Match Thread: Spain vs Costa Rica | FIFA World Cup

  1. Without a hint of hyperbole, that's probably the most dominant performance I've ever seen. 82% possession. No shots whatsoever for the other team.

  2. He stays on the bench for psg. Not kidding if he was playing against real madrid in ucl. They wouldn’t have lost

  3. Yeah, definitely. Ever since PSG replaced him with Donnarumma, he’s just not getting the consistent playtime to be in form. Plus I heard US commentators mention he’s struggled with a back injury lately.

  4. Costa Rica the only team to not have a single shot in WC history since they also did that themselves in 1990

  5. Update: my buddy talked to crying Costa Rica smoke show and she is gonna watch the Canada game with us 😂

  6. I remember Bayern had a match with over 1000. Don’t remember the exact number but Lahm had like 130 of the passes completed.

  7. That's putting it lightly. We live and breathe football here - this will literally devastate morale nationwide. It will have legitimate social consequences (e.g. there's a history of spikes in domestic violence, drunk driving, vandalism, etc whenever things like this happen to the NT).

  8. It is. But this is a new thing. Germany vs Japan had a total of 24 extra minutes (14+10) I don't know what the fuck are they doing with the added time. Yesterday it was too much, but I don't think the referee could just have added 2 or 3 (new rules in this WC, Idk if the extra time is one of these)

  9. Gavi went from not being able to pick a pass in the first half to just dominating in the second half. Feel bad for CR, but Navas having not played since June has really shown. Good win for Spain and start the WC, the youngsters looked great. Pedri, Gavi, Balde will be playing in hopefully a lot more of these

  10. Navas chose that fate for himself. He knew before the season started he was getting benched and decided to stay, cash that PSG check every month, not show up to any NT match, making up injuries for every match, getting complacent and letting his level drop. He knows he's on the way out and doesn't feel like putting any effort into stopping it - I think he just wants a couple easy years making as much money as possible and then call it a day.

  11. Yeah the part where in the tournament arc where the protags watch the big bad wipe out another crew. And they gave said crew generic designs so you know they're fucked.

  12. It means the ball is "in contest", e.g. after a duel when no one fully controls the ball yet. Although in the case of this game Spain is usually in control even when the ball is loose.

  13. Man that one was down to the wire, was about to put a last minute bet on Costa Rica to mount a come back in the final 15 but held off

  14. If goal difference matters then it Shouldn’t matter if it’s a blowout. PSG and Benfica in the CL is an example of why all games should be treated the same.

  15. If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with putin and hitler and luis fernando suarez,I would shoot suarez twice.

  16. mah gawd, they killed him. What a hopeless display on the world stage. I feel bad for any CR fans who made the trek to Qatar to watch that!!!

  17. I feel really bad for the thousands of Costa Ricans who'll have to pay off their credit card debt for years just to go witness that live.

  18. in all honesty I expect canada to lose but not nearly as horrifically as costa rica just did. its cliche but participating in the world cup for the first time in my life at 27 it feels good to just be part of the club this time. hopefully something to build off of in 2026

  19. Germany needs to beat Spain and Costa Rica to have a chance to advance. Clearly can’t rely on Costa Rica to steal a point against Japan.

  20. Yeah, I do think Japan and Spain will advance as well. I'm sure Germany is shitting their pants after that game. This is coming from Germany fan

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