Match Thread: Wales vs England | FIFA World Cup

  1. I love the guy but sadly rob page just isn’t a good manager, we’ve played awful every game and have had no game plan going forward

  2. Rashford was crap in the first half, every touch went wayward and he had no confidence going forward. I’m embarrassed you’ve spent time going through the thread looking for those.

  3. Didn't get the Welsh game plan really. You only need a win. Surely you go for it from the off, and try and establish a lead to defend rather than sit back and let England dictate play.

  4. Can't wait for this bald fraud of a manager to get roasted by Reddit. Oh wait, he's the Wales manager so he's an absolute saint even though they have been absolutely dog shit apart from 20 mins in the 2nd half against the yanks, a country that specialises in hand egg.

  5. Look, I'm not saying this to specifically hurt Welsh feelings but... was that really the Welsh golden generation? Cos they played some pretty dire football. Old Man Ramsey and Old Man Bale do not a competitive WC team make.

  6. That generation has been and gone, they'd have probably fared a bit better had they not brought their big name players with them at all. Ramsey and Bale have both been burdens.

  7. Well done England! I admit it's nice to see the team so together. Wales was good defence at the start, pressing well but just gave up. We seemed to just let it happen with no bite. England taking advantage and going for the kill.

  8. Oh Gary, my sweet summer child, it's not about playing that way against better sides, it's about learning how to play against better sides that press you, don't sit back and don't give the ball away easily.

  9. Don't know why anyone are surprised they we're shit, it's not like we've got a huge footballing pedigree with our 4 professional clubs in lower leagues and no players who play for big clubs, and no worked cup appearances for 60 years.

  10. Can tell Rush and Williams just wanted to leave the punditry booth once Shearer etc started talking and bigging up England's chances lol

  11. Me after the Iran game: It's coming home, Southgate's a genius, best players in the world done wonders in this system

  12. Great game England, really well-managed from Southgate too, gave minutes to good players who can be important to come off the bench in the next round (Henderson, Trippier, Alexander-Arnold, Phillips, Wilson, Grealish) while also giving a confidence boost to Foden and showing that Rashford really is on fire (should be a starter from now). Would love to see us face you guys, it has been some time since we've seen a Portugal vs England in an official tournament ahaha

  13. Just an absolutely disgraceful display from Wales, all tournament. Such a lack of effort. To stand their and applaud the fans after the past 3 games is disgusting

  14. England played well, against a Wales side in poor form admittedly, but they had so much more energy and enthusiasm tonight that they missed vs USA.

  15. Rubbish effort by the keeper. Ive played with people at pub level better than that. 2 come to mind that were good enough to be professional. Both called Dave. One had pins in his leg from a bad tackle, so went in goal and found out he was brilliant. The other liked his weed too much so never went for trials at the local league club. He was better than their keeper.

  16. I reckon Southgate was playing for a draw because he knew that a draw meant we were as good as through since Wales had very low odds of actually getting 4 against us. Looks shit, but its him managing the group stage carefully.

  17. If i hear any one of our ex footballers say we did well to get there i will scream. Our performances here have undermined the effort it took to get here.

  18. Sadly it was impossible, best we could of hoped for was Iran coming through with us, hoping we go against the yanks again though now they are through, need to show them what it looks like when we play for the win.

  19. Don't celebrate just yet lads. The table has yet to be adjusted for passion and number of bucket hats worn.

  20. Good to see England pressing high. That's how these players play in the premier league. They should do it more for the national team as well.

  21. Yeah. Mostly just provided width, helped win the ball back and then helped progress it when Rashford moved onto the RW

  22. He was solid, not groundbreaking but probably just what southgate needed. He was the leader on the field tho, I expect to see more of him this tournament at times when we need to control the pace and keep shape and discipline.

  23. He didn't do anything visibly spectacular, but as the commentators were saying: his main impact was more in the leadership he brought to the midfield. The whole time he was shouting and giving instructions which (in theory at least) contributed to a more organised team.

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