What is your favorite ski related activity/feeling?

  1. I enjoy a mid day snack during when my wife and I find a nice, visible spot in a mogul and light tree run, park up our skis, crack open some beers, and eat PBJs and cheese, talk about how grateful we are for these experiences, sometimes while holding hands.

  2. Bad list. Riding the lift and taking off boots are the only ones he gave that actually involve skiing. The rest are just a trip to the mountains.

  3. This…skiing pow is definitely a ski related activity. Now if the OP had said post skiing activity, hot tub with a beer and a joint!

  4. Even if you have great-fitting ski boots that don’t cause any pain (which every skier should invest in), it’s just such a nice feeling peeling them off after a long day because they are necessary very restrictive and confining.

  5. Omg the difference between snowboard boots and ski boots is so far apart it’s like sitting on a cold ass rock vs sitting on a super comfy couch all wrapped up in a warm blanket.

  6. They ache - I’ve perfectly fitted boots but taking them off is an amazing feeling. Your feet and lower legs are constricted, this is helped when you loosen the bindings to walk around, but nothing gives relief like taking the damn things off.

  7. Pre pandemic I was on ski patrol. And I can tell you honestly that nothing is better than wearing boots for 8+ hours then taking them off. Although parking lot beers are a close second.

  8. I’m partial to driving to the mountain blasting music. Especially if it is snowing. You are getting hyped up plus your imagination is going with what the day will look like.

  9. I literally have a POW day playlist for this. The feeling of anticipation, coffee starting to hit, following your buddy’s truck in front of you (with the rest of your crew, ain’t nobody got time for single-occupancy vehicles on a pow day) as you twist and turn up the canyon road. Sun peaking over the mountain tops creating a perfect morning alpenglow. Literally the best.

  10. Something about flying up I-70 with my dad and hearing “KBPI rocks the Rockies”, followed by him drumming on the steering wheel to Metallica.

  11. Driving with it blasting is totally cool. Until the person parks and decides that everyone in the parking lot is going to listen to that music. Big thumbs down for that.

  12. The feeling of weightlessness, almost like you’re floating, as you cruise down an empty trail. Nothing else in the world matters in those moments. Pure bliss

  13. I’m assuming that skiing itself is not included on purpose. Seems kind of obvious to me but never mind. I’d have to say finding a quiet spot on the mountain for a picnic lunch.

  14. "driving away from the mountain towards my apartment where I live alone, knowing I won't have to do this shit for another two weeks"

  15. I like the list. I think my fav is skiing on a sunny spring day, and being in a t shirt by afternoon

  16. Taking ski boots off is the worst part! It means skiing is over and your toes are about to be in pain when the numbness goes away.

  17. Taking off your ski clothes after a good day of skiing was the best. Except for that time i sprained my wrist and still spent the day skiing. Turns out taking off two ski boots one handed isnt easy.

  18. Y’all need to get some boot work done everyone should be happy to spend another hour drinking beer in the parking lot INYOURBOOTS

  19. Do that many people not have right sized boots? Certainly I like to take them off because I can't drive with them on, but they aren't uncomfortable such that it's my "favorite feeling". Actual favorite feeling is fresh tracks.

  20. Why is chirping people from the chair not on here? Trash talking g is the best part of Skiing Also I'm the best skier on your mountain

  21. For me, it's the clarity in my mind at the top of a beautiful snow covered mountain, nothing between me a beautiful piece of nature that doesn't sometimes feel real.

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