Winterhold party.

  1. Ima be honest Bethesda did the college of Winterhold dirty with its quest line. There’s literally so much cool stuff you could do with a quest involving magic yet they literally chose the quest line to include Thalmor, dungeon crawling and a group of wizards and a giant ball we barely even get to know anything about by the end of the quest. Aswell as some stupid “Chosen one” thing and everyone praising you for your wizard abilities and making you arch mage, theres literally lots of better options than the Dragonborn it’s so god damn lazy it’s just.. insane. Sorry about the rant

  2. Savos with a glow up pacifier in his mouth and glow sticks in his hands raving up and down “OH MY GOD, I THINK IM GUNA MAKE YOU THE NEW ARCH MAGE”

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