FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Hub Thread

  1. They do get accumulated till quarterfinals. Semi-finals is where the slate is wiped clean to ensure players won’t miss final due to accumulated yellows. They can only miss it through a red in semis.

  2. How is Alex Telles ruling out a big blow to Brazil? I get it every injury hurts in somehow, but is it in big blow level? Same for GabrielJesus tbh, their attack is stacked rn, will they even notice Gabriel's absence?

  3. Aside from it being the biggest shock in World Cup history, Saudi vs Argentina I’d say is the best game of the group stages. Atmosphere felt like it was the World Cup final, and Saudi pulling off one of the greatest defensive performances in recent memory makes it sound like a fairytale. Sensational stuff.

  4. Not definitely the biggest shock in World Cup history. Argentina weren't reigning champions or even nailed on favourites to win the tournament - just one of top 5 teams in world. Cameroon vs Argentina (1990) and Senegal vs France (2002) were probably bigger upsets

  5. FIFA should introduce penalty goals a la rugby for occasions when a blatant goal (eg. A handball on the line) prevents a goal, CMV

  6. Many are saying Messi v Ronaldo final will be peak football. As a huge fan I would love to see that but I think I’m terms of quality Brazil v France final would be the peak of football.

  7. Ghana/Uruguay would seem to be the better one initially, but I’d keep an eye on the South Korea score and switch if they score

  8. People criticise him for some things but apart from a dissenting voice like Hamann who wants him gone immediately the consensus seems to be that he should get the home Euro in 2024.

  9. Doesn't Portugal play Brazil if they finish 2nd? Why field a weaker team and potentially face the favourites?

  10. All Polish referee trio for Argentina - Australia. Probably and hopefully won’t be the case since we accidentally helped them go through, but isn’t there a bit of a huge conflict of interest there? Imagine if we had knocked them out or thrashed them 7-0 or something, surely refs from the country we’ve just played shouldn’t be eligible for our next match?

  11. Today Tó Silva will continue to demonstrate that he is our future main CB alongside Ruben, that he is our current 3rd CB (way clear of Danilo) and that he is the best young CB in the world

  12. Is To short of Antonio in Portuguese? And why the hell your coach doesn't play Leao? Does he hate him or love him so much that he wants to keep by his side?

  13. people in Argentina trying to find something to banter Australia with and accidentally studying Australian history and finding out about the war on Emus, the World Cup is truly a beautiful thing

  14. I haven't seen people really talk about it, but the "Rodri at CB" experiment really isn't working that well for Spain. Yesterday he slowed down for Japan's second goal, unaware that there was a player making a run behind him. He could have easily intercepted the ball otherwise.

  15. I think enrique feels like both Rodri and Busquets need to be on the pitch, but I'm with you. Rodri's distribution out the back is really nice, but it's a pure luxury at this point, and doesn't add much given our quality in midfield. I would definitely rather him play a little further up the field and have some more solidity at the back.

  16. I think today is the day we'll actually find out if Portugal can compete for this WC or not, if South Korea want to remain in the competition they can't just stay in their box, they'll need to attack so we'll finally have some space up front, let's see what we do with it.

  17. I think its the opposite, today is the day we learn the least useful information about Portugal. They are qualified already, their priority today isn't winning, its avoiding injuries and yellow cards and keeping their key players fresh. The only thing that might pressure Portugal into taking risks is if they see Ghana is winning their match while they are down to Korea, as I'm sure they want to avoid Brazil.

  18. Portugal is playing their B team and using it to rest important players, I don't think it's a good game to judge them

  19. I fail to understand how a less important game played with "secondary" players correlates to whether we are able to win the competition or not

  20. If Portugal finish first in their group this could potentially shape up to a Portugal - Argentina final. I'm not a fan of either but I think a world cup final Messi vs Ronaldo would be peak football.

  21. I think Argentina Portugal could be decent but Ronaldo is just bad at this point. He will be the reason Portugal don’t make the final unfortunately

  22. So glad that Uruguay are reverting to the 4-2-2-2 they used during previous matches under Alonso before the world cup, and that Godin is not starting. And that De Arraccaeta and Pellestri are starting in the false winger positions.

  23. And it's a goal for Son Heung-Min in the 97th minute!!! He's scores against Portugal to make it three world cups in a row where he's found the net!!!

  24. I honestly think this WC is anybodies. I think we'll see a surprise winner, like Greece at the Euros all those years ago. Especially if France get knocked out. This has been one of the best tournaments I've watched, just a shame about the controversy around Qatar.

  25. I love witnessing meltdowns from the sideline more than almost anything. It's one of the main reasons I like football. If Suarez does something illegal or completely psychotic against Ghana then I'm all for it. Sorry not sorry

  26. It's not just lacking this striker but also the defensive solidity of past teams, Germany looked shaky at the back in each game whereas the 2010/2014 Germany was almost impossible to create against

  27. Lol German fans have done a complete u turn from crediting Flick completely for their WC win under low to now wanting him out

  28. Musiala is obviously great but at least in these WC games he’s relied far too much on his dribbling. he doesn’t seem to know how to do much else and while he has a lot of successful dribbles he also loses possession a fuckton.

