Fuck zodiac signs, what’s your favorite province?

  1. I would love to see an ES game set in Black Marsh, but considering that it's supposed to be pretty inhospitable to non-natives, I understand this isn't likely to happen

  2. I just read about this. The idea of Daedra shitting themselves because of an unexpected counter invasion by the Argonians is absolutely hilarious to me, especially after reading that one book where they talk massive shit about mortal races.

  3. 100% summerset isles, based on ESO alone. its the landscape that captures my attention the most, the factions are interesting and I could spend hours just wandering through the coral forest.

  4. How the hell can Hammerfell be desert? It's right next to the frickin ocean, surrounded by mountains. All the clouds would be stopped by them and rain would fall constantly. It would be tropical forest paradise. SMH

  5. Same way the Kalahari and Pategonia are desert. The mountains aren't tall enough to trap the moisture, and depending on temperature/winds/currents, being Ocean adjacent does not necessarily mean lush or fertile

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