Match Thread: Mexico vs Poland | FIFA World Cup

  1. Poland does not deserve a spot in the group stage, also who let krychowiak on the pitch? He should be banned from playing for life.

  2. They've always been playing the most boring football in big competitions. Even though they have Zielinski who can create, they still play the same old way.

  3. Krychowiak should have his jersey taken away and be sent on the next plane back to Poland. His choice to shoot at the end when Matty Cash was wide open down the right wing was abysmal.

  4. Krychowiak, hermano ya eres mexicano. Not for real what an awful decision to waste the only resemblance of build up play for the Polish squad.

  5. What are you talking about ? Mexicans fans loved it, I almost died when that counterattack started developing...

  6. So we need to either get a result against Argentina or hope Poland beats Saudi Arabia to have a chance by the third match day...

  7. Casual fan observing from neither country but its wide open. Argentina will undoubtedly be at its best on Mexico while Saudi Arabia has shown how a disciplined Renard coached team can be scary.

  8. It’s weird how similar of a situation we are both in. A draw against a European side who you’d have to like your chances against, with a tournament favorite and a team you have to beat lurking. Only difference is your tournament favorite team now HAS to win out.

  9. If they took out Martin move Lozano center and put Lainez at the right, a lot more opportunities would have come.

  10. Mexico played better than I expected. Vega, Lozano, and Edson were brilliant. But we don't have much outside of them. I'd like to see Orbelin next game. We should've gotten the 3 points. It would've let me sleep better.

  11. I mean Mexico had complete control of that match. Their best bet might have been just to constantly whip In low crosses and hope for an own goal.

  12. I swear whenever they went forward, there was almost always nobody to intercept the crosses. Too many players staying in the back and not counter-attacking.

  13. Mexico coach left all the good young strikers home and is wondering why these shit attackers couldn’t get anything done

  14. Solid game from Mexico. They hustled and kept possession majority of the game. Unfortunately, our final third just struggles to create clear chances. We needed those 3 pts considering I’m sure Argentina are going to wake up after their loss. This group will probably be decided on the final day!

  15. That Polish dude had Mattie Cash making an all out run down the right with NO ONE on him… could’ve been a glorious chance but the asshole took a low percentage, greedy & visionless shot instead. 🤦‍♂️smh

  16. Argentina’s ego is hurt… this is either good news for Mexico or terrible news for Mexico. And that will make Saturday’s game more thrilling!

  17. On the contrary, I think both of them will have to play with more intensity against Argentina. Had Mexico or Poland won, they would've known that a win against Saudi Arabia is all they needed to go through

  18. Argentina is going to struggle against both Poland and Mexico too. Y’all acting like they didn’t just lose their first game lmao. Everyone was certain that Argentina would get three points today but forgot that you still gotta play your games.

  19. Mexico kept going for crosses but there would be barely anyone in the box for it.It gave me flashbacks of last season when Nuno Mendes would cross or be looking to cross the ball and no one was in the box for it leaving him in no man’s land.

  20. That is pretty much the average international games and Champions League hour around here. But yes, 4 games is a lot and I cant binge them like I used to because they are during school season now lol

  21. Gutierrez needs to start over that bum Herrera, and Pineda needs to be used. Herrera was passenger all game, and if he’s closed down he can’t do shit with the ball other than blindly cross it

  22. It’s funny how many people actually slept through it expecting one thing to happen only to wake up shocked lmao.

  23. For people wanting to get work done during this WC, I think the best time is obv when your team isn’t playing. Take some time on a day with relatively unimportant matches to you, to do work. At least that’s what I’m doing.

  24. What if they keep calling every 10 minutes in the middle of the match? So mad, they never call unless Mexico is playing…

  25. I still think that Argentina can absolutely lose to Mexico when they play. Argentina's defense was really poor vs Saudi Arabia

  26. I wish, but not in this time line, it’s a mental block beyond repair. Everyone is Mexico is aware this is an auto-loss, a tie would be like winning.

  27. I think after what happened with Saudi Arabia Argentina can lose to anyone haha. But there’s no denying this match was terrible from both sides.

  28. I don't know, for me this was a good football match. Maybe 1:1 draw would be more interesting but still. And I feel like both Mexican and Polish fans think "we could've won this", that means that it was good balanced match. This group will be very competitive.

  29. He had most challanges won, most headers won, most key passes in this game. Not his fault he had to play in 9-0-1 tactic.

  30. Those chances sums Mexico up nicely. Good approach play, gentle pass to defender. Decent ball over the top, passed to goalkeeper. They seem like they could play till December and still not score.

  31. The match was good up until around the 60 minute mark. Then it just lost all its steam. Guess neither team is fit enough to keep high intensity play for more than 60 minutes.

  32. Can you say the exact joke? He scores a lot of goals, which could explain the name, and it could also be used to make fun of him given he missed the penalty today

  33. I think Poland vs Mexico vs Wales would be a well-matched triple threat. Tunisia would wipe the floor with all three though.

  34. So many attempts at passes by players who just didn't have it in their kit bags. Cross field passes missing targets and at times players could make simpler through balls going for ones that prime Xavi or Messi aren't making.

  35. I have said Poland will not win with krychowiak. Fuck the coach and the national team managers. I would rather see some random ekstraklasa player than krychowiak and Glik.

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