana.

  9. No disrespect to the other players, but I thought that he was their best player from an attacking perspective this whole tournament just from today's cameo alone. How hasn't he been featured more prominently is completely on Martinez.

  10. Doku was so good!!! If Martinez had played him before we might have won. He created opportunities and had so much energy. Why Martinez picked Carrasco over him is beyond me. Carrasco keeps effing up

  11. The genius that is Roberto Martinez. I'm su fucking frustrated and i don't even care for Belgium other than wanting KDB to win

  12. Every Brazilian with a sixth grader sense of humor would love to see this guy getting more playtime.

  13. Eden Hazard a week ago: We are here to play football, not to send political messages. Other people are better placed for that. We want to be focussed on football.

  14. If you look at the ranking criteria, it hugely overvalues world Cup results. Belguim are going bottom of the top 10 for the next 4 years.

  15. Ranking is broken. They only got to the quarters in the EC and then lost to France, Italy and Netherlands (x2) in the two Nations Leagues. No clue how they still ranked as best European team somehow.

  16. Roberto Martinez has somehow failed upwards into the Belgium job, ruined a generation of stars, and kept it for so long.

  17. Belgium FA have to be one of the most inept in the world. Absolutely wasted the entire prime of their golden generation by refusing to move on from Roberto fucking Martinez.

  18. Never understood why they hold on onto him for so long. The team never looked like they improved/got even worse. I hope he is FINALLY fired already

  19. Hopefully Martinez is gone now. Abismal performance vs Morocco and Canada. Hopefully Witsel played his last match for Belgium aswell. 85th minute and he just stand still. Does nothing

  20. Well he would get more sympathies if he didn't have the habit of blaming everything on others and also the poorly timed interview.

  21. He just delivered tonight like no other belgian attacker did. Lack of luck, if he hit that goal that went to the post he would be considered the best belgian.

  22. USA have had 4 knockout round appearances this millennium. The only countries with more are Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, England, and Spain/Germany (if they advance in a few hours). The countries that also have 4 (at the moment) are Spain/Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, France. Switzerland, Japan, and Uruguay can get to 4 if they qualify today or tomorrow.

  23. The only USA match I watched was vs Iran and holy crap, you guys can play this game! I was actually impressed and am cheering for you guys moving forward, go give Netherlands some hell in the next round!

  24. Belgians might now feel the intensity and desperation that Brazilians felt 4 years earlier - when NOTHING seemed to go in.

  25. I mean atleast Courtois was exceptional for us that match and made some amazing saves. This game our own player, top scorer ever for our NT missed 4 tap ins in one half. I mean jesus christ he a +2 x/g by himself in 45 mins.

  26. Belgium is overrated. How do they consistently rank top 3 without having actual results in tournaments? (Barring 3rd place in 2018)

  27. Belgians were moving with zero sense of urgency for 90% of the match. 80th minute, they pass the ball to each in the centre. Major Denmark vibes.

  28. If I had a nickel for every time a Martinez's contract ended as soon as the referee blew the whistle, I'd have two nickels - which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

  29. "Winning the Euro is even more gratifying than winning the World Cup, in view of the teams and the level shown. Winning the Euro Cup is like being world champion. The best teams and players are European. Except for Brazil, everything is in Europe"

  30. Honestly Lukaku may have missed some goals but at least he was in a good postion to take the chances. It is a team failure since the first game not just his couple of missed oppprtunities. I feel for him becoming the scalegoat

  31. Blame is on the Entire Team not just Lukaku. It's unbelievable this is their golden generation and they absolutely sucked at world cup

  32. Hopefully this is the end of the Martinez era, absolutely dreadful games, except the last one (or last half even...). Should have brought younger players much sooner, such as Trossard, Onana, Doku or Openda. Although I do think with a fit Lukaku we would have struggled through.

  33. Can't wait for them to be the secret favorite of the tournament to win it all for the 5th time in a row in 2024.

  34. The end of another golden generation that failed to live up to expectations. Just like England between 2002-2008, they possessed a range of world-class talent, but were unable to translate that into tournament results. In hindsight, the 2016 Euros and 2018 WC were this team's best chance at victory.

  35. Why do national teams persist with horrible managers for a tournament as big as the world cup that comes around only twice a decade.

  36. Ask Chelsea. He got the Chelsea No.9 curse. Current Chelsea no. 9 is Aubameyang, who has been so-so in whatever little time he gets on the field.


  38. As a Chelsea fan who bought a Lukaku no.9 shirt on a whim cause its 30% off or whatever, we don't want him back. Inter can have him, he's worse than current CR7.

  39. I mean this team let Canada dominate them. They were this close to losing, but luckily for them we can't finish for shit.

  40. I feel a bit sad for Belgium. What a disappointment. Thank you for the memories, sad the golden generation wasnt able to win a bit more.

  41. It was fucking pathetic, how can we have such offensive players and score 1 goal in 3 games? You can’t even point at our defender’s age, we conceded one goal from a set piece because of bad tactics and one when the game was already dead. We leave this World Cup as the team with arguably the most consistence in lame boring games in a group that was clearly not so difficult for us in theory. God I hope we get rid of Martinez, we don’t need a "better" manager, just one who doesn’t have an entire broom closet up his ass will do.

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