[Malik Ouzia] Luis Suarez told by a journalist that he's considered "the devil himself" in Ghana. On not apologising for his handball, Suarez says: “Ghana’s player missed a penalty, not me. Maybe I can apologise if I tackled and injured a player. It’s not my fault, I didn’t miss the penalty."

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  2. Suarez also said: "I don't think Ghanians will consider this match as some sort of revenge. They can't keep living in the past."

  3. Does he know ??? Lmao , people are still very pissed and not just Ghanians. As many said "there is no expiration date on grudge" , but to be clear many understand his decision and know it's a normal thing doesn't stop from wanting "revenge" though

  4. bahahaha they are coming for that revenge. Tomorrow game is gonna be juicy . Does a hero or a villain wins ? Imagine another Suarez handball

  5. was unaware of Ghana being filled with a bunch of pussies, hope the exact same thing happens today & they get sent home to cry for another 10 years

  6. Also if you want to look at it from Uruguay's perspective, the free kick that led to the penalty situation came from a blatant dive, and the Ghana player that shot the ball was offside. So it was just payback for a situation that should have never existed.

  7. I agree with your comment but the "at great personal cost" wording made me laugh - makes it sound like he lost the hand he used for the handball, or has spent the last 10 years in Ghanaian prison.

  8. What do you mean great personal cost? The worst case scenario with him doing it (Ghana score the penalty and progress) is exactly the same as the best case scenario if he does nothing (Ghana score and progress) so at the end of the day there was no downside and only upside and so his actions had no consequences for him and therefore no personal cost... What am I missing..?

  9. Worst part is, there was an offside in the action, he shouldn't have gotten a red because the whole thing was due offside. Might be an even greater robbery as an uruguay with suarez could have beat Netherlands.

  10. There wasn't any gamble. There were absolute zero positives if he left the ball go in. It was literally the last moment of the match. It was 100% chance they would get knocked out if the ball went in.

  11. Of course they don't, Ireland for the Henry handball is something that would warrant an apology for instance.

  12. He did something literally every pro and amateur player would do in his position. The ball was 100% on the target and the only way to keep it from going in was by using his hands.

  13. That was always the crazy thing about this, people who wanted Ghana to win were so mad that Suarez was treated like he had gotten away with it and he had somehow cheated Gyan into missing the penalty as well and needed further punishment.

  14. I think that is the only right way to look at it. All these people that are so outraged are either "holier than thou", lying to themselves or have never played competitive sports.

  15. Exactly. You can understand but still be pissed. Knowing you'd have done the same is a logical realization. Being upset about the situation is emotional. Everyone routinely experiences the two for all sorts of situations.

  16. I agree, but I also feel like the punishment doesn't fit the crime. You get denied a guaranteed goal but only get a penalty and red card in return. This instance feels like it needed the goaltending rule from basketball where they just count the goal when there's interference like this.

  17. I mean Suárez got a red card, and Ghana only got the free kick that led to the penalty from one of the most blatant dives I've ever seen. And half of Ghana was offside during the free kick. So if you look at it from the other perspective, Uruguay got screwed by the referee, and the missed Gyan penalty is just karma for a situation that should have never happened in the first place, had the ref called out the Ghana dive or offside.

  18. I just noticed that BOTH the Uruguayan player three their hands in the air. One of them was bound to stop the ball. It just happened to be Suarez, who has a questionable history.

  19. This is like the least "evil" thing Suarez did lmao. It's a big sacrifice and gamble (red + 90% goal) and it paid off. How is it any different than gambling a tackle for a yellow/red card?

  20. Speaking of diving, the Ghanaian player that drew the foul that led to the handball clearly dived & the whole incident never should've happened if called correctly

  21. I think the context of it made it worse. He blatantly cheated to deny what would have been Africa's first and only World Cup semi-finalist at the only games to have been hosted in an African nation. Add in the fact that Africa has historically had a massive uphill battle to be taken seriously in world football and Luis Suarez is famously racist.

  22. TBF non football following Australian's still hate Italy with a passion for 2006. Even though that sort of 'looking for and forcing the contact' is done by every striker these days.

