My corn snake has a hard lump on his back about a third of the way down his body. I first noticed it a few weeks ago but he was acting normal so I decided to see if it would heal on its own. It seems to have gotten a bit worse since then. What could it be?

  1. Take him to the vet asap. My corn has the same thing, flaired up like that in 6 days while he was hiding in shed, and the lump came back as cancer. Don't know it it's malignant yet and won't until they remove it and send the whole thing to the lab. The other options the vet thought it could be was a bacterial cyst, or a viral infection. You can't wait around for those either. Get your pet in as soon as possible. I have to drive an hour to the exotic vet to take mine in but it's worth it. Had he not been hiding while in shed I would have seen the lump earlier, bit it popped up while he was hiding. Lumps on snakes are bad news.

  2. I would have taken him sooner but the closest vet that treats reptiles is 3 hours away and my parents refused to take me. They threatened to make me get rid of him if I kept trying to convince them. Luckily I was able to schedule an appointment for tomorrow.

  3. Please do not compare humans and animals. Most advice for humans does not work on or will actively harm animals. Different dog breeds already have their own quirks not to mention snakes, that have almost nothing in common with anything else. The proportions are also different, if you were to upscale the snake to human size, the lump would about as big as a football. The reason many people are saying vet visit is because of the risk involved. The snake could absolutely be fine without a vet or outright die in the next night, we simply cannot know which one it will be until someone with the diagnostic means and knowledge has taken a look.

  4. Some people on here are more interested in downvoting you out of self righteous narcissistic rage than they are in actually helping your snake.

  5. You make a good point about something I’ve noticed in many of the pet forums, regardless of the animal. I’m not speaking about anyone specific, but Redditors in general are so quick to jump on posters for doing something wrong (read: something they wouldn’t do) and acting self-righteous by castigating other animal owners is too common.

  6. Honestly, this irritates me too. Like I’m sure OP knows they need to take their pet to the vet, they just wanted outside opinions on what it could possibly be to feel less afraid of the unknown problem at hand. It’s scary when pets get sick because they can’t tell you what they feel like, and asking others if they’ve experienced this before the vet appointment helps calm those nerves. So for gods sake, just let people ask, and be kind.

  7. Omg same happened to me in a shrimp topic! Downvoted when unnecessary. No but check this….hours later they felt the lash back so they deleted comments to look like it fit with our convo to make them look better. 😳 They were so nice now and then switched from a know-it-all to a ‘I’m still learning too’👀 AFTERthefact they corrected me in sumn stupid! A fisherman kinda backed me up…sad AF 😂🤣

  8. Everyone I've seen has given the exact same advice as you: to take them to the vet. Sure, upvoting might mean more people see the post, but if they decide to wait it out after 10 people tell them to go to the vet because they want 100 minimum to say it maybe they're the problem? There are a lot of things to criticise redditors for, but people like you who wanna be one of the cool, self-reflective ones who "see what's wrong with everyone else" are one of the worst ones. They have been told to take them to the vet by multiple people, including yourself. No one on here can diagnose exactly what's wrong, and even if they could, that person would also say it's something a vet should deal with

  9. could be a tumor or a parasite. could be malignant or benign, since it’s grown that’s a sign it could be dangerous and I’d try to get in with the nearest exotic vet. good luck!

  10. I’m glad you got a vet appointment, my housemate noticed her snake had a lump near his tail and the next day he was dead :( it could have been a buildup of feces possibly

  11. Take your noodle to the vet. Ours had a lump and it turned out to be malignant. Fortunately, they were able to remove the lump with decent margins. Now we look out for regrowth moving forward.

  12. I’ll tell you what that is. An immediate vet visit. Not only has it gotten bigger it’s a abnormality under the skin of the snake. Top 2 things that come to mind is cancer or a build up of some type of body fluid

  13. Listen to everyone! A diagnosis will help narrow it down for further next steps! I know because I just dealt with osteosarcoma! The only way to know is I did the whole sha-bang with X-rays, bloodwork, running test etc I WAS NOT PREPARED let me tell you! Heartache n vet bills! Animals are expensive! My baby is gone 😭 no choice!!! If I didn’t go in time could you imagine the suffering? He went so fast! Deteriorated so fast! Just get the test done so you can go from there! Look at the very first comment when someone blurted out ‘CANCER’ c’mon! Don’t take it to Reddit unless you are diagnosing yourself and even then I guess post us updates on your baby! Know your laws in your area! In the end we cannot force u or tell you what to do… FYI:beautiful colors! I want one just like it 🥰 Gluck 🙏

  14. I wouldn’t comment this, considering nobody knows. It could very well just be cutaneous fluid buildup because of a small wound

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