  29. Klinsmann was right about Iran's ref crowding antics. I'm Iranian. They're kinda known for it. Constant bickering. Most of you aren't Iranian and have barely ever watched Iran play, so you thought it was a senseless attack. I grew up watching Iran play. What he said is true. Even my football-loving parents know it. Some of you guys got waaay too worked up about things you don't even have a clue about. It's not your job to defend poor little Iran and attack big bad Klinsmann. You'd be calling these types of comments based if he was talking about the US or something. You guys are surprised when Iran forget how to string 3 passes together and play hoofball while everyone I know expects it, how am I supposed to take your anti-Klinsmann comments seriously when you know fuck all about the Iranian team?

  30. I think the issue mostly stemmed from Klinsman speaking in a language that’s not his own. He kept referring to the ‘culture’ of Iran, meaning the culture of the team , as you reference. But people took it to mean the culture of the Iranian people generally

  31. I feel like Ghana will be too overwhelmed with this sense of taking revenge instead of focusing on the actual game

  32. My midfielder has 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 games with 2 motm performances securing his nations qualification. Their midfielder has less asists than maguire.

  33. Saw Danny Murphy saying player for player Argentina aren't actually all that and only two players make it into England's 11 - Messi and Romero.

  34. Depends if you take in account their overall form or NT form. If I was Scaloni and could build on top of the current team, the only players I’d 100% take for the starting XI would be Kane and James (Trent or any of the billion right backs you have if you consider James’ injury). There’s room for debate for a lot of others I guess but I wouldn’t drop anyone else from out starting XI for any of the english players.

  35. Come on, Ghana. Get your revenge on the pitch and send Uruguay home. Let’s add another African nation in the round of 16 🤞

  36. Listening to some podcasts, Ghana fans and players sound so bitter about 2010. Luis Suarez was correct back then in saying, yes, he made the foul but he was punished and Ghana were given a penalty they missed. It's not his fault.

  37. I feel like Uruguay will win if the Ghana players are this bitter about something that happened 12 years ago...

  38. Never really understood the controversy. I understand why Suarez did it and Uruguay got full punishment for it in form of a red+pen.

  39. If Jamal Musiala and Erling Haaland had chosen to play for England now they'd both have some chances to win 2022 World Cup

  40. Fair play to Haaland picking Norway, basically resigning himself to the fact that he'll never win an international tournament and he probably won't even compete at many.

  41. That would've been awesome to have both of those lads! Probably the only time where it would be justifiable for England to play two strikers up top, with Kane in a slightly deeper role!

  42. Germany not winning against Japan cost them dearly. I thought they were better against Spain and played well against Costa Rica except for the defense.

  43. Bad luck with Spain losing v Japan and having such a tough group unlike Argentina which could recover v Mexico instead of Spain

  44. Am surprised Louis van gaal and Netherlands aren’t getting any criticism, their performances have been disgustingly bad.

  45. They are, though. Dutch media and fans are very critical, and you should see the bracket threads here. They're already saying Argentina has a free path to the semis. Even the Yanks are joining in, would you believe.

  46. Their squad is a bit hit and miss, they essentially cruised to the KOs without playing very well, and have probably the easiest Ro16 draw

  47. So obviously I support Australia against Argentina but if Argentina win, am I allowed to support Argentina for the rest of the tournament because I like Messi?

  48. You may support us because going out to the champions is more glorified than going out to a team that lost next round tbf

  49. So easily rattled, guess living in their shithole country means they have little else to do than get worked up over protests.

  50. Because regular Qataris aren't the ones silencing them but people like you keep treating them shit for what?

  51. The most mental thing about that Japan did it cross the line/did it not cross the line is the pass the lad plays. On the stretch and has to hit it into the ground to get the ball to pop into the air to avoid the other Japan player on the ground.

  52. Not really, if anything it's more annoying when a ball is clearly inbounds and they call for a throw-in because it "feels" out

  53. Yesterday's crazyness turned me into a strong proponent of the 4 group system and I hope FIFA keeps it in 2026 as it looks like they might be doing.

  54. With the gap in European and South American teams vs the rest of the world becoming smaller and smaller, the 4 group set up would be much more exciting. A very big part of me hopes Senegal goes all the way this world cup.

  55. I looked back at World Cup 2018 groups, and I could have guessed the teams that make it out 15/16 times. Only Germany was a surprise.

  56. twitter is full of islamofascists and right wingers celebrating that germany hasn’t qualified. Hope one day they move to a place together so they stop bothering everybody else

  57. They’re celebrating their downfall because of their pro - LBTQ agenda. I’m celebrating their downfall due to English bitterness about their previous success. We are not the same

  58. I really wish Croatia outclassed us yesterday, seeing how close we were and how much better we were with Lukaku on the pitch hurts. Ofc Martinez is to blame because he's never found a good plan B to play without Romelu but we could have done a lot of things if he was in his 2021 form for the tournament. His injury killed our world cup.

  59. Morocco could cause the following countries to be knocked out: Belgium - Spain - Portugal - England/France - Netherlands. African revenge run against the colonizers.

  60. Genuinely nothing better for us and our mentality that we're entering the knockout stages with a 0-0 draw, if we blew Belgium away we would already be crowning ourselves the champion.

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