I finally found a crazy seed! Neow took 99 gold on the first floor for one of these. I truly don't know which one to pick. All seem to have great upside. What are you starting with?

  1. With that you just gotta focus on orb/lighting orb generation. With that alone on base focus you can walk through most of acts 1 and 2

  2. Same, the only runs I’ve won with defect were with electrodynamics. It’s probably one of the better crowd control cards in the game imo.

  3. Probably not the best choice but I can resist electrodynamics. Watching your lightning hit multiple enemies is just too satisfying.

  4. I’m biased, but I got a Floor 0 Hyperbeam and it won me a heart kill like two minutes ago. It’s a fantastic card for the entire first act and it’s even still useful for burst damage in acts 2 and 3. You can take a lot more hallway fights and elites, and with a little luck you won’t take a scratch against the act 1 crowd fights. I removed the Hyperbeam in Act 3 with a toke once I had removed or transformed every strike and defend.

  5. Damn all three would be great at floor one. I’d probably go biased or electro because I don’t like taking hyperbeam without artifact from core surge or orange pellets. At the same time hyperbeam is a free act one

  6. Right? I mean hyperbeam really is a free act one. Theres a chance to remove it later on if need be. I love biased cog, probly the strongest tbh, but electro is so good for many specific fights.

  7. I think that only taking cards that debuff if you have some way to negate the debuff is a bit… idk, I just think it’s bad strategy. Hyperbeam is such a strong Act 1 killer that you only care about the debuff in longer fights, like Act 2 elites and above. By then, Hyperbeam is just one card in probably a 30-card deck. Maybe more, because you took extra hallway fights with your Hyperbeam. The downside isn’t a killer and the upside is great.

  8. You literally can't make a wrong choice here. They are imo the top 3 defect starting rares. Biased is just the best card defect has. Electro carries you through all multi enemy fights.

  9. No way to go wrong on this floor. I'm team Biased here personally; while hyperbeam totally solves Act I for you, Biased is still very strong in Act I and snowballs better later - if you have Biased, you won't be caught later in the run with no focus (which is my least favorite way to lose Defect runs).

  10. What’s your act path look like? If it’s easy you could take an electro or biased and be ok. If there’s a hard one hyperbeam will get you way stronger and be the best

  11. I ended up taking hyperbeam and fought two elites, 2 shops and the rest were hallway fights thanks to a couple of ? having mushroom and a slaver.

  12. I really like reprogram runs and hyperbeam is an excellent card in such runs. But i'd provably go with Electro on this.

  13. Reprogram is one of the most fun buildaround cards in Spire. Outscaling the Lagavullin debuffs is just so satisfying.

  14. I like Hyperbeam or Electrodynamics here, but you can't really ask for much more from Neow. I'd probably go Hyperbeam here and take all the Act 1 fights possible. It's very close though.

  15. Based Cognition, though I prefer to have core surge or orange pellets with it it's strong enough, especially act 1

  16. It’s a tossup between electro and hyper beam for me. I recognize biased cog is one the best cards for defect but the other two are just way better floor 1

  17. Yeah that’s tough. I love Electro but tbh the other two are better for endgame. I lean towards BC, although I’ve recently become a Hyper enjoyer. I think BC has better potential against the bosses

  18. Hyperbeam gives you a free Act 1 and is great on some later multienemy fights, but it drops off a lot later on even if you can avoid the focus down with artifacts/pellets

  19. Yeah going for heart. The boss was slimeboss so I was leaning more towards hyperbeam or electro. Ended up taking hyper and having a strong first act.

  20. Gonna go against the grain here and say Biased Cog gives you the best chance. It’s the most flexible card and would work in just about any deck you’d build.

  21. I’d go electro. Whenever I have an act 1 hyperbeam it’s always on the bottom of my deck in the fights I need it

  22. I always go electro if it’s viable, and it’s almost always viable. You don’t have to take one crowd control attack if you have that.

  23. Damn hyper beam is insane act 1 and can continue to be great if it fits with the deck, electro is amazing for multi fights but can be clunky in some fights, biased cog is always good. Honestly if I’m looking for fun I go hyperbeam, looking to win I go electro or biased. All are viable

  24. I’d go beam and take a max greed act 1/early act 2. If I have to remove it later or just not play it it’ll still pay itself off.

  25. Electro is just nice, act one can be weird with lagavulin and the nob but sentries and hallways its fantastic and against slime boss is fantastic. U cant rly go wrong with bias cog it’s just so much Utility and damage. I would personally take bias just for how flexible it is and its cheaper than electro

  26. Hyperbeam will absolutely carry you through act 1 and is a good way to end a lot of fights even if you go with an orb-based deck. That being said, electrodynamics scales a lot better and there’s a lot of cards that have synergy with it. You get a [[tempest]] or a [[static discharge]] in there and you’re really cookin.

  27. I go Hyperbeam. Since it autos floor 1, you can skip cards that use focus and just patiently try to obey The Law

  28. Hyperbeam is the clear best choice. Biased cog isn't very meaningful with the starter defect deck. It adds 4 damage to your starting lightning orb, 4 extra damage on zap, and 8 extra damage on dualcast if you draw it the same turn. Hyperbeam deals 26 to every enemy regardless of your other draws.

  29. Personally that's an easy Electro, because it is the easiest to slot into almost any deck (other than an anti-focus deck like Hyperbeam), meaning it is the least reliant on other cards/relics to work well.

  30. I love all three, they fit several moods I might be in at the start of a run. If I'm feeling confident, I'd probably take biased cog and play a normal defect run. If I'm meming, hyperbeam. If I lost last run, I'm probably taking electro. Fun run either way.

  31. Biased cognition and hyperbeam help you clear the first floor. Electrodynamics requires more electric orb cards before being useful, and even then it doesn't do squat against gremlin nob and the spider thingy.

  32. Floor 0 Hyperbeam is so OP. How many Act 1 runs do you do where your Orbs are struggling to be even relevant? You get this card, and then you can build for the right orb cards, get some big damage dealers, and then just melt everyone's face. It's even relevant in Act 2, especially if you have damage dealers to deal with the aftermath of a crowd clear. I used to avoid this card, because focus/orbs is definitely my preferred Defect style, but you can always remove this card later if it's not helping. But this card is super OP floor 0. Once you lose the 3 focus, then subsequent uses of this card are virtually painless in that you've already lost a relevant amount of focus.

  33. Electro is the last pick here by far imo and Hyperbeam is most likely the highest winrate pick with perfect play but it could depend on how act1 looks. Bias cogs is a wincon but needs a little bit of support to really shine. Electro is great aoe but way too slow for floor 0. Hyperbeam lets you steamroll act1 and majority of act2.

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