  23. He took a massive risk and it paid off, he got a red card and got punished and Ghana missed the penalty. They have every right to hate him but he also isnt wrong

  24. How was it a risk at all? If he doesn't block the shot it's a goal 100% of the time and they're out of the cup. If he does block the shot it's a goal like 75% of the time and they might not be out of the cup. There was 0 downside for him making that decision

  25. I still hate him deeply for that day because an African team reaching the semifinals in the first cup in Africa would have been some real cool shit.

  26. I dont get this hate towards Suarez tbh. He prevented the ball to go in and still got penalized with a red card AND a spot kick. Its not like he got away with it at all. Instead of getting mad at Gyan for not converting his chance, fans instead pointing to a player who took a bullet for his nation is just ridiculous. Suarez owes no apology whatsoever. Come on now.

  27. I do feel bad for Ghana but what Suarez did was fucking legendary, he took a bullet and gave his country a chance from the brink of death. can't fault him one bit imo, Suarez shouldn't apologize, he didn't do anything wrong

  28. He played with a hand, got sent off and Ghana got a penalty. Its not his blame that they missed it.

  29. Correct. I understand both sides, if I were from Ghana I would be very bitter but if I were in Suarez place there is no doubt I would have done the same.

  30. People forget that the foul leading up to that play wasn't even a foul. And even then, there was an offiside right before the handball that wasn't called.

  31. People also forget that the other guy on the line (idk who it was) attempted the exact same thing but missed. Suarez just copped all the shit because he was actually good at it

  32. tbh, Suarez did what he had to do to keep his country alive in the World Cup, and he got the rightful punishment for it as well. So why on Earth would he apologize?

  33. I think the argument is that the punishment he received is not fair. How does it make sense that stopping a guaranteed goal gets punished by giving the opposition only a chance for a goal.

  34. I can understand that people in Ghana or Africa as a whole (No clue about regional rivalries, Africans help me with that) are mad at him. But he has a point and did nothing wrong actually

  35. Nah no real rivalries (other than Egypt and Senegal now) from my experience at least. In South Africa we support every African nation until none are left.

  36. He blocked a goal bound shot with his hands and got sent off and conceded a penalty. What do people expect the referee to do more? I wouldn’t call it cheating when he got punished for it. If Ghana scored the penalty no one would even remember this incident. What’s funny is if you watch the replay Suarez being surprised and appealing the red after the handball lmao

  37. I think it just highlighted something in about the rules of the game that fall short. Anyone could see that it was a goal 100% without the handball. So why is it a penalty, where the conversion rate is only around 70%. With as clear cut as it was, the punishment actually made the game less fair.

  38. He did: '...the truth is that my colleague Giorgio Chiellini suffered the physical result of a bite in the collision he suffered with me. For this I deeply regret what occurred. I apologise to Giorgio Chiellini and the entire football family. I vow to the public that there will never again be another incident like this.'

  39. If you guys decide to play like you did in our game between the 60-80 minute you can definitely win.

  40. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but the Suarez handball gets me riled up because it wasn't denial of a goal scoring opportunity, it was denial of a goal. Most other circumstances of tactical fouls have an element of maybe to them, so a penalty is appropriate, but not this one. So for me the rules aren't fit for purpose. I still have a gripe with Suarez, maybe I am "holier than thou", but I also have a gripe with the how the rules have to be applied in situations like this.

  41. It's nothing to do with scoring the penalty or not, it's about being punished for it. He was punished by the rules and got red carded. But that still felt so dirty. Legal, but dirty.

  42. Don't forget Lugano's knee injury after colliding with a Ghana player in the first half that ended up becoming a recurring injury problem for the rest of his career.

  43. With this perspective it seems Suarez and Uruguay have more of a right to think that they were treated unfairly. If not for these erroneous calls Suarez could have played in the semis and the outcome could have been different.

  44. Suarez is right. What's the matter here? Of course you can save a goal with your hand. Punishment is a penalty kick and a red card. Match goes on.

  45. I want Uruguay to be knocked out but damn, Suarez is based as fuck here. You are lying to yourself if you say you wouldn't have done the same.

