Toe Pain in Snowboarding boots

  1. If you sized them correctly, it's probably just break-in issues. Breaking in a pair of boots can be a really uncomfortable experience sometimes, and it's not unusual that it can cut your day short.

  2. This is part of the life of a snowboarder. Toe drag sucks so many riders squeeze into tight boots and modify them by sanding down the liner where you have toe pain, or other tricks. Toe nails aren’t allowed and should be cut more than possible- watch out for ingrown. Also long hikes are good for breaking in boots and never wear dirty socks in good boots. Also plug in boot dryers are a must cause wet boots= unhappinesses. I think that’s why so many skiers are crusty, because of their self inflicted foot torture. Good luck and have fun!

  3. I actually cut out the pressure points on my liners. Halved the thickness in some areas and duck taped them back in.

  4. Thirty two are usually pretty comfortable had a problem one time I forgot to cut my toenails before the trip and they would kinda push against my foot in the boot when I toe side turn

  5. Ya, i find it weird that it is just the one toe that hurts. Maybe i just missed it when cutting my toenails🤷‍♂️

  6. If you just need a tiny bit more space in the boot, consider trying out some ergonomic insoles and add a heel lift. By lifting up your heel and your arch, those 2 things will combine to make your foot occupy just a little bit less length in the boot (and probably feel better anyway). In these situations, all you often need is just a fraction of an inch to feel a big difference. I have Shred Soles insoles. They have been great. Bought heel lifts from Tognar, but they sell those everywhere.

  7. Boot pain can be from pretty much anything. Too small and your toe is smashed, too big and your foot slides forward and smashes your toe, too wide/bad arch and you curl your toes and cause cramping. Heel lift can cause you to move your foot weird. Too tight you can cut circulation and cause pain. A bad fit with the bindings can cause pressure points or tweak to boot in a weird way.

  8. Its just pain in one of my toes. Kinda like the nail is being pushed in. I think its either I need to break them in more or I missed a toenail when clipping them, because its only the one toe.

  9. A lotta people have issues with thirty twos, they either fit just right or cause havock. Mine came with different sized ankle padding inserts, try those and see if you can lock the rear of your foot in more. Otherwise of they are too tight see if you can take em to a tech shop and get the toes heat molded

  10. I just finished up and my toenails arent black yet, so I guess thats a good sign. I think I got those ankle paddings you were talking about, id have to check the box.

  11. Get them heat molded or heat molded again if you already did that, and use a toe cap to punch out a few mm around the toe. Any shop will do it for free or a few bucks.

  12. I cant feel my feet after 2 hours in new boots. After the first week they're like slippers. Believe in the break in

  13. It could be a couple things, but most likely you're in a slightly too small boot. If it's less than half a size should be easy to sort out with some help from a decent boot fitter. A thinner insole and maybe a heel lift could do it.

  14. They're probably too tight, I had the same thing happen in my double boas, but keeping the upper boot and bindings looser helped my toes immensely

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