  46. Any footballer that wouldn't do the same isn't giving it all for his country. Including if it was a Ghana player.

  47. Does Valverde and Solskjaer own apologies for doing those tactical last man tackles? This is about it.

  48. Not his fault. Anyone in that situation would have done the same. And if you says you wouldn’t have, you’re a liar.

  49. I don’t understand the hate for this. He takes the gamble, fully knowing he’d get sent off and concede a penalty. It’s Ghana’s fault for not scoring it

  50. The funny thing about this situation is that unsportsmanship behavior doesn't mean shit if it's not affecting you personally. Everyone is claiming that he "got the punishment he deserved" but if it was your team scoring and your certain goal would've been denied by his actions, you would be all losing your shit and have Suarez on top of your own personal kill list. I wonder what everyone's reaction would be if anyone would tell you that "Come on bub, you lost "fair" and square".

  51. Lmao Suarez is trying to rile up the Ghanaians more and have a psychological boost over them, the worst mistake Ghana will make is to play that match with the erratic and often dangerous emotional desire for revenge, as opposed to just approaching the game as another regular day in the office...revenge is a dangerous game if the emotions aren't applied rightly, and I get the feeling Uruguay have the psychological edge here over Ghana which could play into their hands

  52. Why should Ghana have to make a penalty? They scored a rightful goal that was stolen by cheating. I don’t blame Suarez, he was smart. I blame the rules, that is an awful rule.

  53. This one of the few cases where a penalty was actually a reward for the defending team. They gotta change that rule.

  54. They need to consider a goaltending rule like in basketball. From Wiki; "If goaltending is called for interference with a field goal, the shooting team is awarded the points for the field goal as if it had been made".

  55. Can't understand why some people hate him for this. He literally did the most right thing and became a hero for his country

  56. Very easy to understand why some people hate him for it lol. Ghana was going through an amazing run and Suarez basically ruined it for them in a spectacular way. I would have done it too, but from a Ghana’s fan perspective he’s an easy person to hate

  57. I can't understand how some people can't grasp that others can understand why he did it but still be left unsatisfied by the result.

  58. Like Henry with the Irish… I love the man (at least he seems like a genuine good dude), but I can’t forgive him for that handball assist…

  59. A lot of people would have done the same as Suarez had they been in the same position. Suarez got his punishment and Ghana got their penalty and fluffed it, that’s football.

  60. They just need to acknowledge the game, even Cholo Simeone did to Valverde when he tackled from behind to stop a game changing 1v1, that was riskier as it had a chance to injure the player. Just players maximizing their chances to win and accepting their punishments according to the rules. Any football fan has criticized players who didn’t foul if he could when conceding an important late goal, so why get mad if it happens against you.

  61. As grimy as it was, I will always consider this to be one of the ultimate boss moves by a player in a game of all time

  62. It was simultaneously one of the cuntiest things and an incredibly smart move. You’d be furious if it was against you, and delighted if it was for you.

  63. I'm still pretty conflicted about this tbh, on the one hand it's a great story but on the other hand (lol) it doesn't really feel fair. When someone makes a foul on a player who is on a 1v1 what they're doing is taking away the possibility of scoring a goal and in return the other team gets the possibility to score a goal with a penalty. What Suarez did was take away a certain goal, the ball was literally just going in and in return Ghana got an opportunity to score a goal and then missed. I think if there is a situation where the objectively best course of action is to slap the ball out of the air there is something wrong.

  64. I don’t think he needs to apologise he did what was needed for his team to have a chance to win, I think what pissed people off at the time was when he was crying then celebrating but even then, why wouldn’t celebrate them missing

  65. Can we all just agree that right or wrong it was fantastic drama and that's the kind of thing in football we love to watch and talk about. Imagine if that game had ended 1-0 to Uruguay with everyone calmly shaking hands afterwards. Nobody would even remember it.

  66. It was a dick move but let's be honest: Most of us would have done it in that situation to give our country a glimmer of hope of winning in that moment.

  67. Suarez did what any player would have for their country. Can't be mad at it. Biggest villain in football for me is materazzi and I support inter, but fuck that guy.

  68. You’re all idiots. It doesn’t matter if anyone would have done what Suarez did. What he did, he did to Ghana, so of course they will rightfully hate him. They would have been the first African team in the semis. Anyone would have done the same and any country would hate that person.

  69. It's a bad rule but he shouldn't have to apologise for exploiting it. It's not even remotely fair for Ghana to have gone from effectively a 100% chance at winning since this occurred at the end of extra time to a ~70% chance at winning factoring in the conversion rate and potential for a penalty shootout.

  70. He is right. The rules say that a hand on the ball in that position is a red card and a penalty. Suarez got a red card and Ghana got a penalty, I don't see what's wrong

  71. he did the only thing in that moment that would prevent a goal. He got a red card for it, and Ghana got a pk....they missed it, simple as that.

  72. It's quite interesting, this displays his mentality. He Views violating the rules of the game as part of the game. To him it's a fair exchange. He gets to directly stop a goal, and Ghana gets him sent off, and the chance to score....

  73. The first time i've ever seen him criticized for it was on this sub. Definitely had never seen anyone call it cheating. Legendary world cup moment, he owes no apologies.

  74. Ghana essentially "cheated" to get here anyway so its really rich of them to speak. In the group stage qualifying at the Cape Coast stadium needing a win vs South Africa Daniel Amartey flopped onto the turf and got a penalty for Ghana. Blatant dive. Screw Ghana. They deserve the worst.

  75. They also dived to get the free kick which led to the penalty in 2010, honestly was one of the worst dives I've ever seen.

  76. I have a lot of negative feelings towards a lot of things Suarez has done. I have literally zero problems with the handball. He took a red card to save his team, he didn't try to trick the ref or doing anything fancy. He took a red card and the opponent got a pen. That's just football.

  77. Every time this Suarez handball comes up, some dumbass just HAS to suggest an automatic goal, which is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever read. He made a tactical foul, got sent off and Ghana got awarded a penalty, they missed, end of story.There's no automatic goal in football, only occasion it would make sense is if an invading fan stopped a clear goal on the line.

  78. I always think of this in similar terms to someone who parks their car wherever they feel like because they're straight-up rich enough to afford the fine. There's a clearly-stated punishment, that punishment is served and accepted, so the matter is resolved. It might not be ethical, but that's how the rules work.

  79. 2010 was the first soccer tournament I ever watched. I'm Canadian so had no horse in the race. But South Africa is when I fell in love with the sport.

  80. The guy broke a rule. He was red carded, missed the next game, and they awarded Ghana the penalty. The punishment fit the rule breaking. That's it.

  81. I actually think he should apologize. I just think it’s so unsportsmanlike and dishonourable to violate one of the cardinal rules of the sport and win like that.

  82. Out of all the shit Suarez pulled. This one is one that I can only appreciate. He sacrificed his chance of playing further matches for the team. He didnt do it by physically hurting an opponent, he didnt do it by kicking someone. He did it by making a last resort foul and didnt try to sugar coat it. The joy he showed when ghana missed the penalty shows his winner mentality.

  83. If it was me I'd do what Suarez did without even thinking. You do anything to let your team/country win. A more recent example that came to my mind (although I admit its not comparable since one is a foul and the other is a handball) is the Valverde tackle on Morata. That was fucking epic, Valverde knew the rules and yet decided to go with the tackle.

  84. Deliberately breaking the rules like this is a prime example of the punishment not being severe enough to deter the offense. As is the case for all "professional" fouls.

  85. He was sent off and they were awarded a penalty. That is the most severe punishment there is for non-violent offenses. You think they should just have been awarded the goal without the penalty kick?

  86. Whilst I agree that Suarez is right here, it is funny that you're questioning them thinking of him as the/a devil for a handball, when your own country thinks of another handball as an intervention from god lol

  87. If he was a goalkeeper it would be a different story. I didnt know it was so acceptable to just decide youre playing goalkeeper on the spot.

  88. All the idiots saying Suarez cheated forgetting the free kick was due to a blatant dive and ghanian players being offside during that set piece. So it's completely fair that Suarez punched the ball away, completely on Ghanian players not being able to convert penalties which they shouldn't have gotten

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